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Building Your Trad Climbing Rack | Climbing Daily Ep.861

On this week’s Friday Gear Show, Matt was unleashed on the EpicTV Shop’s big wall of shiny gear to pick some items that you might need for your trad rack. There is a vast array of gear out there designed to fit into every size crack or hole, but we are focusing on the first few items you need. Remember to comment below with your trad rack set up for you're chance to win a Wild Country Friend. If you want to check out the gear in the video, click the links below:

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Building Your Trad Climbing Rack | Climbing Daily Ep.861

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Danger: Louis Parkinson Tries Trad Climbing

Yes that's right, on part three of our Louis Vs Canada series he has a go at trad climbing. Usually known for powerful dynos, without using his feet, how will Louis cope with crack climbing and fiddly trad gear?

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Glenmore Lodge - How to trad climb

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Al Halewood takes you through all the important things you need to know about traditional lead climbing.

Essentials of Climbing: Trad Climbing

Trad is short for traditional climbing, or the very origins of the sport where determined men figured out how to attack sheer rock faces with harnesses, ropes and pitons. In this fun and informative video, Eastern Mountain Sports Brand Ambassador and professional climber Joe Kinder breaks down the evolution of trad climbing with a special emphasis on how far the gear has advanced. Special thanks to TNF athlete Emily Harrington for showing the world how trad climbing is done.

If you're ready to give rock climbing a try but don't know where to start, visit to find an EMS Climb School near you!

How to lead a trad route

How to lead a trad route. For more instructional films from the BMC, check out the BMC TV Skills Channel:

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Summer Solstice In Wales - A Trad Climbing Journey

The idea was simple, four super strong rock climbers on a trad-climbing trip to South Wales.

Jacopo Larcher, Barbara Zangerl, Roland Hemetzberger and Lara Neumeier head to Pembroke, a stunning coastline climbing venue with some very hard and beautiful Trad routes. Each one of them will find their personal project and battle for the send putting aside fear and adverse conditions.

The long days of the summer solstice in North Europe helps their desire for exploring, climbing and having fun with friends.

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Summer Solstice In Wales - A Trad Climbing Journey

Little Corner - Multipitch Trad Climb in Linville Gorge, NC

Jacopo Larcher on Rhapsody, Scottish E11 7a

In May 2016 Jacopo Larcher made the fifth ascent of Dave MacLeod's Rhapsody (E11 7a - 5.14b/c R), at Dumbarton rock.

Filmed and edited by Richard Felderer

Hazel Findlay, Spice Girl. First Female E9 - Scary!

Hazel Findlay became the first woman to climb a British E9 (hard and scary!) with her ascent of Once Upon A Time In The Southwest, near Devon, UK. This is an excerpt from the REEL ROCK 8 Film SPICE GIRL, presented by Sterling Rope. Buy RR8 on DVD or HD Dowload here: Featuring music by The Gaucho + The Gremlin, SACW, and Abel Okugawa.

Joe Möhle climbs Life Enhancement program, F8a+ on gear...

In this video we see South African climber Joe Möhle make the first Trad ascent of a sport route that he bolted at a sandstone sport crag, The Hole, near Cape Town.
The route, called Life Enhancement program, is F8a+ to climb on bolts, and involves a really steep and impressive bit of roof climbing - placing a cam from double toe hooks whilst hanging completely upside down.
The Hole crag is one of a few steep sandstone sport crags that surround Cape Town, an area with exceptional climbing in a beautiful setting.
Many thanks for this video to Outward Ventures (Wild Country's South African distributor) and especially to Jonathan Joseph who made the video and Garth McIntosh the editor....cheers guys!

In Peak Rock

A unique grit ticklist which takes you very literally in peak rock? Charlie and Ellie take on a small challenge, close to home on (in!) the grit. A selection of routes, from Severe to E1, takes them through wide chimneys and dark cave crawls and makes for a good bit of fun on a summers day in the peak!

Charlie and Ellie have been climbing together since first learning three years ago, and have shared many a belay and an adventure. They are passionate about women in climbing and run Women's Trad Festival in the Peak District.

A film by Sandro Gromen Hayes.

Entered for the BMC Women In Adventure film competition 2017.

