Static trapeze

Static trapeze act - "Wooden Arms"

Static trapeze act by Ali Walker. Filmed at My Aerial Home, November 2016.

"Feeling Good" static trapeze routine

Here is my solo static trapeze routine at Dance With Joy's 2016 Recital. This was my first performance on a pulley system, and I was so nervous! The song is Feeling Good by Muse and is performed at The Center For the Arts in Arkansas.

Beginner class on the static trapeze

At Moody Street Circus with Melinda Pavlata... Few tricks - most of them I knew, but one - bird`s nest up on the ropes - first time!

Aerial Static Trapeze - Roll up practice #aerialprincess

Just some video of trapeze practice. I wanted to see what I looked like...I didn't realize I was so serious looking, haha. I need to work on that.

Static Trapeze Solo - Showcase 4/29/17

Jess BG on static, single-point trapeze.
Choreographed and performed by Jess BG.
Music by Shakira. (I don't claim to own any rights to the music.)
Thumbnail photo by Michael Dziak.

Wendy Static Trapeze Routine Practice

5/6/12 at iFly

Intermediate trapeze exercise

Sequence using bird's nest, amazon, iron cross, and coffin in ropes. 14 Nov 2013

Beginner on Trapeze

Elise's first performance on Trapeze

Abi's Beginner Trapeze Performance

This is a routine I performed at the end of May 2011, at this point I'd being taking static trapeze lessons for about five months. I devised the routine by myself which sounds a bit glib but I'm actually really proud of it. Saying that, having progressed a bit more with my lessons by now, I'm cringing a bit watching it back. The song is by Anais Mitchell and is called Hey, Little Songbird. Enjoy x

Static Trapeze Tricks

Switching it up from pole to trapeze every once in a while! Subscribe to my channel or visit my website!

2016 Halloween Student Showcase - Static Trapeze

Static trapeze fixe duo double choregraphie cirque circus

Learning a new move on static trapeze

I'm still not graceful getting into Unicorn. Here is a new-to-me way of rolling out of Unicorn back to sitting.

Aerial Keita on static trapeze

Aerial Keita on static trapeze


2nd performance - Semi improvisation :)

Isa Static Trapeze practice Jan 2013

Isa has been working hard with a new aerial instructor, Jessica John, at Studio 180. I can't wait to see it pulled together for a performance in May!

Static Trapeze Demo

Static Trapeze - A demo of some of my favourite poses and drops.

Music is The humbling river by Puscifer!

Halloween - static trapeze

Video Analysis of Circus Student Swinging on Static Trapeze

STS Static Trapeze

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