Sometimes considered blood sports

Sometimes training can be like Bloodsport...

Disclaimer: I am not Japanese...and I am not a Tanaka...

In the blood Sometimes your hot sometimes your not

Join Tanner as we take you on an Indiana bow hunt 10-03-2015


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Speakers in order: Quentin Tarantino
William Hollis
Tony Robbins
Chris Ross
Les Brown
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This video has some of the greatest advice, motivation, and inspiration from the best speakers of our era. Many motivational videos get stuck up on sports, so I've decided to focus on different aspects of life as well as sports. Life can be very tough so a little motivation and inspiration will push you on that journey to success. If you find yourself struggling in your journey to success, I hope this video can be an aide to you in your, as well as my other motivational videos.
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Goalkeeping Titan Oliver Kahn Brings Terror to the Pitch

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Although Oliver Kahn was one of the best goalkeepers in the world, his aggressive style and manner were not so charming for opponents and teammates alike. Check out some of his most jaw-dropping violations on the pitch!

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Laser Flip Triple Set BATTLE - Christian Flores

Tricks can sometimes take forever and seem impossible to land. For Christian Flores it was a laser flip down a triple set. It took him 20+ missions over 2 years to finally roll away from it. Christian recounts what it physically and mentally took for him to land the hardest trick he has ever done.

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College Football Pump Up 2012-13 (HD 1080p)

A must watch for all college football fans to preview and get you ready for the upcoming season.
Music: Skrillex - Levels Remix

Fastest Royal Rumble Match eliminations - WWE Top 10

Sometimes, a Superstar's bid to win the Royal Rumble Match can end before it really begins. Here's the 10 fastest official eliminations to take place during WWE's marathon bout through the 2016 edition.
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Top 10 Horrific Injury In Football • OUCH!

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12 Most Dangerous Sports

Sports are suppose to be a fun group activity, some people are willing to risk their life for it! here are 12 Most Dangerous Sports.

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5 - Association Football (Soccer)
Here in the United States, it's soccer, everywhere else in the world, it's Football and the big leagues, the world cups, are Association Football. This high-intensity game involves lots and lots of leg strength, running for 90 minutes while moving a ball with only your feet and avoiding getting tackled at the same time is no easy feat and accidents are plentiful on those grassy knolls. There's no protective gear short of the occasional knee pad. These players are known to do anything to win with ruthless defensive strategies, the studs-up challenge is a tackle where a player attacks with the studs on the bottom of their cleats and aerial body checking is exactly what it sounds like. Concussions, bruises, bloodied limbs, torn ACLs, shin splints and sudden cardiac arrests are some of the most common and frequent of injuries associated with this treacherous game. Along with the occasional soccer riot, which have reduced whole stadiums to rubble, but this usually only happens during world cup matches.

4 - Rugby
13 burly hardened players on opposing teams literally smashing and pummeling into each other whilst kicking and catching a ball to opposing ends for a gruelling 80 minutes describes this highly athletic and sometimes vicious sport. A mouth guard and spiked boots are the only safety elements allowed in this treacherous field game. Tackles come in all shapes and sizes and reduce many players to quivering shaking fetal position. There are shoulder barging, body checking and the lifting tackle just to name a few sinister totally legal tackle some moves. Concussions, torn ligaments, dislocated shoulders and even quadriplegia are common injuries found inside this high-stakes game. Riots sometimes break out when a home team loses which can quickly turn into full city bloodbaths is a relatively common practice for this high-risk sport.

3 - Bull Riding
This rodeo sport wherein a rider mounts a large bull and tries his best to stay on as the steer jerks and bucks is considered a favorite for most cowboy enthusiasts. Just falling off the angry creature can cause all kinds of severe injuries such as scrapes, scratches and concussions. The bull itself which typically weighs around 1800 pounds may also trample the fallen cowboy or rush in with pointed horns and actually pierce or stab the fallen rodeo hero. No safety equipment short of a rodeo clown and vest sewn together with ballistic material greatly increases the danger level. Many call this dare devil pastime the most dangerous eight seconds in sports.

2 - Car Racing
With race cars speeding down asphalt roads or sandy dunes at well over 150 miles per hour accidents are almost a guarantee. Car technology may have improved over the years but so has the intensity of the drivers wishing to wins and the depths they are willing to go to make their cars the fastest on the road. Hurling down black racetracks at an average speed of 175 miles per hour in a carbon fiber box while trying not to crash into the other impending cars all also travelling at frighteningly high levels of speed is ridiculously dangerous. Common injuries with this high speed intensive sport include smashed bones, excessive blood loss, trauma to the head and all degrees of burns.

