Skysurfing in an Active Thunderstorm | Storm's Edge

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Jump zones shut down during a thunderstorm because it would be insane for people to jump out of an airplane into one...yet Sean MacCormac is poised to leap from 2 miles above Southwest Florida with laser beams of lightning randomly igniting the sky and no way to tell which direction is safe. He charges out, feet strapped to his board to surf into a hostile thundercloud at speeds up to 130 mph. Click play and witness Sean MacCormac and the Red Bull Air Force cloud surf an active thunderstorm!

0:09 Reborn by Vision (Sounds of Red Bull)

1:17 Leave It All Behind by The Conscious (Sounds of Red Bull)


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IMAX Wild California: Sky surfing over San Diego [HD]

Clip from the IMAX documentary Adventures in Wild California (from MacGillivray Freeman).

Sky surfing is a type of skydiving in which the skydiver wears a board attached to his or her feet and performs surfing-style aerobatics during freefall.

The boards used are generally smaller than actual surfboards, and look more like snowboards or large skateboards.

The attachment to the feet is normally made removable, so that if the skydiver loses control or has difficulty opening their parachute, the board can be jettisoned.

Skysurfing is a skill requiring considerable practice. The extra drag of the board tends to upset the balance and make the skydiver flip over.

Because of the possibility of dropping the board, not every skydiving club permits skysurfing, and only a minority of skydivers have attempted this recent specialisation in the sport.

When a skysurfer is filmed by another skydiver falling alongside them, the resulting film gives the appearance that the skysurfer is riding on the air in the same way a surfer rides on a wave.

X-Games Gold Medal Jump - Troy Hartman

This is the winning jump of the 1997 X-Games. My teammate, Vic Pappadato, died in a tragic skydiving accident a few months later. I had no desire to team up with anybody else, and quit the sport at that point.

Sky Surfing

Skysurfing at DZ Skycenter

Skysurfing at DZ Skycenter.
Alex Vasilenko & Max Motylev Skysurfing team.

Wingsuit VS Skysurf


Skysurfing in slowmotion

Skycenter DZ Pushino
performers Alex Vasilenko & Maks Motylev
video & edit Dmitry Yakovlev

SKYSURF Boards over Europe (SD)


Street Parade '97 - The Official Compilation - Mixed By DJ Dream
Label: Elevator Music ‎– TBA ELE 9703-2

Boards over Europe
Event Ort: Lugano, Schweiz
Datum: August 1997
Gewinner: Skysurfer, Oliver Furrer / Videomann, Christian Schmid, Viviane Wegrath

The three Swiss performers, Oliver Furrer, Stefan Klaus and Viviane Wegrath are looking for new sponsors to keep on surfing the sky and winning competitions.
The Skysurf team PULSE with performer Oliver Furrer and video flyer Christian Schmid competed at the Boards over Europe at Lugano, Switzerland 1997. The Swiss team showed the best performance in skysurfing and got 1st place in this high ranked event.

Extreme Air Kiteboarding Competition - Red Bull King of the Air 2013

Visit for more kiteboarding!
After an 8-year hiatus Red Bull King of the Air has returned with a new format, new location and the mission to bring back the wow factor to kiteboarding.

Cape Town's famed Table Mountain was the perfect backdrop for the world's top 24 kiteboarders to face-off in the unique 'flag out' competition format. In the end it was Jesse Richman from the USA who managed to edge out Sam Light and Nick Jacobsen to emerge victorious.


Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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Babylon Skysurfing

Skysurf Revival by Oliver Furrer

After a short break, Oliver got back on the sky board! Thereby he was surfing the sky over the Turbulenza DropZone at Fano, Italy. It was fantastic to see the Skysurfer flying together with the camera man (Tim Porter) and do all tricks and manoeuvres! So skysurfing is back!

"Sky Surfing"

Playing around with the new GoPro 4, this was shot at 120 fps.
Sportcopter Vortex Viking is very smooth, quiet, and powerful. Love the new upgrades from Team Sportcopter and Loving the power...
Thanks for watching.
Doug S.

Skysurf - Crazy

New promo video from best of the world skysurf team Vo3DyX (


Rob skysurfing filmed by stefan kluas, olli and fraser

Extreme Ironing Skysurf

Skysurfer Mike Frost and Steve Scott go Extreme Ironing over Oxfordshire UK by Andy Ford Infinite Skydiving

2 guys with Jobs Skysurfing

In 1998 the Skysurfing Team out of Dallas trained for the 1998 X games in Ocean Side California.

Skysurfing (Valery Rozov, Clif Burch)

Skysurf GoPro

Good Stuff Video - Rob Harris skysurfing in Hawaii

Great video of Rob Harris skysurfing in Hawaii. Video clip taken from the Good Stuff DVD by Joe Jennings. If anyone knows the music in this clip, please post it.

Skydive it all and beyond, real Skysurfing

variety of skysurfing sequences from professionals filmed by christian schmid. team pulse: oliver furrer and christian schmid