Sword fighting

Learn Sword Fighting 1: Basic Attack

Welcome to our sword fighting tutorial for beginners. We will show you the basics of medieval european swordsmanship. Let's start with the so called Oberhau - a simple strike from above.


Expert saber sparring: Lee Smith vs Richard Marsden

Impressive fighting skills at work. There is a reason why these guys teach swordsmanship, they are amazing.

This match took place at the Blood & Iron historical martial arts school in New Westminster, BC, Canada. Richard Marsden, co-founder and principal instructor of the Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship, came for a visit to give two seminars, one on Fiore's longsword and another on Polish saber fencing. After the instruction he sparred with Lee Smith, co-founder and principal instructor of Blood & Iron.

Richard Marsden's book on Polish saber fencing:

The first-person POV footage was recorded with a GoPro Hero 3+ head camera, the rest was recorded with a Panasonic GH4.

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Traditional sword fighting in Fujairah

Traditional sword fighting in Fujairah. Emirati Swordsman, Hazza Sulaiman Al Shehi of Dibba, Fujairah, has set a new world record by throwing his sword 21.275 metres in the air and catching it with precision. The height of the sword throw was measured by laser technology. See more at:

Urumi veeshal kalaripayattu | flexible sword fighting | ഉറുമി വീശൽ

Urumi kalaripayattu martial art compitation in Kannur

Sword's Path | Fight like a Witcher - The Whirl


Learn how to whirl like the cool kids at Kaer Morhen.

PS. It's not a combat technique. I mean it. Don't try it the next time you are about to get mugged by armed brigands.

I'm a 25 years old HEMA instructor and sword performer from Poland. I've been fencing since I was 12, evolving through sport fencing, polish saber, kenjutsu, to finally settle on renaissance german longsword (go Team Meyer!).

I do blacksmithing for a living. Feel free to review my crafts at:

Now go throw some cuts! Just do it!

Which sword is best in a one-on-one duel?..... Historical fencing

Which sword is best in a one-on-one duel or sword fight?..... Longsword? Rapier? Sabre? Backsword?
Assuming the fight is strictly one-on-one, no armour of any kind, only one sword-like weapon of medium length allowed...

Thailand's Ancient Weapon Fighting Art: Krabi-Krabong

The ancient art of Krabi-Krabong is not taught at but a hand full of places in Thailand, however Tiger offers classes three times a week.

Kru Waigoon Oh Promsuwan is a bit of an institution here at Tiger Muay Thai, heading up the Krabi-Krabong classes at Tiger.

Krabi Krabong is a weapons-based martial art originating in Thailand. It began with the Siamese military and was used by warriors on the battlefield, often alongside Muay Boran. Warriors fought for survival, thus combat techniques at the time were especially deadly, utilizing spears, swords, knives and arrows.

When unarmed, Krabi Krabong employs a variety of strikes, locks, holds, kicks and throws as well. If weapons broke for example, battle would resume using these deadly unarmed techniques. Krabi Krabong is therefore not merely some weapons exhibition, but rather a complete battlefield art teaching principles of deadly combat. It can further be applied to everyday self-defense, using everyday objects as weapons.
Kru Oh has fought in Muay Thai, Muay Boran, MMA, Boxing and has had over 60 bare knuckle fights. No wonder he is one of the most popular trainers with both staff and clients alike, he is also one of the best.
Produced by Jeff Sainlar

Easiest type of sword fighting to learn for beginners?

Here Lucy Easton (Schola Gladiatoria SG5) and Matt Easton (Schola Gladiatoria SG1) consider which type of sword style is easiest to learn for beginners - specifically over the course of the first two months
Sword fighting can be harder or easier to learn based on many factors, such as the weapon type, the system being studied and the teaching method.
This is NOT a statement of what styles of swordsmanship are 'best', or what you should do. Every person wanting to get into HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) should choose based on their own preferences.
Also, every person's experience in this will be different - some people prefer certain weapons and styles, some people find some weapons come more naturally to them than others. Not all people are the same of course.
Schola Gladiatoria swordsmanship schools:

Katana vs Sabre: More European accounts of Japanese swords and sword fighting

Swordsmen of the British Empire:

Looking at Japanese swords and swordsmen through 19th century Western eyes.

