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3-Ball Pool Break Strategy and Tips - How to Make a Ball and Score Low

Dr. Dave demonstrates many different break strategies for the billiards game of 3-ball that can be used to get good shape after the break and pocket 1, 2, or 3 balls.

Efren Reyes vs. Torbjorn Blomdahl Rematch: 3-Cushion (DVD promo)

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From the Billiard Sages Exhibitions held at Carom Cafe on Aug 4-5th, 2012.

Efren Reyes and Torbjorn Blomdahl play an interdisciplinary billiard challenge of 10-ball and 3-cushion billiards in NYC.

Mazin Shooni and Robert Raiford provide the commentary.

This series was staged as a pool/billiards rematch between the two champions. They played a similar challenge match (in Japan) years ago:

9-ball Part 1:
9-ball Part 2:
9-ball Part 3:

3-cushion Part 1:
3-cushion Part 2:
3-cushion Part 3:

How to Play 3 Ball Pool

Lets learn how to play Three Ball Pool! For those who don't know, Three Ball is a popular game to play for gambling (legally, of course) so the sooner you master it, the sooner you'll have money for a new pool cue.

As the name implies, Three Ball is played with three balls. The goal of Three Ball is to make all three balls in as few strokes as possible as possible. Making all three balls on a break is incredibly hard to do; even getting one in can be difficult.

Your break shot counts as your first shot shot, so the lowest possible score in Three Ball is a One. A good technique for breaking Three Ball is to hit the head ball and the second ball at the same time, using Low Left English.

As you can see in the video above, I was able to successfully make two balls on my first shot. That's a pretty good break. That counts as one shot. If I make the last ball with my next shot, I'll have a Two, meaning it took me two shots to make all three balls.

A 'Two is usually a winner. When you're playing with multiple players, it's hard to make two balls in on the break. The next player will need to get at least Two, which would be a tie. If they get One (meaning they sink all three balls on the break) then they'd win.

In the event that the player gets a Two, that means it's a tie. In Three Ball, if one player ties, everybody ties. When that happens, everybody puts down a dollar (or whatever the stakes were) and the game continues until somebody wins.

3-Ball Pool Game Tip - How to Break a Three-Ball Rack and Make a Ball

In this video, I show a break strategy that provides a high percentage of making a ball on the break. Three ball is a fun game that is often played in bars, pool halls, and at homes with pool tables. Learn how to make a ball when breaking a three ball rack.

Daniel Sanchez v Marco Zanetti | World Games Billiard 2017 Final 3-Cushion Carom

genipool14 youtube channel

The Ball Brothers CAN'T BE STOPPED! #1 Chino Hills Brings Crazy Offense to HoopHall Classic

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The Ball brothers of USA's #1 team Chino Hills (CA) visit HoopHall Classic in Springfield, Mass to take on Kentucky commit Bam Adebayo and High Point (NC). Chino Hills won the game 100-75.

Lonzo Ball- 2016
Li'Angelo Ball- 2017
LaMelo Ball- 2019

All three brothers are committed to play for the UCLA Bruins.


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"Million Dollar Billiard": 3-Cushion Opening Break Shot

From the 2005 Sang Lee International Open:

I organized a Million Dollar Billiard television promotion for our sponsor (Jana bottled water) where we drew from a hat a member of the audience to attempt to precisely duplicate the opening break shot of Torbjorn Blomdahl for $1,000,000. The project was researched considerably - I spent weeks prior to the event studying the break shot, calculating the theoretical odds of certain leaves with various size targets, etc. The entire scenario was fully documented and the award legally was insured and audited by a third party.

Prior to the actual event, we gave Torbjorn Blomdahl the luxury of locking on to the table by giving him the opportunity to repeatedly practice on the equipment in order to try to produce his ideal break shot. I hovered over and behind him during his table tests. Over and over, he used the same stroke and took the same amount of ball with each test attempt - nearly producing the same result each time. He pushed the red ball 3-rails to the middle of the table, leaving it AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the cue ball after scoring the point - more often than not, he produced a position for another position shot. This is what many good players do when they have a full read on a table and they feel 100% secure that they will score - rather than placing the red ball 'big' at a distance away into the far corner, they leave the red close by which leaves more options open.

