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GRU vs. Karpik

Best sport ever! 360BaLL

'sport in a circle' 360ball is a new sport that utilizes the principles and properties of a circle to define a ball game. Players use a racquet to strike a ball onto a centrally placed concave disc. The court has no separate sides and players pivot 360° around the disc as directed by play. 360ball is played either by two players (singles) or by two teams of two players (doubles). / / /

Best Padel Rallies of 2014! Watch it!

Best Padel Rallies of 2014! Watch it!
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The Padel Rallies of 2014, with Juan Martin Diaz, Fernando Belasteguin, Juani Mieres, Sanyo Gutierrez, Maxi Sanchez, Matias Diaz, Sebastian Nerone and many others en el World Padel Tour.

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Squash vs Tennis

What is better?

P. H. Mathieu - Squash Shot Analysis

In this video we take a look at Paul Henry Mathieu and his remarkable coordination & balance to save this shot.

Picture credits: ATP World Tour, Hamburg 2009

Squash tips: Nick Matthew's tennis ball footwork drill

Sometimes your training doesn't have to be complicated to bring about improvement.

Check out some of the simple footwork drills to help improve your speed around the court:

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SquashSkills was launched in 2012 by Former World number 1 Peter Nicol and co-founder Jethro Binns. Our goal is to give everyone access to high level squash coaching in an effort to help them become the best player they can be.

When we launched we were very player focused, but as time went on we felt that we also had the opportunity to build a platform that could help coaches expand their knowledge and bring variety to their training.

Coaches can now create and schedule their players training sessions, set drills and tests, and track progress and improvement.

The new website is packed full of tools for both coaches and players, guaranteed to improve your understanding of the game.

Start winning more!

The Squash Company have a go at Real Tennis

The Squash Company have a go at Real Tennis for the first time...

Safe to say they should stick to the day job but what a bonkers, wonderful game! We'll definitely play again soon.

You can play too with Coach Chris Bray or your friends at Middlesex University - check out their website for more details.

Tennis Trick Shots ft. Serena Williams | Dude Perfect

It's time for tennis trick shots with the legend herself!
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Squash Better than Tennis and Football

Squash Better than Tennis and Football

7 Most Beautiful Female Squash Players in 2015 Women's World Open Squash Championship

The 2015 Women's World Open Squash Championship is the women's edition of the 2015 World Championship, which serves as the individual world championship for squash players.
It was originally scheduled to take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from December 11 to 18, 2015; with less than two weeks' notice, the event was deemed to have been cancelled after the event promoters allegedly cited security fears as justification for doing so In response, Minister of Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin claimed the event's cancellation was down to the promoters' failure to attract sponsorship and accused them of attempting to blackmail the Malaysian government with a demand for event funding (including RM3.5 million ($850,000) for private security arrangements) as a result.
Upon settling an agreement with the new event promoters, the PSA confirmed the tournament was rescheduled to take place at the National Squash Centre[6] between 23 and 30 April 2016 inclusive It will be the second time in three editions the tournament has been held after its designated year

India Dipika Pallikal
England Laura Massaro
Malaysia Nicol David
Egypt Nour El Sherbini
Egypt Omneya Abdel Kawy
England Alison Waters
Egypt Heba El Torky


Guide to Racquet Bags For Tennis Squash & Badminton

Need help to find the right racquet bag for you? Our racket specialist is on hand to take you through the differences between standard and premium ranges of racquet bags to help you get a better idea of some of the features you might want. In general, any racket bag can be used for tennis, squash and badminton equipment so whichever sport you play the advice in this video is relevant.
Need further help? Take a look at the full article here:
You can find our selection of quality racket bags here:
And the homepage for our store is here:
The rackets featured in this video are the Prince Club 6: and the Prince Tour Team 6:

Los 10 mejores puntos de la final Padel Pro Tour PPT Benicassim 2011

Los 10 mejores puntos de la final del PPT de Benicassim 2011 entre Juan Martín Díaz y Fernando Belasteguín vs Miguel Lamperti y Cristian Gutierrez

Targus Work+Play Racquet Backpack for Tennis, Squash, Badminton, fits 15.6” Laptops

How to String a Squash or Tennis Racket

A complete guide to stringing squash and tennis rackets. I show you everything you need to know to string either a squash or a tennis racket. If you have any questions or comments please post them below, but let's keep the conversation civilized. I'm sure I've made a few mistakes in the video and I've corrected what I found with additional comments. Abusive and otherwise offensive comments will get deleted. For more tennis tips head on over to

Tennis-Squash hybrid Padel a smash hit in France

Somewhere between tennis and squash is padel, a racket sport played across Spain. But now, its popularity is growing in France.

Sports Injury recovery exercise - squash, tennis, football

Some easy exercises to get you started. They also help in case you pulled your muscle or are experiencing pain after sport.
1. Upper Body Stretch
2. Side Lunges
3. Bridges
4. Pigeon Stretch

UCT SPORT - Tennis, Table Tennis, Netball, Squash, Volleyball

University of Cape Town Basketball Netball Tennis and Table Tennis Volley Ball Montage Video

Playing tennis on a squash court

My part for the English video / Mi parte del video para inglés
Filmed by Benito Cornejo / Filmado por Benito Cornejo

En gimnasio Balance Club, Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile.

Wilson Pro squash / tennis racket overgrip review

A great durable overgrip for those on a budget.
Pick it up here for the cheapest:

Hey, guys, just going to do a review today of the Wilson Pro Overgrip. You can see it here on my racquet. This is how I bought it. Came in a roll. It was 30 bucks, for 15. Yeah, I mean, for $30, $2.00 per grip, that's pretty good. You can see here, I've got my racquet, it's fairly worn out at this point. Really, I mean, this ended up being a very surprise kind of buy for me. I mean, I kind of bought it out of desperation, cause I didn't have any replacement grips at the time, but this is a fantastic overgrip. I mean, it's got really, really good tackiness to it.

I've actually never worn through one of these with my hands. I mean, I would think that they wouldn't last very long, but I've actually never worn through this. This one has been on here, I think I played with it for maybe, about a month, or a month and a half. Really, for an, I mean, for $2.00, this is really a great, great buy. I mean, I keep these overgrips in my, I just keep them in my squash bag just in case, maybe if I'm ... If I wear through my replacement grip, and, maybe I'm playing in a tournament or in between games, and I really want like a fresh grip on top, that's when I use this.

It's really convenient. I just chuck this in my bag. I bring along a pair of scissors to trim it off where I need to. They include the tape with it as well. This is the white one, I'm not sure if it comes in other colors. I've personally only seen it in white, but really, a fantastic buy, I think. I wouldn't, personally, I don't use overgrips as my main grip. If you, I think, some people will like a thicker grip, and this might actually work well as kind of a thickener to your grip. You can actually wrap this over your replacement grip.

Again, if you prefer holding a thicker racquet, it feels better if you have big hands, or something, then it might work well. Personally, wouldn't recommend using an overgrip like this as your full grip, because it doesn't have the sticky coating on the back, it only has it at the edges, which means that it will slip off, kind of in the middle, if you don't put it on top of a tacky replacement grip.

Also, I don't think it will be thick enough if you only use an overgrip on top of the shaft of your racquet. For what it's worth, using this on top a replacement grip, is a great choice, especially for the price. I highly, highly recommend it.

Squash Racquet Grips : Squash Forehand Grip

Shake hands with the racquet and turn it to open the face for a forehand in squash. Learn the forehand grip of a squash racquet in this free video lesson from a squash instructor.

Expert: Hill Marks
Bio: Coach Hill has been teaching tennis, squash, racquetball and golf professionally for about ten years.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels