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Insane Taekwondo Skills 2016


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2013 WTF World Taekwondo Championships Final | Male -63kg

2013 WTF World Taekwondo Championships Final | Male -63kg
Puebla, Mexico, 2013

BEST TaeKwonDo Athlete - CRAZY HOOK KICK!!

Shin MinCheol - One of the leading & rising stars of Taekwondo, Mr. Shin Min Cheol (President- Mirme Taekwondo). “Mr. Shin Min Cheol is one of the new generation legends of taekwondo. OMG TaeKwonDo Athlete!
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Best Taekwondo Fight Knockouts ! 2017

Taekwondo Knockout Compilation 2017, insane videos !!!

Taekwondo vs Muay Thai 2014 | Martial Arts Fight Scene (Real Contact Hits)

A Taekwondo fighter (Kwonkicker) goes up against a Muay Thai fighter (Shane Fazen) in this martial arts fight scene, produced by Fight Tips.

Starring, Directed & Choreographed by:
Micah Kwonkicker Brock
Shane Fazen

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Male's Semi-Finals: China vs. Korea I 22nd Asian Taekwondo Championships

22nd Asian Taekwondo Championships: China vs. Korea I April 20, 2016, Marriott Grand Ballroom.

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Taekwondo Knockout In The Air: Very Brutality

Taekwondo Knockout In The Air: Very Brutality

Taekwondo Poomsae 1 - 8

Poomsaes :

* Taeguk Il Jang - Representa o Início
* Taeguk I Jang - Representa a Virtude
* Taeguk Sam Jang - Representa o Fogo
* Taeguk Sa Jang - Representa o Trovão
* Taeguk O Jang - Representa o Vento
* Taeguk Iuk Jang - Representa a Agua
* Taeguk Tchill Jang - Representa a Montanha
* Taeguk Pal Jang - Representa a Terra

Insane Taekwondo Skills 2017

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How to Do Basic Sitting Stretches | Taekwondo Training

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We are going to be showing you some ground stretches. So first stretch we are going to put our both legs out, like this, and we're going to go down, come up and maybe add like a little twist. Maybe I might do that four to eight times. So we're going to go one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. After you do that a couple of times warming up, now you go down for the stretch. You try to grab your toes and try to keep your upper body low as you can and maybe forward again 10 to 30 seconds and up.

If you guys have a little trouble doing this exercise, again, you can start out grabbing the ankles or you can tuck your knees in, grab your toes and slowly work down this way and hold. OK? It takes time.

Now the other stretch we are going to do is we are going to put one leg in and one leg out. Keep your upper body straight and try to stretch down. Try to put your head to your knees and go as low as you can. Again, hold about 10 to 30 seconds, come up and switch to the other side and down and up.

The next stretch we are going to do is called the butterfly stretch. We are going to put our knees together. One. Now make sure you put your feet all the way in like this. I like to grab my toes and bounce my knees like a butterfly. So do this again maybe 10 to 30 times, bounce, warming up. Now it's time to go down. We're going to keep our backs straight and exhale and breathe down, going down, breathing out. Now up.

Now we're going to do this thing called a split stretch. Now we're going to open our legs as wide as you can. Now, again, I like to maybe open a little wider by putting my hands forward and hands back and then kind of push my hip forward, trying to get as much as you can. Now the first thing we're going to do is stretch down the middle. So we're going to go down, one. Now, again, you're trying to go as low as you can, trying to keep your stomach to the ground. Again, hold about 10 to 30 seconds. Up. Go to the side. Use your hands and try to grab your toes. Up. Go to the other side. And these are some ground stretches. I encourage you guys to stretch before, definitely before class, and also when your body is really warmed up, it's great to stretch after class also.

【Taekwondo】Combo Kicks, Turning Kicks, Single Kicks

** please check out the 2013 new series at

We produced our TKD videos together with Master C T Law, Master K M Chan and Master P C Chan of the Hong Kong Practical Taekwondo Association.

