Us Taido Nation Championship 2018

World Taido Championships 2013 Official Trailer

The Official Trailer for World Taido Championships 2013 in Helsinki, Finland

All Japan Taido Championships 2008 - Individual Jissen

A fight during the 42th All Japan Taido Championships, held at Tokyo Bumb, on 7.10.2008.

Sakura Matsuri Takai 2008 - Jissen Finale

Jissen finale at the 30th Sakura Matsuri Takai in Hirosaki, Japan.
Oohashi M. Vs Sakamoto T.

World Taido Championship 2017 Highlights

World Taido Championship 2017 event was organized in Yamanashi on 30th July.

Taido Hanshi Taikai 2009 - Untai-no-hokei

Untai-no-hokei performed by H.Kitazawa at the Taido Hanshi Taikai held in Tokyo, January 2009.

Taido Hanshi Taikai 2009 - Chisei-no-hokei

Chisei-no-hokei performed by T.Nakano at the Taido Hanshi Taikai, in Tokyo, january 2009.

Emf taido-ki



US Taido Summer Camp 2017 - Adult Water Workout

Malmö Budo Club - Taido 2014

A short presentation of Taido performed by instructors and students of Malmö Budo Club in the spring of 2014.


A clip for teaching material:

Taido promo AusTai.mov

Favourite Taido promotional video! Was originally made into two parts, One serious and the other less so. Decided to have a shorter combined version of both 'cause it just felt right!

fight night

fight night

Fight training!

training with Sensu Dojo and Haldens Taido club.

A special thanks to Sebastian Isaksson for editing this video.

Taido World Championships 2009: Dantai hokei women, Team Finland.

World Taido Championships 2009 Hiroshima Japan: Dantai hokei women, Team Finland, Bronze medal. Ten-i-no-hokei.
Unfortunately the audio track was distorted so I had to remove it :(

jissen Osato vs. Tamura

women's taido jissen

World Taido Championship 2009 - Men Tenkai Finland

Finland (3rd place) Tenkai at the 5th World Taido Championship held in Hiroshima on 9th august 2009.

Taido and Karate Kyokushinkai in Lund.mkv

Taido and Karate Kyokushinkai in Lund

Hoshi APG05

Asia Pacific Camp 2005. Groups had 20 mins to make up a new Hokei. Hoshi shows how its done!