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The fastest sport stacking individual Cycle stack is 5.93 seconds and was achieved by Steven Purugganan (United States) at the WSSA Greater Cleveland Ohio Sport Stacking Championships on 3 January, 2009.

The fastest sport stacking doubles cycle stack is 7.58 seconds and was achieved by Andrew Purugganan and Steven Purugganan (both USA), at the 2009 WSSA World Sport Stacking Championships Denver, Colorado, USA, on 19 April 2009

The fastest sport stacking timed 3-6-3 relay is 12.72 seconds and was achieved by Team USA (Joel Brown,Luke Myers, Steven Purugganan and Alex Schumann) (all USA) at the 2009 WSSA World Sport Stacking Championships Denver, Colorado, USA, on 19 April 2009.


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Re: Be on the Speed Stacks Stack Fast DVD

My actual audition for the DVD, I had cycle flips too but Michael already did it so I just scratched that. I was also going to stack in the dark with glows, but I couldn't see the cups in the camera =\... But anyways back to the video, it actually turned out very nice 0_o... well I'm not actually surprised xD

Episode 1 - Introduction - Learn To Stack

Learn to Sport Stack Stack - Easy How To Videos

Underwater Sport Stacking - Ryan

Underwater Sport Stacking

Sport Stacking: Family relay

Some fun family stacking :)

10 Years of Sport Stacking

On September 1, 2007, I started stacking at 11 years old. Now I'm 21 years old and can confidently say that sport stacking has been one of the most important things in my life, and that it has completely changed my life for the better.

Stacking taught me how to get out of my shell and be proud to show off my talents, no matter how different they may be. It taught me the importance of hard work and perseverance. It taught me how to handle competitive pressure, to be a humble winner and a gracious loser (sometimes). It taught me how to be proud of who I am, but also to always work to keep improving myself and reach for my goals. Sounds silly, but it’s all true.

It boggles my mind whenever I hear stackers say they grew up watching my videos, or parents of stackers say I’m a role model for their kids. To me, I’m just a guy who learned how to stack cups and edit good videos.

But more importantly than that, I’m absolutely amazed at the amount of experiences I’ve had and the amount of amazing friends I’ve made through this sport. I’ve travelled to multiple states and countries, set Guinness World Records, starred in a documentary, profited from YouTube, and appeared on TV all before I turned 21. I’ve met so many great people in my 10 years of stacking from all around the world, and some of them have been my best friends for years. This community is why I still stack and why I still look forward to tournaments even if many of my interests are now elsewhere.

I’ve planned this video for months, and it was meant to be a good bye video until I learned that Worlds 2018 is in Orlando. I guess I’ll have to stick around for one more year to really end with a bang!

Until then, thank you for watching for 10 years, and thank you for changing my life for the better.

-Lawrence Maceren

Song: Times Like These
Artist: The Eden Project

Sport Stacking: Freestyle Stacking (2016 Edition)

All of my sets as December 2016:

I've been wanting to do this since 2013. I actually have taped some of the freestyles back in 2013 for that video, but that videos are gone somewhere scattered in my old computer.

Now, I managed to do this again, in the exact same order (except cycle dodges are replaced with the regular colored cycle) as my first freestyle video. My times have drastically improved since the first video because the cups have improved too.

Note that NC Coil and NC Symmetry Cycle are my custom freestyles I made in 2012 (from the first freestyle video).

My first freestyle video:

Music: Jetstream - Dimrain47

If you want to use my video(s) in your videos, please ask a permission for me by contacting me either from my social media or email address for business inquiries. I should be able to respond it fast. If the reasons are acceptable, I will most likely allow it to be used in your videos. Any videos of mine that are used without my permission will be reported for taken down. Thank you :)

Stack of Champions (SOC) | World Sport Stacking Championships 2017

the best time are the fastest time that the stacker got from finals OR soc.

different angle from others because the individuals started right after international challenge so i couldn't get a good spot for my camera which is why i missed out Judy's 333. I kind of like this angle except you cant really see the tournament display.

Hope you guys like this edit of stack of champions! ☺️

Sport Stacking 2017: Comeback Time?

Everyone's been somehow making amazing comebacks these past few months so I decided to try going for PBs for the first time in who knows how long

Things I learned:
1) Righty first 3 makes me way more consistent
2) My lefty first 3 is awful but still somehow makes me 0.03 seconds faster
3) My 3-6-3 upstack is ridiculously slow
4) The 3-6-3 downstack explodes on me 90% of the time

Maybe next time lol

Song: The Birdwatcher
Artist: Vulfpeck

Sport Stacking: Becca's return

Becca decided to stack with the boys for a while and she got some new best times!

Comment below: Who has your favorite reactions? Michael, Jon, or Becca?

Intro and Outro music:
Plan C - TheFlash26

World Championships 2015: USA Vs Korea (Semi Final)

Decided to upload this because I just rewatched it and remembered what a great match it was

WSSC 2015 Semi Finals.

Thanks to Cory for filming!

4.577 Cycle Sport Stacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Officially, the fastest sport stacking cycle ever done. I have stacked hard for ten years, working towards many goals. After this, I feel content with all my achievements, officially and unofficially. Anything else is an exciting bonus to my wildly successful career in sport stacking. I hoped for a new cycle record, and a huge jump to 4.577 is more than I could have ever dreamed of. -2 weeks later gets the first four second cycle ever in tournament. xD

Sport Stacking: Top 100 Cycles


Sport Stacking Cycle 5.359! FIRST 5.3!!!

Well... This is an awesome way to end 2013. =)

I've been on winter break for the past week so I actually had some time to stack... Haven't really stacked much these past few months, but somehow I got my speed back rather quickly.

I decided to go for a PB on a whim... Didn't think I'd actually get it. o_O

I'm definitely using the lefty first 3 for speed, but I'm still not consistent with it. Might just use it for fast times. I'm getting better with Beau's 6-6 downstack too, but I'm still not too consistent if I'm going fast. I actually almost messed it up here, haha.

Pro Series 2 are really, really good once you get used to them. The downstacks aren't as smooth as retails, but the upstacks feel really, really nice. You have to get used to them before you can use them well. I don't know if this will be my main set, retails are more comfortable for me to use and it's harder to get used to these.

I beat Zach, Beau, Luke G, Idan, Mason, Son, Luke Myers, and I beat Steven's legendary 5.36. Geez. ._.

School's starting up again so I won't have much time to make stacking videos, but I'll try to keep some stuff coming. =)

Song: Year Round Absorbed Curiosity
Artist: 江口孝宏
Group: Sound Sepher
Album: 東方幻奏祀典5Fable

Sport Stacking 3-6-3 in 1.868 Seconds!


How do you like the quality? I found my HD camera and I am going to start using it as a main Camera. With a new style. I did the 1.868 frame by frame and I lifted both hands of the timer and then started the up stack of the 3-6-3. I am NOT going to use this style in the Cycle.

Sport Stacking: Synchro Montage

9.7 - 4.5
How does this have 3,000 views?

Sport Stacking: MY FIRST FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!!!! After 5 month of 5.020, I finally beat it by 0.042!!!! Thanks for all of the inspiration comment, I will never done this with your comment, After 4 years of stacking, I finally got this unexpected goal! This is a God-given talent
Song: Tobu - Hope [NCS Release]

1 year of Sport Stacking!


My WSSA Profile

Amazing 4 year old Cup Stacker (Nathan Robles)

nathan robles, 4 years old i think. at ct tournament

Sport Stacking : Family Relays

First 17 as a family relay.
Michael went twice, so it's not quite an official family relay this time.