T-Ball Game Highlights - Rangers vs Angels.m4v

The San Diego T-Ball Angels meet the San Diego T-Ball Rangers for a T-Ball Baseball Game on April 23, 2011. 16 minutes of Highlights
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Teaching Tee Ball Hitting

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Steve Bernhardt of Baseball Factory walks through the basics of teaching hitting to a tee baller. With training, reinforcement and the proper equipment, your tee baller will be hitting in no time, and having fun above all else!

0:26 Check and make sure the tee baller has a loose grip.
0:40 Have the tee baller find and get in a balanced, comfortable stance.
0:47 Ensure that the tee baller watches and focuses on the ball.
0:58 Tell them to swing hard with control.


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North Macon t-ball all stars 2010

North Macon t-ball all stars 2010

Drills for Tee Ball that Work at All Levels

On , Jim Weldon talks about tee ball fundamentals that work at all levels of baseball.

Fielding in the Tee Ball

When coaching tee ballers on how to field a ball, there are certain basics you should focus on. Steve Bernhardt explains.

FIRST T-Ball & Baseball Game Spring 2016 | 4 years old player

T-ball and baseball game Spring 2016

T-Ball University Scoop, Load and Fire Drill tballu.com

This T-Ball University Drill ( is designed to train coaches and parents how to train children on the Scoop, Load and Fire fielding drill. The T-Ball University System provides training for coaches and parents at Downloadable drill sheets, practice plans and coaching forms are also available at

GoPro: Tee Ball With The Reasy Family

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Jared and Jordan Reasy take their children out to the park for some tee ball fun. 

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Tee Ball Batting Stance

When coaching the batting stance, make sure the tee baller is balanced with their feet squared up, comfortable and watching the ball.

Tee Ball Arm Mechanics

The next step to developing a good throw is using the proper grip. Follow these steps to teaching tee ballers how to grip the ball.

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New Project 15

T-Ball University Squash The Bug Drill www.tballu.com

This T-Ball University Mini Drill ( is designed to train coaches and parents how to instruct children on how to Squash-the-Bug or proper foot, leg and hip movement for batting. This drill is a sample of the many drills available at T-Ball University at . By enrolling in T-Ball University, you can gain access to all of our video drills, downloadable drill sheets, practice plans and coaching forms and much more.

4 Year Old Tee-Ball Star

Awesome 6 Year Old T-ball Player with Amazing Hits

T-Ball All Star!!! Look for this kid in the major leagues some day. Ryan Boyce of Grove City, Ohio turned 6 years old during this 2011 T-ball season. Bats and Throws Lefty with a natural swing. Great Job Ryan!! Keep on swinging!

Approach to Throwing in Tee Ball

When working with younger kids, start with the basics of throwing. Steve Bernhardt of Baseball Factory explains.

how to coach tee ball

Learn how to coach tee ball right now...at T-Ball University. Whether you are a coach or parent, you can learn a variety of drills that will give your team or child the edge that they need to succeed. Tee ball University features over 80 minutes of video drills, downloadable practice plans, lesson notes, coaching forms and more... Visit for more information and free sample coaching video clips.



Meandmygolf show how high you should tee the golf ball when using the driver

Tee Ball Fielding Drill - Don't Swarm Drill

In TeeBall a common fielding problem is that when a ball is hit, ALL the players run for the ball. The Don't Swarm TBall Drill works on preventing this problem.

6U State T-Ball Tournament 6-4-11

New Project 7

Funny moments from the Tee Ball field

Journalist Greg Larry visited Capon Bridge, WV. and filmed kids playing Tee Ball. The children provided a great time and many laughs through their efforts to learn the art of baseball.