Telemark skiing

Freeheel Starters Lesson - Introduction to Telemark Skiing

How to learn freeheel skiing. A way for beginners by Telemark-Pfalz (Palatinate ski association, Germany). We are using these 8 steps with great success since 2002 in our freeheel courses for starters.

(english version)

Telemark Skiing - Utah

Utah segment from Let's Go! produced by Telemark Skier magazine. Shot, edited and directed by Josh Madsen

Telemark Movie- Future Freeheel 2017

Check out the most progressive telemark skiing captured to date. Follow long time telemark pro, Ty Dayberry as he shows why he freeheel skis, what his inspirations are, and why tele is relevant in 2017. Athletes: Ty Dayberry, Erik Nordin, Andreas Sjobeck, Colby Albino. Edited: Daniel Vega


Telemark skiing at MIA SKI RESORT!


Telemark Skiing 101: A Few Things You Should Know About Tele Skis

Our long time owner and resident tele-skier Mike Donohue drops some knowledge (and knees) when it comes to freeing the heel.

Telemark Lessons- the seven flaws part 1

Get all the FLAWS. Subscribe at
You will have a three part video where I present all the Flaws.
This is the best way to learn telemark.
I have always love to teach how to telemark in an unorderly fashion. There is so many ways to telemark. This is why telemark skiing is so unique. The 7 Flaws respect that identity and brings every teleamark skier on the good path by solving their main Flaw.

Telemark Skiing Parallel Sprint Finals | FIS Telemark World Cup in Slovenia

Live from Krvavec, one of the best settled and most visited ski resorts in Slovenia, surrounded with the peaks of the Kamnik Alps. Follow the Sprint, the Parallel Sprint and the Team Parallel Sprint of this amazing skiing technique that combines elements of Alpine and Nordic skiing.

Move your feet, free your heel: Telemark!

last weekend (2012-02-18) in the Zillertal - freeriding and and riding switch telemark in powder ;-)
Thx to Chris Finnsome for filming!

Cheers Bernd Hassmann


It is a gorgeous sunny morning with 10 cm of fresh powder! Go telemark skiing!!


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Telemark Scene USA / Germany - Ischgl 2017 / Telemark Skiing

Telemark Skiing, free your heel,

Loyalty - Full Telemark Movie

Loyalty explores the revolutionary youth telemark movement while also introducing some of the most profound telemark skiing on the planet. The flick blends appearances from TSM Crew, a first-of-its kind athlete/content creation team including the likes of JT Robinson and Weston D, along with performances by innovative newcomers like Kate Hourihan, Tony Gill and Dylan Garner. This La Nina year made for one of the longest winters I can remember, Madsen says. The powder just kept on coming. In scenes both on and off-piste, the film showcases the sport's most avant-garde moves in the deep powder and in the park. One of my favorite days this year was filming Dylan Garner doing tricks in the park that I've never seen before, Madsen adds. It reminds me of how important youth are to the progress of this

Directed by Josh Madsen
Produced by Telemark Skier Magazine

Music by The Rubes

Telemark Demo

Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors

TELEMARK SKIING - (Be water my friend)


One Hot Minute: How to Ski Moguls on Telemark Skis

Tony Gill walks you through the key steps of skiing the moguls in this One Hot Minute.

Videography: Josh Madsen & Kjell Ellefson

Music: Wild Side by Motley Crue

Video editing: Kjell Ellefson

Voice-over: Kjell Ellefson

Location: Canyons Resort, UT

Telemark ski workout - US Telemark Ski team workout - World Cup Skiing Exercise

Great telemark workout. Do this 2 times per week at 2-3 sets per workout and you'll be ready for a long winter of telemark skiing. Hands down. See more videos of real estate & Steamboat Springs here:

Lofoten, Lyngen Alps, Norway. Telemark skiing

Our goal is to connect all telemark skiers around the world - telemark racers, beginners, just freeheel funs.


Telemark Lessons Fast Track to learn Telmark skiing for alpine skiers and snowboarders HD

Learn how to telemark with our Telemark tips, telemark blog and telemark tutorial series. Find all about how to telemark, gear talk, and more...This tutorial is for alpine skiers or snowboarders that are transitionning to Telemark.Our experience have showed that the knowledge developped skiing or snowboarding is going to make a positive difference in learning Telemark.
This comprehensive course will enable you to progress faster and better. We will go from beginner to intermediate skills how to get started in moguls .
This is also THE tutorial for telemark skiers that are stock in their progression with an Alpine like position. It will unlock the skills to go in harder terrain such as steeps, powder or moguls.
Never before a tutorial as been set up like that. We skip the classic approach and give you the best for your buck package.

This is a step by step tutorial, with drills for every skills shown along the way.
Visit our website for more details:

This is rene-Martin Thanks for watching

First days on telemark skis


Telemark gear 2018 - Part 1

Here are my choice of gear for this season. In part 1, I talk about ski, boots bindings, skins and poles.
you can check more at:

Note: I get these equipment free or for very little money. Still I have chosen this gear and I can pretty much make a deal with all of the compagnies out there.

This is my gear, with my honest opinions.