1) Pal chagui
2) An pal chagui
3) Skip step An pal Chagui
4) An Narae chagui
5) Narae chagui
6) Step back pal chagui
7) Dollyio chagui
8) Ap chagui correction to Dollyo chagui
7) Yeop chagui
8) Nerryo Chagui
9) Dwit furyo chagui
10) Dolque chagui
11) Dwit Chagui
12) 360'Dwit c.
13) An pal c.Nerryo c.14
14) Timio bandae Dollyo c.
15) An Furryo chagui
16) 360'Bandae Dollyo C.
17) 540'Bandae dollyo c.
18) Nara chagui19)Seibon narae c.
20) Pal c.Dwit Uriki
21) Pal c.narae c.Dolque c.
22) Pal c.Dolque c. Bandae dollyo c
23) Pal chagui Neibon narae chagui dolque c.
24) pal c.nerryio c.dwit c.
25) Pal c.narae c.
26) pal c.narae c. step back pal c.narae c.(neibon)

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Taekwondo : Le club d'Ekvara Kamkasoumphou !

Ekvara Kamkasoumphou est l'un de nos plus célèbres champions de Taekwondo.
Après avoir passé 16 ans en équipe de France, remporté sept fois les Championnats nationaux et participé aux plus importantes compétitions mondiales, il s'épanouit en tant qu'entraineur.
Karatebushido.com s'est rendu dans son club d'Asnières sur seine, en région parisienne, à la rencontre des élèves prometteurs qu'il forme depuis plusieurs années déjà.

8th Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships. Final male -48

8th Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships. Final male -48

Ryusei imai vs lin qiunan vs javon walton : boxing vs taekwondo vs kung fu

Welcome in my youtube channel : hoy motivation.
kids martial arts.
who is the best? Ryusei imai baby bruce lee vs lin qiunan the next donnie yen vs javon walton baby make tyson.

PROFESSIONAL TAEKWONDO FIGHT (2008): Raymond Daniels (USA) VS. Andrey Pasechnyk (Ukraina)

Pro-Taekwondo - World Final One - 2008
semi final
Raymond Daniels (USA) vs Andrey Pasechnyk (Ukraine)

World Taekwondo Training Program -English language presentation!

World Taekwondo Training Program is collection of 17 DVDs with over 3,000 different exercises translated into Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese language. All of the exercises are accompanied with an explanation for ages, skills, and elements. All of the exercises are shown in normal speed and slow motion.Exercises are performed by 55 elite athletes from 19 countries. DVD of each duration: minimum 75 minutes, maximum 90 minutes.
Visit our web page for more information or write as at: info@wtkdpro.com

Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demonstration (2013 Belgian Open)

Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demonstration at Belgian Open 2013 edition: about the same as 2012 edition with some bonus though also some falls. Enjoy!
Fatality (04:07) Fan: (04:18) Triple Blind (06:00) Nice Choregraphy (08:38) Intermezzo GANGNAM STYLE: (10:37) Part II (13:00) (same story as 2012)

About the Music: The last music is Arirang, a traditional Korean song. Otherwise, I don't know what music they use. I believe it is specially composed for this demonstration.

Kukkiwon is the Taekwondo Headquarters located in Gangnam area of Seoul. This is where the styles of Taekwondo were unified and where they decide on reforms. It is where they decide what the patterns are (World Taekwondo Federation ones, not the International Taekwondo Federation's), how the correct techniques are, and where you have to go to take the highest dan exams (up to 9th dan... and perhaps election of the one in a generation 10th dan?). As a taekwondo practicer, Kukkiwon is the goal of your pilgrimage.
In your everyday life, if you have a doubt about a poomsae, rely on an up to date Kukkiwon certified videos and technique books, as they come from the source.

Why do they yell? It is called Kihap. In Martial arts, you traditionally scream to be more performant: it helps to focus your energy, rise your level of adrenaline, put your mind in fighting mode, intimidate the opponent, let out air in the effort (and avoid cramps), gain your abdominal muscles. In demonstration, it is a good signal for coordination.
In this case it also tells a lot without using words: I'm badass, I'm bad Let's fight You'll pay for this and I'm gonna break that piece of wood. If they were to say that in Korean, few of us would understand.

Ghent, 2013.04.06


Juniors Men –78kg FINAL