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GRU vs. Karpik

Best sport ever! 360BaLL

'sport in a circle' 360ball is a new sport that utilizes the principles and properties of a circle to define a ball game. Players use a racquet to strike a ball onto a centrally placed concave disc. The court has no separate sides and players pivot 360° around the disc as directed by play. 360ball is played either by two players (singles) or by two teams of two players (doubles). / / /

Best Padel Rallies of 2014! Watch it!

Best Padel Rallies of 2014! Watch it!
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The Padel Rallies of 2014, with Juan Martin Diaz, Fernando Belasteguin, Juani Mieres, Sanyo Gutierrez, Maxi Sanchez, Matias Diaz, Sebastian Nerone and many others en el World Padel Tour.

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P. H. Mathieu - Squash Shot Analysis

In this video we take a look at Paul Henry Mathieu and his remarkable coordination & balance to save this shot.

Picture credits: ATP World Tour, Hamburg 2009

Squash tips: Nick Matthew's tennis ball footwork drill

Sometimes your training doesn't have to be complicated to bring about improvement.

Check out some of the simple footwork drills to help improve your speed around the court:

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SquashSkills was launched in 2012 by Former World number 1 Peter Nicol and co-founder Jethro Binns. Our goal is to give everyone access to high level squash coaching in an effort to help them become the best player they can be.

When we launched we were very player focused, but as time went on we felt that we also had the opportunity to build a platform that could help coaches expand their knowledge and bring variety to their training.

Coaches can now create and schedule their players training sessions, set drills and tests, and track progress and improvement.

The new website is packed full of tools for both coaches and players, guaranteed to improve your understanding of the game.

Start winning more!

The Squash Company have a go at Real Tennis

The Squash Company have a go at Real Tennis for the first time...

Safe to say they should stick to the day job but what a bonkers, wonderful game! We'll definitely play again soon.

You can play too with Coach Chris Bray or your friends at Middlesex University - check out their website for more details.

Padel, a mix of tennis and squash

A funny game which is a mix of tennis and squash, in Seville, Spain. It appears to be called Padel.

Squash vs Tennis

What is better?

Squash video Nick Matthew v Saurav Ghosal match (first game) PSL 2014 Duffield v Pontefract

Video of the first game of Nick Matthew v Saurav Ghosal Premier Squash League Match 22 October 2013 at Duffield Squash Club

ATP Tennis - Top 10 Hitting the opponent (HD)

Sometimes players get hit right where it hurts, either by accident or intent. It is a legal shot to use and can cause a lot of pain, though it must be said, some take it better than others. What would you like to be the next Top 10?

This channel is dedicated to tennis Top 10 videos, mostly of Roger, but also from other players. Please help me get this channel up and running, by sharing and subscribing. Check out my other channel for tennis tributes below.

Tennis Tributes:

Tennis Top 10's:

Squash Tennis Match - Kaka vs. Roberto J.

Squash Tennis Match!! This is the first video that I upload to youtube, so please be nice people and rate and comment please. It the first match of me vs. my friend Kaka. Dated November 13th 2007. Thanks for watching!!

Los 10 mejores puntos de la final Padel Pro Tour PPT Benicassim 2011

Los 10 mejores puntos de la final del PPT de Benicassim 2011 entre Juan Martín Díaz y Fernando Belasteguín vs Miguel Lamperti y Cristian Gutierrez

Squash, Racquetball, and Tennis

FitRec offers all kinds of court sports! Check out this video to get some info regarding Squash and Racquetball, offered at the FitRec facility and Tennis which is taught nearby on Ashford St.

Whether you're a pro or a beginner we've got a class for you!

Tennis-Squash hybrid Padel a smash hit in France

Somewhere between tennis and squash is padel, a racket sport played across Spain. But now, its popularity is growing in France.

The Squash Shot

The Squash shot is gaining as a popular shot as both a defensive shot and n offensive one. Defensive if you are late to the ball and offensive in it awkward spin causing an erratic bounce.

Tennis Trick Shots ft. Serena Williams | Dude Perfect

It's time for tennis trick shots with the legend herself!
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Squash Tennis Match Highlights - Roberto vs. Andres

This are the highlights of this match. These are the matches and their respective winner:
1st match winner: Roberto; 15 to 13
2nd match winner: Andress; 14 to 14, 1-3 decision to Andres
3rd match winner: Andress; 14 to 14, 2-3 decision to Andres

Music: Korn - It's On!

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How to String a Squash or Tennis Racket

A complete guide to stringing squash and tennis rackets. I show you everything you need to know to string either a squash or a tennis racket. If you have any questions or comments please post them below, but let's keep the conversation civilized. I'm sure I've made a few mistakes in the video and I've corrected what I found with additional comments. Abusive and otherwise offensive comments will get deleted. For more tennis tips head on over to

Pakistani Top Squash Players Playing Practice Game 2016

Title: Pakistani Top Squash Players Playing Practice Game 2016

Watch More...

¦ Pakistani Top Squash Players Playing Practice Game 2016

¦ Jahangir Khan Coaching in JK Squash Academy

¦ Jahangir Khan advising about squash serve

¦ How to Perfect Squash Court Runing for Beginner Players

¦ Jhangir Khan Legend Demonstrating JK Acedemy 2016

¦ Farhan Mehboob vs Farhan Zaman Final 2016

¦ Squash Hard Training 2016 - Junior Under 13 Player

¦ Squash Solo Frant Training Coach Shahzad Khan Rwp

¦ Squash Coach Shahzad Khan Drilz 01

¦ Squash Forehand Nick Drills

Name: Shahzad Ali Khan
Family Profession: Squash & Tennis
Experience: 22 Years
Verified : Asian Squash Federation
Country : Pakistan
City: Rawalpindi

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Rapid-ball - squash player v tennis player.

The President of the Balearic Squash Association Martin playing against a Tennis coach Cisco. The sport for all. See rapid-ball.com