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Tang Soo Do


Masters Demo Tang Soo Do

Master Wallace and Master S Nar performing hyung applications

Tang Soo Do Tournament Sparring - Master Nick Capuozzo

Master Nick Capuozzo fighting the New Hope Karate Championships in New Hope Pennsylvania.

Chuck Norris Actor - Campeón de Karate y experto del Tang Soo Do

El actor Chuck Norris, es campeon de karate full contact y experto cinturón negro 8 dan de Tang Soo Do. Actor de artes marciales y amigo de Bruce Lee y Jean Claude Van Damme, es experto en artes marciales como el Judo, Karate, Hapkido y Tang Soo Do. Múltiple campeón de karate full contact y reconocido actor de películas como Fuerza Delta, Walker, Texas Ranger, The Expendables 2, Invasion U.S.A., The Cutter.

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tang soo do black belt form 1

tang soo do black belt form 1. Please visit to donate to channel like, subscribe and donate to this channel thanks

Tang Soo Do vs Muay Thai at OC Open Martial Arts Sparring

DON'T JUST BE A 'CRITIC'. Post some helpful FEEDBACK so that EVERYONE learns. I am only listing their base training system as everyone here cross-trains. This is a friendly sparring session and folks here are not here to prove a point, but rather, to learn from each other.

If you are in the Orange County, California area, you are welcome to attend our meetups. Everyone here can show others some techniques from their style so that everyone can learn from each other. We just ask that people leave their EGO at home, come with an open mind and join in on the fun!

Find them at:

or collaborate about martial arts on their Facebook page at:

Tang Soo Do The Basics 1

Tang Soo Do Basics

Tang Soo Do Demonstration - World Championships 2009 in Rotterdam

EMTF Tang Soo Do World Championships 2009 - Demonstration performed by Sabum Nim R. Salm and Sabum Nim A. Zgaoui

Tang Soo do Full Contact Sparring Finals

Kris, White belt vs Green belt!! White belt pulls off 2nd place

Wales Tang Soo Do (WTSDA) Kictionary (200 Kicks)

3 years working on this, hope you enjoy. For names of kicks here is the list

1. Front
2. Side
3. In to Out
4. Out to In
5. Hook

6. knee
7. switch
8. Skipping
9. Clinch
10. roundhouse
11. two step
12. two step roundhouse
13. jump
14. jump roundhouse
15. double simultaneous jumping
16. double jumping
17. triple knee
18. Scissor
19. Scissor Roundhouse

20. Snap
21. Stopping
22. Push
23. Stomp
24. Heel
25. Skip
26. Glide
27. Spinning
28. Reverse Spin
29. Two Step
30. Scissor snap
31. Jump
32. Lead jump
33. Jump Reset
34. Double jump
35. Triple Jump
36. Karate Kid
37. Double Simultaneous Jump
38. Split Kick
39. Split/ centre
40. 360
41. 360 double snap
42. Jump spinning snap
43. Pop 360
44. Reverse 360 snap

45. Roundhouse
46. Lead roundhouse
47. Brazilian
48. Follow Through
49. Hand Plant
50. Capoeira
51. Sweep
52. Hand Plant to Stand
53. Pull Back Sweep
54. Skip
55. Glide
56. Skip Brazilian
57. Spinning
58. Reverse Spin
59. 2 Step
60. Scissor round
61. Lead Jump
62. Jump
63. Jump Reset
64. Panna
65. Low high jump
66. Flying
67. 360 round
68. Double
69. Triple
70. Double Simultaneous
71. Jump Spin
72. 360
73. 360 reverse
74. 360 Brazilian
75. pop 360
76. 540

77. Side
78. Stop
79. Thrusting
80. Step
81. Skip
82. Glide
83. Spin
84. Reverse Spin
85. 2 Step
86. Jump Lead
87. Jump
88. Scissor
89. Flying
90. Double flying
91. triple flying
92. Cartwheel
93. 360
94. Pop 360

95. In to out
96. Front leg
97. Step
98. Skip
99. Glide
100. spin
101. 2 Step
102. Jump lead
103. Jump
104. 360 in to out
105. Double
106. Jump Spin
107. Split
108. Fei Long
109. 360
110. Pop 360
111. 360 Reverse
112. 360 Double

113. Out to in
114. Lead
115. Skip
116. Glide
117. Spin
118. 2 Step
119. Jump
120. Panna
121. Double
122. Double (Ear Clip)
123. 360
124. pop 360
125. 540

