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How to Snorkel

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If you want a better look at what's underwater, all you have to do is snorkel.

Step 1: Collect your gear
Find a mask that fits your face and a snorkel. Attach the snorkel by sliding its hook through the strap on the side of the mask. Carry the mask, snorkel, and fins into a shallow part of the water.

Step 2: Put on your mask
To keep your mask from fogging, rub saliva around its interior and dunk it in the water. Then, bring it to your face, place the straps around your head, and pull them until the mask is snug, but not tight. Hold your face underwater briefly to ensure the mask doesn't leak.

Before using a brand new mask, rub the inside with toothpaste -- not gel -- and then rinse it with warm water to help prevent it from fogging.

Step 3: Get used to the snorkel
Place the snorkel's mouthpiece in your mouth and breathe through it. Practice putting your face in the water and breathing in and out through your mouth as you rest your teeth lightly on the rubber tabs.

Step 4: Use your fins
Lift your feet out of the water, put on your fins, and push off the ground lightly to begin swimming. Kick your legs calmly and evenly to propel you through the water, keeping your fins below the surface and your body parallel to the sea floor.

Do not position yourself perpendicularly, as you are more likely to step on live coral or stir up sand and debris.

Step 5: Purge your snorkel
If water enters your snorkel, clear it by exhaling a short burst of air, similar to saying the word two. If that fails, lift your head out of the water, take out the mouthpiece, turn the snorkel upside down to drain it, and return it to your mouth.

Step 6: Go with the flow
Stay aware of your location, your energy level, and other divers as you relax and enjoy peeking in at the mysteries of the deep.

Did You Know?
The coral reef tract off the coast of the Florida Keys is home to over 5,500 species of marine life.


Made for surface snorkelling (from the age of 10).
Thanks to the panoramic field of vision and the possibility of breathing through your nose, it's never been easier to discover the underwater world than with the Easybreath snorkelling mask.


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Drift Snorkelling Eight Mile Creek

In addition to snorkelling and scuba diving the series of ponds and channels that make up Ewens Ponds in Mount Gambier, South Australia, one can also snorkel from the ponds all the way to the coast via Eight Mile Creek. When in the channels and creek you can just drift along effortlessly and enjoy the ride due to the constant downstream water flow.

It's a stunning trip that takes just over an hour and the water is crystal clear most of the time and abundant with aquatic life. Unlike
many of the other aquatic activities in Mount Gambier which one needs to be a qualified cave diver to partake in, this one can be enjoyed by anyone who can swim (although a thick wetsuit is needed in addition to a mask and snorkel, as the water doesn't get any warmer than about 16 degrees centagrade). A highly recommended fun activity for all.

Kapitol Reef Mask & Snorkel Instructional Video

Kapitol Reef Mask & Snorkel Instructional Video

Freestyle Swimming - Using a Snorkel

Freestyle Swimming - Using a Snorkel

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How to Use a Snorkel and Diving Mask | Fear of Water

This video will teach how to breathe and swim a scuba mask and snorkel

They let you travel under the surface of the water without needing to come up for air. This program is for those hoping to learn how to swim

See the full program here:

This video was created in partnership with Decathlon, Sikana's partner for the Sports Program, as well as Audrey Bouillé, a fully-qualified lifeguard and Pierrick le Floch a professional swimming coach, who provided their expertise on the topic.

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Kayak Y Snorkel: Cap de la Nau - Gopro HD 4k

Esta es una de las aventuras de este verano.

Saliendo con el kayak desde la cala de La Granadella y recorriendo el cabo de la nau, pasando por incontables cuevas de varios tamaños, arcos naturales y calas paradisíacas que sorprenderán a los intrépidos aventureros dispuestos adentrarse navegando por las aguas transparentes del cabo.

Perfecto para hacer snorkel y adentrarse por pasillos y cuevas submarinas sin necesidad de botellas de oxigeno.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling : How to Use a Snorkel

A snorkel is used by placing one end in your mouth, threading it through a snorkel mask and letting the open end stay above the surface of the water. Use a snorkel to investigate a variety of sea life with helpful advice from the owner of a Miami dive store in this free video on snorkeling.

Expert: Valerie Kevorkian
Bio: Valerie Kevorkian (NAUI 12041) opened the PADI 5-Star Tarpoon Lagoon Dive Center at the Miami Beach Marina in 1997.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Snorkelling the Underwater Sculpture Park - Grenada

A cool experience as we snorkelled the Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada. We jumped off Miss Behaving, swam over and explored the exhibition.

Use a Snorkel for Better Triathlon Swimming Technique

How to use a Finis Freestyle Snorkel to improve your triathlon swimming technique by keeping your head steady and improving your freestyle swimming catch. Triathlon Taren explains how to use the freestyle snorkel and introduce the community to where he will be doing the marathon swim in June.

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Powerbreather Redesigns the Snorkel for Swimmers and Divers

Powerbreather is dual snorkel system that is made from an elastic material so it fits comfortably around a swimmers head. Air is drawn in through the back of the system and exhaled though a valve in the front ensuring the swimmer only inhales fresh air eliminating snorkel fatigue. The swimmer does not need to turn their head to take a breath, and advantage which relieves pressure on the neck and promotes balanced muscle development from your pool workout. The system is also designed to keep water completely out for other forward strokes so swimmers can concentrate on their form and not their breathing. Check them out:

How To Use The Swimmer's Snorkel

The snorkel has a lot of uses. in order to use this effectively, one needs to know how to put it on and some of the complications that may be involved.

How to use snorkel with purge valve ?

Carla, engineer of masks and snorkels at Subea, the new diving brand by Decathlon, explains how to use a snorkel with purge valve.
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Snorkelling Alma Bay - Magnetic Island

Snorkelling Alma Bay - Magnetic Island from the beach.

Snorkelling in Portinatx, Ibiza 2015

In August 2015 we went for a weeks holiday in Portinatx, Ibiza and I got the chance to test out my Gopro Hero. I hope you enjoy! Soundtrack was supplied by Josh Woodward (

Breathe Easily While You Swim with the FINIS Swimmer's Snorkels

Eliminate interruptions during your swim with the FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel, an easy-to-use, front mounted snorkel. Using the Swimmer's Snorkel will improve your overall body position and technique. Training with the Freestyle Snorkel will also improve head position and body alignment in freestyle. It can also be used to teach a steady backstroke.

Iceland Adventure- Aurora Hunting , Geysers, watefalls and Snorkelling

With little snow and Ice in Scotland, The Steaming Boots Team headed North for a mini adventure.
Aurora Hunting, Geyser watching, waterfall landscapes and Silfra snorkelling....

Much fun

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How to find the best snorkel for you | Freediving tips

In this video tutorial we are talking about how to find the best Freediving snorkel for you. Its a jungle of snorkels out there and finding the right one cant be easy. I got some pro tips in this freediving video that i'll like to share with you guys!

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Snorkeling Techniques & Tips : Clearing Water Out of Snorkel & Mask

Figure out how to clear water out of your snorkel and mask while snorkeling in this free video on snorkeling techniques.

Expert: Ray Temeyer & Valerie Kevorkian
Bio: Ray Temeyer (and his wife, Jeanie) have been running snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving charters out of Miami and the Bahamas for the last 27 years.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

GOPRO Snorkelling Below The Surface At Lady Musgrave Island

A day of fun in the sun and below the water, on the southern Great Barrier reef in Australia!



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