All Japan Taido Championships 2008 - Individual Jissen

A fight during the 42th All Japan Taido Championships, held at Tokyo Bumb, on 7.10.2008.

World Taido Championships 2013 Official Trailer

The Official Trailer for World Taido Championships 2013 in Helsinki, Finland

Taido Japanfest 2007 (2)

Taido Demonstration

Taido - Jissen - 2

Men jissen at the Japanese National Taido Championship in Tokyo Budokan, 1999.

Just keep on moving, age is just a number!

Monday after training fun at HMAC gym :) Double spinning back kick isn't easy but with a bit of Taido background, youtube tips and trial&error and here you go!

Taido Japanfest 2007 (5)

Taido demonstration

Emf taido-ki


The Most Modern Budo

Every practice is Kung Fu movie in this ultra-modern, ultra-dynamic fussion of karate and gymnastic. Watch current world champion, Master Nakano, as he shows you what its all about.

Emf Taido ki


Taido Hanshi Taikai 2009 - Untai-no-hokei

Untai-no-hokei performed by H.Kitazawa at the Taido Hanshi Taikai held in Tokyo, January 2009.

Taido Spring Tournament 2016

Advanced Jissen (sparring) C - children's division


I try to buck-frip and twist!

Emf taido-ki


Taido demonstration at Crows Nest Festival 2011

Jissen Teaser 2016

Taido - Jissen 3

Men Jissen at Sakura Matsuri Taido Taikai in Hirosaki, Japan, 2006.

Taido Demonstration AIS 2012

this is a video of my taido demonstration that i just found

Emf taido-ki


fujimino taido 2007(by teamK)

This is my team. The name is teamK.

taido summer camp 2008

US-Taido Summer Camp 2008