Let the sword fighting begin!

So I had some fun recently at a LARP training session where I used some of my Martial Arts, Kendo, Hema and Swordplay experience. It was great fun.

Spetsnaz Training - Sword Fighting Techniques

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Systema Spetsnaz, the combat of Russian Special Forces, is based on the natural flow of the energy and efficiency of motion within space and time. Techniques are simple and practical, allowing students to learn and advance at their own pace.

The roots of Systema Spetsnaz (Russian Martial Art) date to the 10th century, developed by Cossacks, Russian Warriors. Traditional training methods are utilized with modern concepts of combat. Systema Spetsnaz are based on scientific approach and is adaptable for bodyguards, police, security or civilian self-defense training.

Vadim Starov is the president and Chief Instructor of the International training center Systema Spetsnaz Russian Style Hand to Hand Combat. Starov Vadim was born in Russia, in the family of military tradition. His father was an officer of the Russian Army.

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Staff vs Sword Fight

Members of Paik's Traditional Martial Arts School of Madison Wisconsin spar with padded weapons for the amusement of diners at a banquet. Clancy on the left uses the samurai sword; Doug on the right uses the bo staff.

Keeping medieval sword fighting alive

Do you need more good fights? Check this out! -

Medieval sword fighting does not just belong in movies.More and more people are taking it up as a serious sport. Around 13,000 fighters are now estimated to practise the longsword worldwide, and record numbers are taking part in elite contests.Paul Rhys reports from Gothenburg in Sweden.

M1 Medieval - Professional Medieval UFC Combat 2015

M1 Medieval Fights. The UFC Of Medieval Combat. 2 Knights jump in the ring and battle it out with full armor, sword and shield. These M1 Medieval fighters will battle it out for 3 3 minute rounds.

Taejoon Lee: Hwa Rang Do Sword Fighting Demo

Get more from Taejoon Lee:

From July 30 to August 7, 2010, the World Hwa Rang Do Association held its 50th-anniversary celebration in Los Angeles. It included black-sash testing; a tournament that attracted practitioners from as far away as Italy; and lectures by Dr. Joo Bang Lee, the art's founder, and Taejoon Lee, the art's grandmaster. For many, the highlight of the 10-day event was Saturday's banquet, which featured a demonstration of hwa rang do grappling and sword fighting, speeches by Joo Bang Lee and Taejoon Lee, and the screening of a broadcast-quality hwa rang do documentary. In this exclusive video shot at the banquet, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee and several of his students demonstrate hwa rang do sword fighting.

Why smallsword is a great type of sword fighting to practice

The smallsword evolved from later so-called transitional rapiers. It is a specialised thrusting sword, often with a light stiff triangular-section blade. Smallsword is a discipline which is growing in popularity in HEMA / historical fencing and it offers a lot to the martial art. Firstly, the smallsword is a very effective weapon in its own right, which can stand up to a lot of other sword types of the period, but as a discipline it also offers a lot to the personal development of fencers.

Two Handed Sword Fight - Devis vs Pietro

Two Handed Sword - Medieval Team Tournament Test Match

Tranditional Bokator Khmer Sword fighting at Pagoda

Tranditional Bokator Khmer Sword fighting at Pagoda
Bokator Khmer Angkor
Kompheng Chey
Email: siemreapbokator@gmail.com

Fighting multiple opponents with swords or other weapons

Learn Sword Fighting 3: Kick To The Groin

Welcome to our sword fighting tutorial for beginners. We will show you the basics of medieval european swordsmanship. Let's continue with a simple but effective kick.