Snow kiting

This is Snowkiting 2016

The best videos of Snowkiting from 2016 so far. Thanks to the kitesurfers and snowkiters out there, you're all awesome!!!

The most beautiful snowkite from 2016.
A Snowkite 2016 mix of oldschool, newschool, freestyle, wakestyle, megaloops, sliders and extrême.
#Snowkite #Kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kite #Extreme #ThisIsKitesurfing #UniversKite

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The videos of snowkiting are :
00:00 Snowkite through the sky - lolo BSD Lautaret pass 01 2016
@ Copyright BY Laurent Guyot
Laurent Guyot

Youtube :
Facebook :

00:20 Snowkite Freeride POW - Béal Pass French HighLands [Flysurfer Speed 5]
FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

00:25 Skyline Magic - Snowkiting
Charlie Vogel

00:28 Teriberka snowkite camp 2016
Владимир Горлов

00:30 Lukash Snowkiting in Roccaraso - World Snowkite Contest 2016
FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

00:36 HQ Snowkite 2016 Lolo Sublet

01:02 Skyline Magic - Snowkiting
Charlie Vogel

01:26 Lukash Snowkiting in Roccaraso - World Snowkite Contest 2016
FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

01:30 HQ Snowkite 2016 Lolo Sublet

01:45 Highlights of the 2016 Red Bull Ragnarok

01:55 Lukash Snowkiting in Roccaraso - World Snowkite Contest 2016
FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

02:00 My snowkite paradise - Vosges - Cédric Surmin
Cédric Srm

02:08 SPEED5 ... new dimensions
FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

Franck Agliata

02:51 Teriberka snowkite camp 2016
Владимир Горлов

02:53 Plaine des Brebis
à travers prés (Bruno Gagne)

03:10 Team Latvia - Red Bull Ragnarok 2016
Aija Ambrasa

03:32 Teriberka snowkite camp 2016
Владимир Горлов

04:04 RAW Shot #1

04:12 What is Snowkiting A quick guide

04:19 Le Snowkite (Festival Du Film De Sept-Iles)
Jason Blanchard

05:09 My snowkite playground
@ Copyright BY Laurent Guyot
Laurent Guyot

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05:26 Snowkite opening season 20.11.2016 4K
@ Copyright BY Laurent Guyot
Laurent Guyot

Youtube :
Facebook :

05:35 Le Snowkite (Festival Du Film De Sept-Iles)
Jason Blanchard

05:37 East coast snowkiting

05:40 Etienne Lhote Snow kite 2016
Etienne LHOTE

05:50 Last spring session

05:53 World Snowkite Contest - Roccaraso 2016
Marco Benedetti

05:55 Supeyres Snowkite Paradise
@ Copyright BY Laurent Guyot
Laurent Guyot

Youtube :
Facebook :

06:11 Snowkite Open 2016 Lake Resia, Italy
mTwo Media

06:23 Snowkite through the sky - lolo BSD Lautaret pass 01 2016
@ Copyright BY Laurent Guyot
Laurent Guyot

Youtube :
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The music is :
Disfigure - Losing Sleep (feat. Tara Louise)
Jo. Cohen & BQ- Glowing At Night
Elexive - Powerbreak

What is snowkiting? This is snowkiting!

Lukash had a simple plan. Explore some of the most amazing snowkite spots in Switzerland, without any film crew, just by himself. One day, one person in Switzerland and try to create an awesome snowkiting video to show what is snowkiting all about, check this great edit from FLYSURFER teamrider Lukash Vogeltanz - together with the new Speed4 Lotus 12.0m and Peak 6.0m and 9.0m.

Camera, Rider & Edit: Lukash Vogeltanz
Music: The XX - Intro

Lukash is supported by Flysurfer Kiteboarding -

Snowkiting Norway 2012

Flysurfer International teamrider Lukash Vogeltanz visited Norway last year during a kitetrip with his kiteschool . Lukash with his Flysurfer Speed3 Deluxe edition and his team tried to explore the awesome snowkiting potential in Norway, combining freeriding, back-country, freestyle and a few glides, snowkiting at it's best like it is meant to be!