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The Red Knob 5.7+ and anchor building

This is a first person trad lead of The Red Knob (5.7+) at the Ramapo Powerlinez in New York. This was the second climb I did at the Linez when i first came three years ago and it is still one of my favorite climbs at the crag. My rack consists of Black Diamond Camalot c4s and Metolius Master Cams. This video provides some good route beta for the climb. I also left me building my anchor in the video for your viewing pleasure.

FREE - Big Wall Climbing in Yosemite with Jorg Verhoeven and Katha Saurwein

La Sportiva athlete Jorg Verhoeven makes the annual pilgrimage to Yosemite, California to attempt the 2nd free ascent of The Dihedral Wall (VI 5.14a) on El Capitan. This time, Jorg brings his wife, Katha Saurwein along, teaching her the ropes on her very own big wall free climb, The Final Frontier (5.13-) on the Fifi Buttress.

Produced by
Louder Than Eleven (

Directed by
Jon Glassberg

Original Score
Michael Wideburg (Fizzix Productions)

Hardest Limestone Trad Route In Peak Finally Climbed By Tom Randall | Climbing Daily, Ep. 585

On today's show we talk to trad beast Tom Randall after his epic first ascent of 'Final Round'. The route is on Ilam Rock, in Dovedale in the Peak District, UK. Tom has given the route the grade of HXS 8a+/b, and is believed to be the hardest limestone Trad Route in the Peak District.

Tom is sponsored by 5/10 Climbing Shoes.

Thanks to for this use of the footage, and check with these guys for the movie release coming soon...

Hardest Limestone Trad Route In Peak Finally Climbed By Tom Randall | Climbing Daily, Ep. 585

Rock Climbing Falls, Fails and Whippers Compilation 2017 Part 7

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Czech Trad Climbing - 150 Feet With No Metal Pro

Trad Czech climbing. Climbers do not use bolts, hexes, cams, friends and chalk. They are protected only by knots tied on small pieces of rope placed inside cracks. Climber here missed all six bolts on his way up! He placed more than 10 knots as protection.
Watch in HD! Warning: Slow TV!

Top 3 Trad Climbs of 2013 | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 188

Next up on our day of Top 3's we are getting rid of the bolts and going trad climbing, this is who we think have been at the top of their game in the trad world of 2013.

3. James McHaffie and Ben Bransby climb the Long Hope route on the Island of Hoy, Scotland. The route was originally done by Oliver Hill and Ed Drummond but required a lot of aid. Dave Mcleod and Andy Turner went up and freed it in 2011, grading it E10 and saying that the crux was 8b.

2. Nico Favresse climbs Recovery Drink, the hardest crack climb in Norway. The route is 35m long and situated on the Profile wall in Jossingfjord, in the south of the Country. Rumours of 9a abound...

1. The top spot goes to a day, a very historic day indeed, a day in which Nathan Lee, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall made huge ascents, check out Tom Randall on Appointment with Death.

Check back tomorrow for Ice Climbing, its gonna get icy!

Top 3 Trad Climbs of 2013 | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 188

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Hazel Findlay’s Secret To Freeing El Cap - 'Just Try' | Cedar Wright Climbing Reels, Ep. 7

Hazel Findlay is not just one of the best and boldest female trad climbers around, she's one of the best regardless of gender. But, what makes Hazel truly special is her down-to-earth personality, which shines through in this video. Join Cedar Wright as he follows Hazel up two of her hardest sends in Yosemite Valley; 'The Book of Hate' (5.13+) and the second ascent of 'The Pre-Muir' (5.13+) on El Capitan. Beyond the climbing, Cedar also gives us a look into what makes Hazel tick: what it's like to be a female in a predominately male sport, what it's like to make your living from climbing, what motivates Hazel as a climber, and what it's like to have your pick of the boys.

Hazel Findlay’s Secret To Freeing El Cap - 'Just Try' | Cedar Wright Climbing Reels, Ep. 7
Director: Cedar Wright
Producer: Cedar Wright

Rock Climbing Falls, Fails and Whippers Compilation 2015 Part 2

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Arnaud Petit climbs "Black Bean" 8b with natural pro in Ceüse

Arnaud Petit climbing Black Bean 8b in Ceüse a fabulous 65 m route, using his own gear for protection.