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2017 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, Sydney Motorsport Park - 13-14 October, 2017

Now in it’s seventh year, the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is the world’s biggest event for time attack racing. The sport of time attack racing originates in Japan, where tuning houses go all out in its quest for high horsepower and crazy aerodynamics, all leading to that ‘One Perfect Lap.’

The 2017 edition of World Time Attack was the most competitive we’ve seen, as well the most internationally flavoured. Entries spread across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, North America, the UK and even as far as Finland.

The event is also one of the biggest car culture gatherings in Australia, with many exhibitors and show and shine participants taking part in this two day event.

2016 World Time Attack Challenge Sydeny Motorsport Park October 14-15, 2016

The 2016 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is the biggest time attack event in the world featuring the world’s fastest drivers battling for the one perfect lap to reign track supremacy.

Gran Turismo Sport World Time Attack Challenge 2017 Livestream - Day 2

Gran Turismo Sport World Time Attack Challenge 2017 Livestream - Day 1 Part 1

Steve Johnson GTR R33 Skyline World Time Attack

Steve Johnson Driving the WBT R33 GTR Skyline in Open Class at the 2017 World Time Attack. Final session on Day 1

Gran Turismo Sport World Time Attack Challenge 2017 Livestream - Day 1 Part 2

S13 Touge Time attack Akhun

First try, after this run my GO PRO turned off :( big lag because of a huge hole in pipe which we found later.

Jason Owens - 2007 Honda Fit Street FWD - Global Time Attack Road Atlanta 2017

this is an in car video from the Day 2 morning 1st session, a little damp on track but still pushing it.

CSCS Mosport DDT Time Attack - 1st Place and Class Record SSRWD

CSCS Time Attack round one at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport). Best of three timed laps resulting in a first place finish and new class record for super street rear wheel drive. 1:32.573.

CSCS 2017 Round 1 Time Attack at Mosport DDT with Data

The full three timed laps with data from my first place and class record setting run at CSCS Round One. Event held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport) DDT May 28 2017. Best lap of 1:32.573 beating the previous record of two years by over two seconds.

Time Attack 2014 Cadwell Park Japstone Racing rx-7 FC, driven by Neil Clark

Our last and fastest lap in the final of Time Attack 2014 round 4 at Cadwell Park of 1:40.778, even though it was a bit untidy towards the end!

Martynas Sidunovas time attack at Auto24ring Mazda RX8

Neste Dream 2 Drive 2017 čempionas ir jo pirmasis run'as Autoplius Fast Lap time attack lenktynėse. Iš svajonės į trasą!
Martynas Sidunovas, Mazda RX8, Auto24ring: 01:28.783

From simracing to real racing!

BYP Racing Time Attack DC2R - VIC Time Attack 2017 Phillip Island

Car Builder - BYP Racing and Developments
Car - Time Attack DC2R
Event - VIC Time Attack
Driver - Benny Tran
Track - Phillip Island GP Circuit

Best lap of 1:36.0 from our second ever lap at Phillip Island in the DC2R. Still trying to find our feet for the most of the day but we battled with front splitter issue after lunch which we couldn't reinforce enough from the speed of the island to put down a better time.

Plenty of driving mistakes on this lap. Took it very easy in Turn 1, a few incorrect driving lines, couple of oversteer moments and short shifting most of the laps. Also found out we had vehicle speed sensor issue that was cutting power intermittently . On the later runs, the car was getting close to 280kph down the main straight

Its been 2 or so years for the DC2R for its proper Time Attack hit out. We have since made small revision to the aero and power-plant package. Car was working really well, heaps of front end grip and the engine package was feeling strong

Definitely bringing the car back next year for proper crack at the Island.

The next planned event for the DC2R is Nulon Round 2 for the Bathurst Hill-Climb May 13-14th

Time Attack vs. Race Simulation

An in depth look at how teams set up differently when attempting a flying lap compared to a race simulation.

Honeywell Garrett International Drift Challenge - Practice & Qualifying

Первый этап Змеинка Time Attack Challenge 2017 // First stage Zmeinka Time Attack Challenge 2017

Первый этап Змеинка Time Attack Challenge 2017 // First stage Zmeinka Time Attack Challenge 2017


Первый этап любительских соревнований по Time Attack. Картодром Змеинка. Владивосток

Admix Nissan GTR TC2000 Tsukuba time attack,56.1 sec

World's FASTEST TIME ATTACK FWD - BYP Racing DC2R WTAC 2013 1:32.6!!

Car Builder - BYP Racing and Developments
Car Development - BYP Racing and Developments
Car Tuner - BYP Racing and Developments
Driver - Benny Tran

Event - World Time Attack Challenge 2013
Track - Sydney Motorsport Park Grand Prix Circuit (Time Attack configuration)
Date - 19th October 2013

Official Time - 1:32.6

Fastest FWD in the world!
3rd in Open Class

To put this time in context to the car's around the world, Sierra Sierra EVO in 2010 lapped Eastern Creek with a time of 1:31.8. and lapped Button willow 1:43.5. Base on comparable lap times, we'll let you guys be the judge of what laptime our car can lap Button willow. Our team would love the opportunity to get the car over to the US and put it on the various US tracks. We hope one day this dream can come true and truely claim that our car is the Fastest FWD in the world!

It's confirmed that the car will be back for WTAC 2014. The team has collected valuable data over the past weekend event and will be tweaking and refining some aspect of the car to get it even quicker

Our team would like to thank all those companies who have believed and been apart of this car over the year.

- Circuit Club
- Martini Racing
- Yokohama Advan
- Works Engineering
- Top Stage Composite
- SpeedFab custom fabrication
- Special Project Motorsport
- Hybrid Racing
- Bullet Cars

For more information regarding the car or our company -
Website -
Facebook - BYP Racing and Developments
Instagram - bypracing
Email - sales@bypracing.com


Traemos el video Oficial de la participación de la Escuderia Amaris Racing en el Primer Time Attack Realizado en el Circuito Internacional de Panamá, Los cuales participaron en la cateroria tracción delantera N/A con dos Civic Type-R Jdm con motor B16b los con una transformación a timón Izquierdo y preparación por parte de Race Lab MotorSport de Manos de Gary Carbono y toda La asistencia en pista por parte de su Crew de Mecánicos, Dicha escueria esta conformada por Juan Amaris, Juan Amaris (hijo) y Oscar Amaris. de los cuales El EK de Juana Amaris Hijo realizo su mejor tiempo en pista de de 1:43.758

TimeAttack Festival 2015

Publik kommer få följa vilka som blir “King of Mantorp” i respektive klass, och samtidigt avgörs Deltävling #2 för “Unlimited-klassen” i TAnu-serien.

Grädden på moset förutom inbjudna gäster & uppvisningar, blir att alla möts i SuperLaps med klimax i slicks-klassen som är finalen av “NETA”: Med ekipage från hela Nordeuropa med!