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Is card throwing the new water bottle flipping?
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Will It Kill You? THROWING Knives & Tomahawks vs. GEL/RIBS [GY6 Ballistic Test #30]

What will a Throwing Knife, Axe, or Tomahawk do to you if thrown at your chest?
Lets see the shocking results in SLOW MOTION. This is something I've wanted to see in slow motion for a long time, I hope you enjoy and learn something! If you do, please LIKE and SHARE this video with others. SUBSCRIBE to GY6vids for more videos

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THROWING FRISBEES FROM 200m DAM?! | How Ridiculous

We threw everything but the kitchen sink off the old dam. How good
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Throwing Basketballs With Different Spins Off a HUGE Dam | How Ridiculous

The Magnus effect shown using different types of spin on a basketball thrown from Mauviosin Dam in Switzerland which is ~200m (655 feet) tall.

This video is in follow up to the Magnus Effect video we filmed last year at Gordon Dam in Australia which illustrated the effect of spin and air resistance on a basketball when thrown from a really tall dam. We had lots of people commenting that they wanted to see the effect of other types of spins so here it is!

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The Art of Throwing the Perfect Spiral | NFL Films Presents

In 2012 NFL Films Presents asked players and coaches how to throw the perfect spiral.

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WHY is This Fish THROWING UP Its STOMACH? - Catch Clean Cook - Multi Species DEEP Drop Fishing!

In this catch, clean and cook video I prepare multiple species of fish from my Bimini, Bahamas Fishing trip. We did some deep drop fishing and caught a variety of deep sea species such as mystic grouper, yellow eye and queen snapper, plus a surprise amberjack. Deep water fish suffer from a not so RARE condition called barotrauma in which the air bladder of the fish cannot expel gas fast enough to meet the demands of the decreasing pressure as a fish is reeled up to the surface, and the fish end up throwing up their own stomach. I prepare 3 fish recipes using Hogfish (hog snapper), wahoo and yellow eye snapper/ mystic grouper. I made sesame crusted seared wahoo , which is one of the best tasting fish for a seared fish recipe.

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Girl wins $100,000 throwing football with two hands

A girl wins a football tossing competition with an uncommon throwing style.

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How I Practice No Spin Knife Throwing

I've been getting many comments from first-time viewers to my channel. Here are answer to frequently-made-comments:

1) Do your neighbors complain about the knife throwing?

No complaints on sound, as I would throw at a reasonable hour for an hour or so. There are much louder noises around, like frequent lawn mowers and building construction. In fact, the neighbor that lives behind me thought it was great that I was knife throwing. (That clip is at the very end of my Vertical vs. End Grain Target video).

2) Have you thrown your knife at your dog or over the fence?

No. I carefully selected the placement of my target so it's far enough away that I wouldn't hit a nearby fence, plus it's an area where my dogs do not frequent. If my dog gets in the danger zone of my range, I shoo them away or sometimes I leave them inside the house. Why I don't leave them inside is because they're dogs and love to be outside. It'd be mean to let them stay inside all day.

3) Your form sucks. Your throw is weak. Anyone can throw from that close. You wouldn't be able to kill anyone with that throw.

This video simply shows how I begin my warm up. If you want to see trick shots or throwing from farther distances, you can watch my other videos. In this video, I'm working on my 4 m throw, but now I'm comfortable past this mark. As for killing people, that's how movies portray knife throwing. This is a sport in which there are competitions around the world involving accuracy and distance, usually using the conventional rotational technique. Basically, most throwers aren't doing it for self-defense.

4) The knife is spinning! How is there no spin?

No spin is a misnomer. You can learn more about no spin vs. rotational throwing here:

I also compiked this playlist to help beginners in no spin:

5) Where did you get the knife sheath?

Check out this playlist:


Here are links to videos/products that were mentioned:

Thronin's The Burpee Challenge with throwing knives! video

Thronin's Golf Tee Training for Throwing Accuracy video

My Aimbot Knife Throwing Challenge Video

AWP Polyster Tool Bag from Lowe's

Kobalt's 10 in Flat Bastard File

Flying Steel's East Wind

Crescent Knife Works' SlimJim

Fedin Wave Technique Playlist

My Burpee Knife Throwing Challenge Video

Aimbot Challenge

Burpee Challenge

Thronin's Golf Tee Accuracy Training

My Interview with Thronin! (34 minute video... but it's edited by a master of editing)

The Audio Podcast Version of this Interview

Andy Fisher's Thronin Podcast on iTunes

Knife Throwing for Beginners

There’s some proper technique you’re gonna need to master.
Rated Red's Paxton Elrod gets a beginner's lesson in knife throwing from expert Jason Johnson. Can she hit a watermelon at the end? What should we have her throw at next? Let us know in the comments!
Check this out!!!