Paul Frankel (Professor Q-Ball), in the lab coat, was the laser technician - officially marking Blomdahl's ball positions and precisely placing the targets. Charles Ursitti was the official judge.

In this video, with the television cameras rolling, Blomdahl hits it nearly perfectly on his first attempt. His red ball stopped about 6 inches short of his ideal position.

The subject, Paul Rubino (a fine cue maker), using a sponsor's cue, had to duplicate the World Champion's ideal break - by making the shot AND landing all the three of his balls onto the same general positions from Blomdahl's attempt (marked with circular targets). Accomplishing this would have earned him the big prize.

Paul was extremely nervous, which is entirely understandable, given the built up anticipation, the cameras, (and the suspenseful sound effects the production was sharking him with), etc. Incidentally, he would have won the expensive billiard cue he shot it with if he only made the point.

The promotion was a success and offered a bit of additional interest, interaction and entertainment for the spectators. 3-cushion players can study this video to see exactly how Torbjorn Blomdahl makes the perfect opening break shot.

Tutorial 3-ball juggling, The Shower

How to juggle 3 balls in the shower pattern. Juggler Niels Duinker teaches you this juggling trick in this instructional video.
In this 3-ball juggling tutorial Niels Duinker uses balls of a different color. This helps you see and understand better what's going on. If you want to know more about the instructor, please visit:

Amazing Three Ball Billiard Trick Shots - Visit

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Amazing Three Ball Billiard Trick Shots by one of the best players in the world. More

Three Balls In One Shot by Judd Trump | 2016 World Snooker Championship ᴴᴰ

Surprising 3 Balls In One Shot by Judd Trump vs DING Junhui HD 2016 Betfred World Snooker Championship R2 Last 16 Session 1

The World Championship, sponsored by Betfred until 2017, is snooker’s most important event, and one of the highlights of the sporting calendar. For 17 days each Spring, the very best on the planet go through a test of endurance, skill and mental toughness with an ultimate goal: to lift snooker’s most famous and coveted trophy. The tournament has been running since 1927 and is steeped in history, from the days of Joe Davis, through the 1980s when snooker became the biggest sport in Britain, to the modern era when greats such as Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Hendry have graced the green baize. Since 1977, the tournament as been staged at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, renowned for its unique and intense atmosphere. The tournament is supported by Sheffield City Council and will stay at the Crucible until at least 2017. Host broadcaster is BBC Sport and the event is watched by nearly 400 million people worldwide. It is sport at its finest.

Unbelievable 3-ball plant from Ronnie O'Sullivan

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javale Mcgee dunk contest three ball dunk

javale mcgee dunks with three balls in th 2011 dunk contest

KSI Learns Freestyle Basketball: 3 Ball Dribble | Rule'm Sports

KSI is joined by People Are Awesome’s Tommy Baker, the UK’s no. 1 basketball freestyler, who teaches KSI how to master the 3 ball dribble trick.

Check out more from People Are Awesome here:

Tommy Baker - Spalding Break Ball Team:
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Unbelievable David beckham 3 balls into a trash can!!

You be the judge of this Pepsi video with LA Galaxy star David Beckham in it. By all accounts its as fake as a six-dollar bill. I just doubt Beckham kicked three balls into three trashcans this way on the beach. remember ronaldinho's touch of gold ? well.. this is version 2.0

Incredible 3 Ball Dribbling Drills

More 3 ball dribbling with some newly added skills.

JaVale McGee Dunks 3 Ball's At Once (John Wall Pass 2-19-2011) NBA Dunk Contest

Wizards player JaVale McGee Throws down three balls at once as he has two balls and John Wall passes the third to him in mid-air.

Tayshaun Prince seals the deal with the three-ball!

Visit for more highlights. Tayshaun Prince drains the game winner from the corner on Thursday night.

Rose's Billiards 3-Ball Demo with Banner

Juggling Tutorial, 3-ball Columns

- In this video you will learn how to juggle the column variation. Columns is a beginner juggling trick. It's fun to learn!



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