1 - Motorcycle Racing
Let's face it, racing can be dangerous for even the most experienced and knowledgeable of drivers, there are many kinds of racing, we've touched on the high stakes game of racecar driving, so now let's turn up the danger knob and move on to Motorbike racing. The average speed for the crotch rocket as it speeds down asphalt typically ranges from 130 to 200 miles per hour. One of the most infamous of tracks in the motorcycle racing game and also one of the oldest races in this sports history is called the Isle of Man, where thousands of brave hardened riders descend for the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. Six brutal days of hardcore non-stop racing down a 37-mile journey with 250 sharpened corners. Broken bones, bubbling melted flesh, torn limbs, smashed skulls, these are just a few of the minor injuries associated with this intensively dangerous but super fun to watch sport.

10 Most EMBARRASSING Sports Photos

Top 10 most embarrassing sports photos
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Charlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 most embarrassing sports photos. Cheerleaders are known for their aesthetic poses and incredibly flexibility. However these can backfire, just like on this cheerleader. This cheerleader at a basketball game apparently didn’t realise that her costume is white, which turns transparent when wet. This photo looks like it’s taken straight out of an anxiety dream. But unfortunately, for the woman, it’s not. This photo was taken at a tennis match where a female player’s underwear fell down as she was playing. Don’t freak out… Ok, freak out but not too much, as the brown stuff around the shoes is vomit, not fecal matter. However, by the looks of the bystanders, they likely thought that this runner had some toilet trouble when running. In this funny photo, a jockey’s pants have fallen down, causing him to moon the whole track. But unfortunately for him, he didn’t just moon the track, but millions of viewers on television. This water volley ball player looks like she got a bit too into the game, as one of her breasts came right out of her swim suit! Unfortunately, a questionable sports photographer captured the event for all to see. In this soccer match in the UK, a player desperately tries to chase an opposing player to tackle him. He then found himself falling over and instinctively grabbed the players shorts. It looks like this Japanese hurdler didn’t quite make the jump. And when I say didn’t quite make it, I mean he missed it completely. In this unfortunately timed photo, 2 soccer players are warming up before a match. The players training made it look like they were doing something very inappropriate! Wrestlers can sometimes get into bizarre and inappropriate-looking positions when fighting. This photo is an example of one of these positions. In this rugby match, a player tries to get the ball from an opponent. However, he ended up grabbing the player’s shorts instead of the ball. #sports

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Cheerleader Skid Marks
Tennis Underwear
Runner Vomit
Mooning Jockey
Underwater Nip Slip
Gone With The Shorts
A Man Walks Into A Bar
Wacky Wrestlers
Take A Peep

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Pain Game: When Players Hit People

In this week's news, when players take out their frustrations on court, lines people and ball kids sometimes pay painful prices.

ATP Tennis - Top 10 Hitting the opponent (HD)

Sometimes players get hit right where it hurts, either by accident or intent. It is a legal shot to use and can cause a lot of pain, though it must be said, some take it better than others. What would you like to be the next Top 10?

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10 Wrestlers You Had No Idea Were Related

Top 10 popular WWE wrestlers who are relatives in real life

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Pro Wrestling has always been a family affair. The history of Pro Wrestling is filled with legendary families and familiar names that connect past generations with the present. Every wrestling fan knows the McMahons, the Harts, the Von Erichs, the Rhodes, and the Ortons.

These legendary families are filled with numerous wrestlers, promoters and personalities who’ve shaped the wrestling business. In many cases the family relationships are clear and well documented. This is the case for legends such as Bret and Owen Hart, Vince McMahon and his kid, and The Rock, son of Rocky Johnson and grandson of Peter Maivia.

But there are numerous other wrestlers who are related that you never would have suspected. Sometimes the wrestlers have blood relations and sometimes they are related by marriage. Why do these relationships surprise us? In some cases, it’s because the related wrestlers in question bear no resemblance to one another. While in other circumstances, the relationship was conveniently ignored on-screen for political reasons. Whatever the reason, these ten related wrestlers surprised us the most.

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Sometimes I Fall | Whitney Bjerken Gymnastics

Whitney is in the gym! Here Whitney is preparing for an upcoming Level 9 competition, but she is also working on a few skills she needs for the future. Vault training was a good workout, even though Whitney and her teammates never touched the vault. Then came beam. Whitney had a pretty good wipeout, but luckily, she was not injured. Bars is always frustrating when new skills don’t come as easy as you think they should. Whitney’s physical therapist was there to make things feel better at the end. Whitney is working hard to get better every day.

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Cyril Jackson & T-Funk - Off The Grid

Sometimes the industry of skateboarding can take itself a little bit too serious and I understand why. There's a lot of passion rolling around on those four wheels and for as much as the people like to talk about how skateboarding isn't about the money, when you're a business, sometimes it has to be about the money. No single company can operate at adeficit,unless you're the US government. Mixed in with all that passion there has to be a little bit of a businessman inside us because no one in the industry grew up wanting to be an insurance salesman because that's no fun and skateboarding is. So, to celebrate that fact, and to prove you can have it just about anywhere when you have a skateboard, we created Off the Grid. For a pro skateboarder whose life can be stressed out due to filming for videos, shooting photos and skating in contests, sometimes he has to go off the grid just to have a little fun. Enjoy. -- sbSubscribe to The Berrics -

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All FIGHTS/HEATED moments in the 2017 NBA Finals MIX

All of fights in the 2017 nba finals,sometimes its more than just a game.

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Top 20 best mma movies ever. Fightting movies. Check out this great list, sometimes we just want to see a nice mma fighting movie, now thanks to this top we have over 20 options.

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So what movies represent mixed martial arts the best? What are the best MMA movies? Well, thanks to most films getting it wrong, it really depends on what criteria you’re judging by. Best action sequences? Actually using some prominent mixed martial artists? Having a script that’s actually about the sport, rather than just featuring it in the background of some other drama?

Actors: Jean claude van Damme, Jet LI, Jackie Chan, David Mammet, Kevin James, Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, channing tatum, terrence howard, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Michael Jai White

MMA Movies (or combat sport, martial arts, karate, kung fu, fighting movies): Ong Bak, Redbelt, The Raid, The Quest, Fight Club, Warrior, Lionheart, Here comes the Boom, Ip Man, Ip Man 2, Fighting, Fight Club, Never Back Down, bloodsport, enter the dragon, Blood and bone, Undisputed, Undisputed Redempition,



The Master: Best sports videos and vines - keep up with the latest wrestling, boxing, karate, martial arts, combat sports, mma, kung fu, mma, ufc, boxing, kick boxing movies, muay thai movie, bellator and other sport highlights, themaster, best mma and ufc movies like warrior or other sport movies about martial arts movies and films about combat sport and fights,such as kung fu movies & karate movies, Retro Action Fights Movies with Bruce Lee and Jet Lee like a Karate Kid,Ong Bak,The quest,fight club with actor Brad Pitt, Never Back Down about kick boxing!

Whitney Bjerken needs Elbow Surgery

Whitney is on an epic journey trying to reach her goals in the sport of gymnastics. Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls along the way, and injuries are definitely one of them. Whitney has an injury called Osteochondritis Dissecans, or OCD of the elbow. Sometimes, this condition can heal on its own by discontinuing the activity that has caused it. Other times, it doesn’t heal. In this video, Whitney explains what is wrong with her elbow and what her plans are to make it better.

From Wikipedia:
Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD or OD) is a joint disorder in which cracks form in the articular cartilage and the underlying subchondral bone. OCD usually causes pain and swelling of the affected joint which catches and locks during movement. Physical examination typically reveals an effusion, tenderness, and a crackling sound with joint movement.
OCD is caused by blood deprivation in the subchondral bone. This loss of blood flow causes the subchondral bone to die in a process called avascular necrosis. The bone is then reabsorbed by the body, leaving the articular cartilage it supported prone to damage. The result is fragmentation (dissection) of both cartilage and bone, and the free movement of these bone and cartilage fragments within the joint space, causing pain and further damage. OCD can be difficult to diagnose because these symptoms are found with other diseases. However, the disease can be confirmed by X-rays, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.
Non-surgical treatment is rarely an option as the ability for articular cartilage to heal is limited. As a result, even moderate cases require some form of surgery. When possible, non-operative forms of management such as protected reduced or non-weight bearing and immobilization are used. Surgical treatment includes arthroscopic drilling of intact lesions, securing of cartilage flap lesions with pins or screws, drilling and replacement of cartilage plugs, stem cell transplantation, and joint replacement. After surgery rehabilitation is usually a two-stage process of immobilization and physical therapy. Most rehabilitation programs combine efforts to protect the joint with muscle strengthening and range of motion. During the immobilization period, isometric exercises, such as straight leg raises, are commonly used to restore muscle loss without disturbing the cartilage of the affected joint. Once the immobilization period has ended, physical therapy involves continuous passive motion (CPM) and/or low impact activities, such as walking or swimming.
OCD occurs in 15 to 30 people per 100,000 in the general population each year. Although rare, it is an important cause of joint pain in physically active adolescents.[6] Because their bones are still growing, adolescents are more likely than adults to recover from OCD; recovery in adolescents can be attributed to the bone's ability to repair damaged or dead bone tissue and cartilage in a process called bone remodeling. While OCD may affect any joint, the knee tends to be the most commonly affected, and constitutes 75% of all cases. Franz König coined the term osteochondritis dissecans in 1887, describing it as an inflammation of the bone–cartilage interface. Many other conditions were once confused with OCD when attempting to describe how the disease affected the joint, including osteochondral fracture, osteonecrosis, accessory ossification center, osteochondrosis, and hereditary epiphyseal dysplasia. Some authors have used the terms osteochondrosis dissecans and osteochondral fragments as synonyms for OCD.

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Youzhny reacts badly to losing point - hits his racquet against his head

Mikhail Youzhny reacts badly after losing a point to Nicolas Almagro at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, with his self-inflicted injury drawing blood on court.

Best Paintball Fails #5

The best paintball fails that you can find on YouTube! Try not to laugh too much at these funny fails! Paintball 2017 was AMAZING! From Magfed Paintball fails to some speedball practice fails. I've got you covered with these paintball bloopers!

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