Surf kayaking

World Surf Kayak Competition Portrush 2017 NW

Highlights of the first day of competition World Surf Kayak Competition East Strand Portrush 2017. Waves were excellent and the competition mighty. Many thanks to the RNLI.

Surf Kayaking AS you have never seen

Results from our first test with the new camera.
Great conditions great surfers fun morning folled by bacon sandwiches

Big wave kayaking - Tao Berman 2012

Tao Berman is revered as one of the worlds most innovative kayakers. Berman has pushed the sport to new limits and is doing it again with Big wave kayaking.


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Choosing the right surf kayak for you

Visit our website or call us on 01479 861256

Glenmore Lodge Chief Instructor Ian Sherrington runs through some of the options and considerations when buying a surf kayak. Glenmore Lodge are one of the only UK companies offering Surf Kayaking skills courses and qualifications. Call us or visit the website for more details..

Surf Kayaking With Aiden Brackenbury and Reed (Chillcheater)

Aiden Doing His Thing wearing his favourite kit

Surf Kayaking World champs 2015 (Slowmo overview)

Short film showing the action and the reactions from the Beautiful, Galician Coast

kayak surf chapa

Sea Kayak Surfing Basics Redux - Weekly Kayaking Tips - Kayak Hipster

Kayak Surf is always a topic that comes up, and I was asked to explain the basics a bit more in depth and maybe show some examples. I went through old footage of classes I've taken as well as used clips from my recent trip to Mexico to paddle with Daniel Mendoza. You can find his channel here:

Please take this as just an overview. Some of these clips do not show perfect (or good even in some cases) form, especially my old clips from surfing classes. These are supposed to show things to avoid and continue to improve, and show areas where things were improved throughout the lessons.

As always, leave a comment to discuss any of these topics or if there's any questions.

Kayak Hipster


Surfejant a la Fosca en un mar molt inflat per un gregal que donava onades molt potents!

Kayaker: Marc Adroher (P&H Delphin 150)
Càmera: Xavi F.

Platja de la Fosca (Costa Brava)

Kayak Surfing British Open 2016(Sandymouth Cornwall)

View of the 2017 British Kayak surf Championships venue with a few clips taken over the years

Kayak surfing Big Waves (episode 2) Chris Hobson

Second episode of or trip to Ireland

Sandymouth Surfkayaking British Champs

Surf kayaking Brits 2016 (2017)

Big Wave Freestyle Kayak Surfing, FRESH Air | FRESH, Ep. 2

Come to the Ottawa River and see some incredible kayaking talent on the water, er mostly ABOVE it. Big wave freestyle kayak surfers show their mettle on the Ruins wave, Gladiator, Buseater, Big Bus and more.

Hang on to your hats, and your stomach - as these guys flip, dive and spin ALL OVER these waves - incredible...

Location: Ottawa River
Athletes: Devyn Scott, Dane Jackson, NickTroutman, Kalob Grady, Scott Borthwick, Kent Bretzlaff, Ben Marr, Pat Camblin, Joel Brennen, Keegan Grady, Ben Fraser

Big Wave Freestyle Kayak Surfing, FRESH Air | FRESH, Ep. 2

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Kayak Surfing Ireland

Chris Hobson takes a trip home to rediscover his old haunts

Surf Kayaking North Cornwall

Surf Kayaking North Cornwall With Jack Davies

How To Surf Your Fishing Kayak

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Jim Sammons gives kayak anglers some advice on how to safely practice surfing in your fishing kayak. Bracing and being able to land in surf is an essential skill for Kayak Anglers who plan on getting off the beach.

Need to know how to launch in surf?

Book a kayak fishing trip with Jim Sammons:

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Surf Kayaking at Hayle River Mouth

Cornish surf kayaking with chris hobson

Cornwall big swell, no one in , try out some big moves

UNFOLD - Surf Kayak

A short surf kayak movie...
A chilled afternoon with some mellow waves, complete with surf kayaker Matt Holyer and an empty Cornish cove all ready to Unfold some potential.
music - Mountains - Approaching Nirvana

How to Launch a Kayak in a Surf Zone

Jeff Herman discusses how to safely launch your kayak in the surf zone in order to access prime fishing areas.

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Produced by Heliconia: