Surf fishing

surf fishing for food to cook on the beach - CATCH AND COOK

Surf fishing adventure where we wanted to go out and catch fish at the beach that we could cook there. A proper catch and cook. Next time we just have to do it starting with no tools whatsoever aye? True survival style. Maybe someday.

The jeffer:

Tackle (amazon affiliate):
Big Reels (115l2):
Medium reel (30 size)l:
Small reel (5500):
Ocean Kayak malibu two

Fishing and filming gear:

fishing for ugly critters at the beach - surf fishing

Finally returned for some surf fishing at the beach. The beach is one of my favorite places to fish even with though there was some off color water. Never know what you're going to catch when you're beach fishing.


surf fishing for BEASTS of the ocean - shark bull redfish

Surf fishing for shark and bull redfish with the boys. Day went real well. Best time of year for bull redfish in the surf. (though this was couple weeks back). Possibility of some nice sandbar sharks as well. Land based shark fishing from the beach is always an absolute delight.

Tackle (amazon affiliate):
Big Reels (115l2):
Medium reel (30 size)l:
Small reel (5500):
Ocean Kayak malibu two

living off of fish at the beach - surf fishing

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3 : Current video
Part 4:
Part 5:

If I had no food and I was actually in a true survival fishing I would go to the beach and fish for whiting. Easy and tasty. There seems to be an unlimited supply of fish out there to catch too. We also go to do some shore fishing. Surf fishing is one of my favorite ways to fish too.

Gear used (amazon affiliate):
Penn Slammer -
Penn battalion 9’ -
Inshore baitcaster:
Inshore casting rod:
40lb power pro -
Big baitcast rod -
Big baitcaster (7.3:1):
Shoes -

sugiwa - memories
leavv - within
osrsbeatz - soft scape

Surf Fishing with a Tiny Crankbait

Here is a link to get the tiny crankbait from Amazon: I tied the lure directly to my dropper loop below the 2 gulp sandworms. For this setup, I used my usual 2 oz disc sinker, which lays flat on the sand and doesn't roll as much in the rough surf.

These redtails surf perch can be caught year round here on the Oregon coast. The best times to go fish for these guys are during an incoming high tide.

Surfcaster's Journal Magazine -Introducing Surf Fishing 101 series

Surfcaster's Journal Magazine introduces new Surf Fishing 101 series.
First 4 episodes will appear in the Surfcaster's Journal Online Magazine November 2015 issue.

Beginner Surf Fishing - Winter Fishing at the Beach with Shrimp

Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? In this episode I am fishing at the Fort Morgan Beach in Alabama. I am new to saltwater fishing, so I am try the easiest method. I am bottom fishing with dead shrimp. Despite the large waves and churning surf, I manage to catch two fish. First I catch a decent hard head catfish, then I catch a whiting (gulf kingfish). I am using some older freshwater gear that I wouldn't mind ruining due to sand and saltwater. This is the first of a few videos about beginner saltwater fishing here on Realistic Fishing!

Surf Fishing - Caught My Biggest Mack Yet!

Went surf fishing on the west coast of Florida, in Sanibel Island. Cast netted some pilchards and used them as bait. I ended up catching my biggest spanish mackerel yet! Hope you guys enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

Gear used:

Reel: Penn Spinfisher 8500 ssv
Line: Braid 50#
Rod: Quantum Blue Runner

Reading & Driving the Beach with Surf Fishing Legend!

My good friend and surf fishing legend, Jack, takes me fishing and shows how to read the beach for the unique structure created by sandbars and the variations that can occur. The main goal is to catch speckled trout but we'll take whatever will bite on lures. The conditions were near perfect.


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Fly Fishing Jacksonville Surf 1

Fly fishing the beach front surf of northeast Jacksonville's Talbot Island for the silvery Redfish

Surf Fishing with Sabiki Rigs?!

In this video, we fish from the surf... with sabikis! Let's see what we can catch!



Spinning Rod: (8'6 MH)
Spinning Reel: (4000XG)
Main Line: (15# Dark Green)
Snaps/Clips: (Size 7)
Sabiki Rig: P-Line Fluorocarbon with Size 6 Red Hooks (PSFCFS-6)
Sinker: (2 oz)


Other Surf Fishing Gear:

Wading Belt:
Belt Rod Holder:
Fish Grips:
Line Cutters:
Digital Scale:
Bait Box:
Sand Spike:
Backpack: (Holds 2 Rods)


Filming Gear:

GoPro Housing:
GoPro Chest Mount:
GoPro Aux Mic:
GoPro Mic Windscreen:


Music by Joakim Karud

Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 30- Catching Big blues on pencil poppers with Zeno Hromin

Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 30- Catching Big blues on pencil poppers with Zeno Hromin
This video appeared last year as past as SJTV montage for subscribers of the Surfcaster's Journal Magazine
For more original content please visit our publication at


Date Filmed Sept 29th 2017. Location Indian River Inlet North Beach.
I was fishing for little bluefish because thats all that was really in the surf at the the time and while unhooking a Clearnose Skate rather carelessly, I was bitten by the creature and was definitely the most physical pain a fish has ever inflicted on me. Enjoy!

Surf Fishing for Sharks and Bait

In this episode, Josh kicks off the day fishing for blacktip sharks using lures. After a few hours and no hook-ups, Josh decided to switch gears and catch shark bait. There was a lot of bait and sharks in the water, but the sharks were fixed on live bait. Josh was using a double hook rig with squid for bait. The first fish that was hooked got eaten by a shark. The second fish was a bonefish, which was a huge surprise! After catching over a dozen blue runners, Josh decided to try fishing for sharks again. Within a half hour, Josh hooked to a feisty blacktip shark. After a five minute fight, the shark shook the hook. Josh did not get any more shark bites after losing the shark.

Filmed in Florida!


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How to setup Gulp Sandworms for surf fishing to catch more fish - Oregon Coast

I'm going to show you a simple way to setup your rig with Gulp Sandworms to fish the Oregon coast. I recommend drying out your sandworms outside in the warm weather for about 3-4 hours. This will make them very rubbery and tough, and they will stay on the hook much longer.

The rig I use for surf fishing the Oregon coast is called a Hi-Lo rig, which has 2 hooks, one at the top and one at the bottom. I use a 2 oz DISC sinker at the bottom.

Be sure you learn how to tie this HI-LO rig using a dropper loop. It's very effective for surf fishing.

Fishing with VINTAGE GEAR! Surf Fishing with ANTIQUE Rod & Reel!

In this video we are visiting Long Island, New York for some summer surf & inlet fishing! Fishing girl Darcizzle goes saltwater surf fishing with vintage fishing rod & reel for bluefish & sharks. We go beach fishing & then to Moriches Inlet to catch fish!⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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How To Make Surf Fishing Rigs

I'll show you how I make my surf fishing rigs from beginning to end. A great video for beginners. These versatile rigs will catch Red fish, Black drum, Sea Trout, Coaker, Flounder, Sharks, really just about anything that swims in the Texas surf and cost a fraction of the pre-made store bought surf rigs. Plus you can make your own gear on demand instead of running to a box chain store. Below I’ve put links to the gear that I use to make these rigs.
Tight Lines Everyone!

Crimping Tool

Yo- Zuri Fluorocarbon Leader

Sea Striker Sinker Slide

Offshore Angler Snap Swivel

Offshore Angler Single Sleeves

Barrel Swivel

Bass Pro Hook File

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Please watch: Catfish Chum Recipe for Channel Catfish - Cheap and Easy Catfishing Chum


How to setup a bottom rig for surf fishing

I use a Hi-Lo rig for my surf fishing setup. It's simple and easy to tie and catches a lot of fish.

Bait: Gulp sandworms:
#2 or #4 hooks
Leader: 15# mono
main line: 20# braid
Weight: 2 oz disc sinker, it sits on the bottom better and don't roll much

I use a 10' salmon rod.

On this trip, I was fishing with my friend Scott and Nathan.

Scott's channel:

Powerbait vs Gulp sand worms (best bait for surf fishing)

A video showing a simple test between Powerbait and Gulp Sandworms (2 camo color). Powerbait is excellent bait for trout fishing - but will it outfish the Sandworms? I use my trusty hi-lo rig with a 2oz weight at the bottom, #2 hook. For those who don't know, I was surf fishing on the Oregon coast.

Reading the Beach - Surf Fishing Tip "Walking The Dog"

A combination reading the beach how-to and surf fishing tip on fishing rough water conditions.