126. Diagonal
127. Lead
128. Thrust
129. Step
130. Skip
131. Glide
132. Spin
133. 2 Step
134. Jump Lead
135. Jump
136. Jump Spin
137. 360
138. 360 Reverse
139. pop 360
140. Guyver

141. In to Out
142. Out To In
143. Skip In
144. Skip Out
145. Glide In
146. Glide Out
147. 2 Step In
148. 2 Step Out
149. Jump Lead In
150. Jump In
151. Jump Out
152. Spin In
153. 360 Out
154. Jump Spin In
155. 360 In

156. Hook
157. Lead
158. Reverse
159. Basic Sweep
160. Thrust
161. Step
162. Skip
163. Glide
164. Spin
165. Wheel
166. Sweep
167. Kung Fu Lean
168. Hand Plant
169. Double Hand Plant
170. Glide Spin
171. Glide Sweep
172. Reverse Spin
173. Nega
174. 2 Step
175. Scissor
176. Jump Lead
177. Jump
178. Jump spin
179. Split
180. 360
181. Pop 360
182. 360 Reverse
183. 540
184. Cheat 720 hook
185. Nega Sweep

186. Back
187. Spin
188. Glide
189. Hand Plant
190. Sweep back
191. Sweep Back Double
192. Jump
193. Split
194. 360
195. Pop 360
196. 540
197. Double 360
198. Assist Jump
199. Running Knee off wall
200. Flying (Casanova)

The Storm of Tang Soo Do

Video honoring the students, instructors and founder of the International Tang Soo Do Federation - Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim. Video contains footage from the 1970's - 2012.

Demonstration Tang Soo Do by Chloé Bruce at the European Championship Tang Soo Do - London 2014

Demonstration Tang Soo Do by Chloé Bruce at the European Championship Tang Soo Do - London 2014

More information about Chloé Bruce can be found on her own websites: and

Episode 25: Tang Soo Do Class with Young Beginner Students - Blocks, Punches, Forms

David Bell's Tang Soo Do Show Episode 25

In this episode, Master Bell takes many of his young beginner students through a Tang Soo Do Class. He begins the class with meditation, followed by a warm up. After this, Master Bell takes the class through several blocks (low, middle, high) and punches. The students then demonstrate a basic form, Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu. Finally, Master Bell closes the class with meditation and a recital of the 5 codes and 7 tenets of Tang Soo Do.

Producer: David Bell
Director: Chris Walsh
Technical Director: Lawrence Chu
Audio: Lawrence Chu
Time Keeper: Glen Evan
Floor Director: Glen Evan
Camera: Stewart Merrell, Matthew Griese, Chris Pate, Glen Evan
Instructor: David Bell
Students: Chris Haugh, Jamal Bashir, Jason Elcan, Yun Yun Liu, Sunil M'Hay, Malcolm Gordon, Marisa Ogao, Belen Puebla, Alfonso Puebla, Tawab Shereendal, Gabriela Islas, Negina Shereendal
Editors: David Bell, Glen Evan, Chris Walsh
Technical Staff: Bob Calvillo, Leslie Bonett
Digital Remastering: Amil Khanzada

Copyright 2000 Master David Bell

Karate para niños - Tang Soo Do

Alumnos de la escuela Dojang Pequeños Guerreros de la instructora Pilar Albornoz, realizando golpes de puño junto con grito.

Hwang Kee - Soo Bak Do - Moo Duk Kwan - Tang Soo Do

This is vintage footage of Hwang Kee & his students. Tang Soo Do was founded in 1945 so this video would have been made within the first couple decades after the art was created.

karate vs Tang soo do

kyokushin karate vs Tang soo do

Tang Soo Do World Championships 2013 Rotterdam Team Forms Netherlands


Tabla - Examen Cinta Verde Avanzada - Tang Soo Do

Un poco atropellado y doloroso, pero no nos rendimos. A la próxima va con puño :)

Tang Soo Do Advanced Kicking Sampler (WTSDA)

A short highlight reel of some advanced Black Belt kick combos

Tang Soo Do @ Alter Channel 9.10.2010.avi

Αυτοάμυνα και γυναίκες, παρουσίαση του Tang Soo Do στο κανάλι Alter, συνεντεύξεις από τις δασκάλες Κατερίνα Καλάβρια, Αγγελική Αγγελοπούλου και Βαρβάρα Τσουράπη



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