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AC - Abby Casey; IG/Twitter - @acoutdoors
PE - Paxton Elrod; IG/Twitter - @paxton_elrod
RR - Richard Ryan; IG/Twitter- @RichardRyan
AM - Amanda Mertz; IG/Twitter - @amandamertz

Ninjutsu Bujinkan "Throwing Stars" - Ninja Stars - Senban Shuriken - Black Belt Techniques

Ninjutsu Bujinkan, Ninja Throwing Stars, Senban, Shuriken, BLACK BELT Techniques.

Get 50% DISCOUNT on the complete 8-hour Basics of Ninja Training Bujinkan Black Belt Video Course plus a free streaming subscription to Vimeo's 'Ninjutsu' Channel, only from Ninja Learning Network's scholarship program! DVD, downloads and Bluray sets of 10 discs are available worldwide:

Free Training Guide

NINJA TRAINING VIDEO BLOG helps train any student, from white belt to black belt and beyond. It is great for beginning and novice students of ninjutsu, bujinkan budo taijutsu, to help them review basic techniques and become more interested in the proper study of the art of the Ninja. There are more subtle, advanced techniques for throwing Senben Shuriken once you master the basics. Advanced students find many techniques not found in most dojos, such as extensive ninja and samurai weapons training, including shuriken such as the senban shuriken shown in this video.

Warning: it is illegal to possess or transport these weapons in some USA states, check your local laws before training with them.

copyright notice:
Music, audio, images and video are all original content created exclusively for Ninja Learning Network. Music ©2012 all rights reserved, registered at MCN#s: CYWAK-8BRP8-X8SZ5, CB874-C3LDE-1ZQSC, CHWLR-PD6UC-0FV0K, CT9TU-ALP3U-S0L4V, CPP3Q-37GXD-4VR72, CPGYC-GAMSR-WZS8S, C8K7W-KYENG-7MURH, C04TK-QPGTN-DAXEE, CN6ZF-A5P78-FJ5NN, CNYK5-WSAF8-N42JS, CNE7V-BJTRM-S2VMR, CKSFC-174YW-FG4G8, CFJG4-ASAUU-2N5KL, CXB5G-Z0UE6-RDNMF, C12MN-HH93T-3SC71, C1TJK-SBH34-8ZQEY, C12JK-ZQBKJ-ZGJ7V, C6UWU-BH2KR-6C60T, CXLPR-KNDB4-R7DXR
Bujinkan Black Belt #bujinkanblackbelt
Ninjutsu Black Belt #ninjutsublackbelt
Ninja Black Belt #ninjablackbelt
Bujinkan Training #bujinkantraining
Ninjutsu Training #NinjutsuTraining
Ninja Training #ninjatraining
Ninjutsu #ninjutsu
Bujinkan #bujinkan
Mark Roemke #markroemke

2 Drills to Throw Harder - Baseball Throwing Drills!

2 Drills to Throw Harder - Baseball Throwing Drills! Check out these 2 baseball throwing drills to throw harder!

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WR/RB Throwing Touchdown Passes

Previous Video:

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(All rights go to the NFL & its broadcasters, ESPN, and FOX Sports and CBS Sports. I do not own the music or the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. I do not gain any profit from my videos. For entertainment purposes only)
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Meisha Tate's Impressive Axe-Throwing

Via Meisha Tate's Instagram, be sure to follow her there:

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Naruto - Expendables For Real, Throwing Kunai


The full review of these knives is here:

Throwing Daggers & Needles - Ninja Style!

It's Weekend Weapons at the ShaolinCenter YouTube Channel:

Throwing Daggers & Needles - Like a Ninja! In this lesson we show you how to throw daggers and how to throw needles. Use Jake Mace's 10 throw technique to build your skill and confidence in a real fight situation!


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How To: Baseball Throwing Drills Youth Players MUST Be Doing!

How To: Baseball Throwing Drills Youth Players MUST Be Doing! In today's video, learn about a few baseball throwing drills youth players must be doing.

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Baseball Throwing Progression Drills You MUST Be Doing!

Baseball Throwing Progression Drills You MUST Be Doing! - Throwing Drills! Check out these throwing progression drills that'll help you improve your velocity and keep your arm healthy!

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NHL: Stuff Thrown on the Ice

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Future James - Life Could Be A Dream
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Knife Throwing Practice | Rzucanie Nożami Hobby Trening S01E09

Lovely day for a knife throwing session. Let's get to the forest and do this. Music: Tobu - Hope, Dolce - Swing, Eudotrix - Trust Me,
Dope Arcade - Ascension (MitiS Remix).
Knife Throwing Practice | Rzucanie Nożami Hobby Trening

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The Best QB Throwing Mechanics Video Ever Made

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