5.73 Square-1 WR

Nice CO lockup


z2 0,1/0,-1/2,0/-1,-2/-3,0/

Cube: X-Man Volt

[Обучалка] Как собрать Square-1

Сайт с алгоритмами:

Вступление 0:00
Нотация 1:03
Кубшейп 2:36
Ориентация углов 6:18
Ориентация рёбер 7:25
Перемещение углов 9:35
Перемещение рёбер 13:03
Пример сборки 19:17
Заключение 21:41

Square-1 team BLD 24.82 YTUWR (+UWR?)

Done with Evan Liu:
Should have been a bit faster, easy scramble. London Cube Meet 2016-12-11.

9.07 Square-1 ER average – World Championship 2017 (3 parities)

Not a great average, too many mistakes. I don't think I can get WR with that many mistakes. At least Brandon only has 1 average faster than me now, instead of 7. :P

Beginners Square-1 Method Walk Through

For /u/enigmahack

Square-1 blindfolded solve - 20 minutes 47 seconds - Aurora Summer 2009

Square-1 blindfolded solve at Aurora Summer 2009, 20 minutes 47 seconds ( ).

The first-ever successful Square-1 blindfolded solve in public (in an unofficial event) at a WCA (World Cube Association) competition, Aurora Summer 2009, held in Aurora, Colorado on July 18, 2009. Total (memorization + execution) time was 20 minutes 47 seconds (rounded to the nearest second according to the WCA regulation). The memorization took about 15 minutes and the execution was about 6 minutes. Special thanks to Keanu László Vestil for recording this video.

I am grateful to Shelley Chang for motivating me to try blindfolded solving and for being the judge of my very first public Square-1 blindfolded attempt at San Francisco Open 2009, which, unfortunately, was not successful after about one and half hour of struggling. The experience there was a precious and the most critical lesson for this success.

My sincere thanks also go to the competition organizers, WCA delegates, judges, scramblers, competitors and spectators who allowed and encouraged me to perform Square-1 solves with or without a blindfold at competitions, and those who inspired me by discussing the blindfolded solving and by showing me amazing performances in speedcubing. They include, but not limited to, Tyson Mao, Bob Burton, Bryan Logan, Lucas Garron, Patrick Kelly, Daniel Hayes, Dan Knights, Sapan Upadhyay, Anthony Searle, Chris Krueger, Leyan Lo, Sam Boyles, Adam Zamora, Tim Reynolds, Ethan Rosen, Dan Cohen, Michael Young, Mark Polinkovsky, Jim Mertens, Park Byung-Hwa, Choi Jae Jung, Jaclyn Sawler, Dan Dzoan, Michael Gottlieb, Ambie Valdés, Joseph Hong, Waris Ali, Mike Hughey, Jason Baum, Ryan Patricio, Keanu László Vestil, Nick Young, Andrew Nelson, Stephanie Chow, David Woner, Dene Beardsley, Ron van Bruchem, Lars Vandenbergh, Stefan Pochmann, Grzegorz Prusak, Masayuki Akimoto, Ryosuke Mondo, Shinpei Araki, Shotaro Makisumi, Yu Nakajima, Kazuhito Iimura and Yumu Tabuchi.

With my wholehearted gratitude to my wife Saori, my daughter Aina, and my son Daiki for their generous support and kindness.

Square-1 Comparison (Lin method)

CubeTwist Square-1 : 30.649
QiYi Square-1 : 25.634
QiYi Square-1 Stickerless : 28.368
MoYu WeiLong Square-1 : 24.304
YJ GuanLong Square-1 : DNF(18.689)
QiYi X-Man Square-1 Volt : 23.672
QiYi X-Man Square-1 Volt Stickerless : 27.160
MoYu Cubing Classroom Square-1 : 28.144

Passing Square 1

session from please visit the website for the session plan

Square-1 21.82 Avg & 16.83 Single

Top 100 in Europe for both Single and Average

Square-1 Adjacent Parity 2.27

The trick is to not lock up.
/ -3,0 / 0,3 / 0,-3 / 0,3 / 2,0 / 0,2 / -2,0 / 4,0 / 0,-2 / 0,2 / -1,4 / 0,-3 /

Magnetic Qiyi Square-1 Tutorial SUPER EASY

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Square-1 ER Average: 9.57! (former)

8.93, (11.19), 9.65, (8.34), 10.13
Yess, so happy about this average! The scrambles were actually quite nice, and there were no hard EP cases. This is #2 WR at the time of upload.
The 8.34 is German NR, too.
Thank you to Wilhelm for letting me use his cube:

The Passing Square 1

A well known passing drill,, with focus on:

- Passing and recieving with the correct foot.
- Checking in and Checking out.

(Former) Square-1 ER Average: 10.97!

Done @ Euro 2016.
(13.97) 11.30 11.40 (9.50) 10.22

Square-1 11.24 average - Charlie Stark - North London Open 2016

5th in the world (2016-5-1)

Pretty good

[FORMER] Michał Krasowski - 8.41 Square-1 NR Single

Polish Nationals 2017, nr for an hour or so

Square-1 World Record 16.62 seconds by Kazuhito Iimura

My weblog

My BLD site.

You can learn BLD.
(Sorry Written in Japanese)


Sqr1 WR.
He is very disappointed.
His daily average about 13seconds.

Square-1 World Championship final - 11.68 average

The scrambles sucked and I couldn't really do anything about it.

Exel Square1 2.9 98cm

Stick review on Exel Square1 2.9 98cm.

Do visit or for more information.

Official 19.20 Square-1 Average With 13.50 Single!!!!!!! :o


19.77 [parity], (13.50), 17.24 [parity], (25.23), 20.59 = 19.20 Average! Sweetness.

I'm realllly happy with the single. If I didn't mess up the last two solves I could've had a way better average, but oh well. I just wanted sub-20 anyways! ;)

Done at Michigan 2014. It kind of sucks that they had another round b/c I got 2nd place in this round, but fourth in the final :(

Thanks to Cuber sd for recording this! His channel:

Cube: mf8 v1 w/ Florian mod.

Method: Cubeshape, CO, EO, CP, EP.

Inspection Type: Mentally retarded. Fast clapping is used to warm up my hands, don't ask! XD