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Flysurfer Kiteboarding, Flyboards, Oxbow, &


Powder Snowkiting in the Rumanian Mountains.
Learn Snowkiting at

GoPro: Kite Skiing with Damien Leroy

Join Damien Leroy as he explores the Unknown of Alaska while sending some serious maneuvers under his snow kite!

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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Question All Things

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Snowkiting and Snowboarding Tricks and Big Air

What snow can do!
A compilation of snowkiting, snowboarding, skiing and speedriding. big air, slides, flatland tricks.
Soundtrack: Ed Sheeran - Sing

Super Snow Kite Day

Hi kiteboard friends, check out the new snowkite videos on my channel now.
Welcome to the first part of the new SuperKiteDay snowkite movie. Follow Abe Alzouman, Lolo BSD and Benoit Miquel as they take you to the famous spot col du Lautaret in France for there training before the SnowKiteMasters 2013. The video was taken during the Christmas period last year and was the best xmas we ever had! We were blessed with so much snow, wind and epic sun. We are very lucky when it comes to good conditions, I guess its that SKD luck!
Watch as we ride the big mountains of the French Alps and fly super high in the sky.
Abe finally learns how to hill glide on his 15m, Lolo does a crazy mega loop with his 12m deluxe, and Benoit killes it with his super looping skills with his awesome new speed 4. Also featuring Johann Civel, Pascal Boulgakoff, Gauthier Alghisi and Jerome Josserand. Next up is the Motocross KLB xmas sesh then its the SnowKiteMasters 2013!

If you are interested in sponsoring SuperKiteDay or would like to organise a event with us please contact Abe through Facebook or Youtube.

Abe Alzouman
QuiCk ShOt FilMs

Filming: Abe Alzouman, Stephane Tarnier, Lolo BSD, Benoit Miquel, Adam Toms,

I do not own the music but I have permission from the respective artists.

Music Featured:

Song Name: After Hours -Daybreak
Artist Name: Edmond Huszar
Record Label: Paradigm Records
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Song Name: Seeing Red
Artist: Warthog
Artist Name: Björn Lundström - Bass & Vocals, Andreas Bengtsson - Guitar & Vocals, Herman Hammarén - Drums

Song Name: Gotta be Jumping
Artist Name: Pugzilla & Envious Mind
Record Label: Scour Records

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Kites Featured in this video:
Flysurfer 12m CE Deluxe

Flysurfer Speed 4 Deluxe 10m

Ozone Frenzy 12m

Flysurfer Speed 3 Deluxe 15m

HQ PowerKites Montana 12m

Filmed 100% on GoPro, GoPro Hero 2 and GoPro 3 Black edition

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World's Biggest Snowkite Race - Red Bull Ragnarok

Snowkiting enthusiasts from around the world gathered on the icy mountain plains of Hardangervidda in Norway, to take part in the world's largest snowkite race: Red Bull Ragnarok. With shifty winds and some seriously icy conditions, only 4 of the 300 kiters we're able to complete the course in full, making it the toughest competition to date. Check out some of the best action from Red Bull Ragnarok 2015!

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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2017' Annual Snow-kiting Race on Lake Simcoe

One of these cases when I rally wanted both to race and to film. The latter won.

Also check 2015' race:

2014 Snow Kiting with Ice Skates

Tried kiting with my hockey skates on a frozen lake with 2-3 inches of fresh snow on it. Wish I had the rest of my hockey equipment with me, I was nervous about hitting a crack and crashing, or catching a gust and boosting.

Shot the last day of the year. Dec 31 2014, On Deep Bay, in Carling township, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.

Snowkiting, Ramzová Czech Republic, MPP (GoPro HD Hero, Ozone Frenzy 9m)

2:34min Hangtime(!!!) - Snowkiting Flight in Rumania

Nice flight in Sinaia/Rumania

What is Snowkiting? A quick guide.

What is Snowkiting? If you live near the snow then you need a snowkite! From a snowy field, your back yard or large snowy expanses you can have huge days of fun with your skis or snowboard and a snow kite. Get in touch with for more details.

Beginner, Snowkiting!

Nice day in Luleå for some snowkite!

Backcountry Snowkite - Welcome to my world

Short cut of Backcountry snowkite Swiss Alps
Massiv powder
Perfect wind
Fantastic weather
Awesome kind and chilling snowkiters.
Test with GoPro 4 on a ski pole.

This is Snowkiting 2017

This is Snowkiting 2017
Norway, Spåtind
Per Arne Møller
Jonas Møller

Stunning HD Snow Kiting Video

Hi-Def Snow kiting video

"Chances" - Snowkiting in the Allgäu! | Insane tricks and heights!

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### Informations are down here! ###
### Informations are down here! ###
Heyho everyone out there!!!
Finally we can proudly present you our very first snowkiting video!!! Most of you know kiting as a watersport but these guys proof that even winter can't stop them doing what they love!!!
It was an incredible hard day which started at 5:30AM and ended around 16:00PM ... non-stop filming but it was worth all the hard work!
Big thanks to all this amazing people who made this project happen and let us increase our filming skills! THANK YOU! It was an insane day with so much fun and outstanding action ... memories that will never pass!

Also a huge thanks goes to Peter Lynn Kite, Wind-Kind Allgäu, Snowkiting Brothers and WhoKites for supporting this project!!!

Learn more about this crazy sport!!!

Petery Lynn Kite:

Wind-Kind Allgäu:


Music by (in order):
Blue Stahli - The Beginning
Disfigure - Blank
Different Heaven - Nekozilla

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That's it for this time guys!
Hope you enjoyed the video and had something to laugh and be amazed about! :-)

Stay tuned guys, be who you are!
and we see you next time :-)

Every day is an Adventure!!!

Snowkiting Norway 2017

Norsko 2017

Dub FX • Don't Give Up (Champion Remix) • Drum&Bass
Dub FX - Concord
Unclubbed 2 - Need To Feel Loved (with Zoe Durrant)
Jazzamor - Beautiful Day

Upwind Gang:
Kali - freesurfman
Jolanda - čistá bytost
Luboš - SK profi freerider
Peta - novacek
Tralal - Honza 2
Kekrt - novopočený otec malého Honzíka
Léňa - novopečená matka malého Honzíka
Tom - staropečený
Pekk - zasloužilý cukrář
Stejnáči (Stepan a Petr)
Ivosh Windy man
Sabča - znamenitá kuchařka
Míra - pan tílko
Carolina - kubánská masožravkyně
Dagi - pozor
Cherok - historik
Adam - frontman Adambe
Marek - nováček

Norsko 2017
v cerchach uz jaro
prvni den ultra low wind vyrazime na kopec postavit iglu pro tvrdy chlapy kde prespime
nakonec ale chlapi v chatce a holky a deti v iglu ;-)
Mira ma sebou race kite R1 11 a na tvari se v -25C pocitili slaby zavan vetru, lyze a SNB mame tak to zkusime prubnout
No neskutecnej stroj v total low windu - neproskvrnenej prasan pro epic zapadu slunce
nasleduje freeridek dolu k autu a dustojnej opening. Dneska budeme hajat bez placicich miminek

Just Coastin' New Zealand Snowkiting

Freeriding New Zealand by kite which shows many of the beautiful backcountry snowkiting locations of the south island. Without that many trees and after the biggest snow storm in 50 years, you can feel the fresh snow as Jon McCabe guides you through NZ's premier mountain ranges.

Also some wanakite snowkite freeride coverage as well which is the longest running snowkite event in the world.

Sweet As Bro

Snowkite Guide or for more information about NZ Snowkiting visit.