Brandon Sears Pro Skimboarding Movie - Exile Skimboards

Pro skimboarder Brandon Sears is known for having one of the smoothest styles in the sport of skimboarding. Watch this movie and see what we mean. This video was compiled from leftover footage from the making of Stimulus, the 2009 Exile Skimboards DVD.

Of course, we threw in a couple A+ clips from the movie itself to keep things interesting. Hope you like it. Leave us a comment and let us know!

Song: Drugs by Ratatat
Edit By French Super Human Olivier Harrault

Boracay Skimboarding - GoPro HD

Shot 100% with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.
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HERO4 Black:
Feiyu Tech G4S:

Boracay Skimboarding - GoPro HD

While on Boracay White Beach in the Philippines, I met two awesome skimboarders, Rone and Jonathan. Checkout some of their wicked moves.

Filmed with the Feiyu Tech G3 Ultra handheld gimbal
G3 Ultra:
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GoPro Accessories used: Feiyu Tech G3 Ultra handheld gimbal, GoPro 3-Way, GoPro Chesty, GoPro Head Stap

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Skim Boarding World Champion Contest 2017

2017 World Champion Competition held once a year at Aliso Creek in Laguna Beach, CA. Providing shore pound for some of the best skim boarders in the world.

Skimboarders at the Wedge Newport Beach

Bodyboarders and Skimboarders at the Wedge in Newport Beach. 3-4 foot waves and Off shore winds made for a fun day.

Shot and edited by Wesley Kong.
Oct 5, 2013

Identified Riders:
Tyler Westley Stanaland
Grant Noble
Paulo Prietto
George Bryan

Brad Domke Skimboards Better Than You'll Ever Surf

You're right, that's not surfing. And no, it doesn't matter. Florida's Brad Domke has made a name for himself in the surf world, but not for riding a surfboard. He's surfing massive waves on a skimboard. No fins, no paddling, just step-offs from the jetski into bone crushing XXL surf. Feast your eyes on what might be the greatest surfing that's ever gone down, that isn't actually surfing. And big ups to Domke for sending it as he does best. The dude rips.

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One of the most memorable days of my life was this day cruising with Tony Hawk and skimboarding with him. I was so stoked to give him my skimboard after the session too, he was shredding it! He's skimmed in the past and surfs too so it was no surprise how good he was doing. Stoked to shred with you Tony!

Filmed/Edited by Dylan Palmer

Eastern Samar 2015 | SKIMBOARDING | By Abdel Elecho

Watch as some of the best skim boarders take surfing to another level in Borongan, Eastern Samar, Philippines! Subscribe Here for daily XTreme surfing videos:

Some of the best skim boarders in the Philippines happens to be from my home town Borongan. Introducing Manoy Bazar ( Masters Champion 33rd Zap Amateur World Championship) Leander Apita (Former National Junior Champion) Ondong Bazar and Arvy Amoyo.
Im proud of this guys. This guys shred on a skimboard and on a surfboard.

Filmed and Edited by: Abdel Elecho
Music: Continental Drift by The Womb
Filmed in: Eastern Samar Philippines

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Professional Skimboarder Ripping!! - Blair Conklin

Professional Skimboarder Blair Conklin ripping.

SM apresenta: 2012 Mix Tape - Skimboard

O ano de 2012 foi muito especial para o skimboard no Brasil como um todo, vários skimmers foram para fora competir e além disso, muitos gringos vieram conhecer um pouco sobre nossas ondas e nossa cultura. foi uma experiencia muito boa para esses 2 mundos totalmente diferentes e nos proporcionou uma nova visão para este momento que estamos passando.


2012 was a very special year for Skimboarding in Brazil, many skimmers were able to compete outside the country as well as foreign skimmers came to know a little more about our waves and culture. It was a very good experience to these two worlds and it has proporcionated a new vision about the moment we are living now.


-Raphael Bastos Rapzz

-André Callado
-Marcelo Junior
-Raphael Bastos
-Roberto Peres

-Austin KeenAk47
-Blair Conklin
-Bill BryanBeaker
-Brandon Sears
-Emanuel Embaixadormega
-Morgan Just
-Lucas Gomes
-Leandro Azevedo
-Paulo Prietto
-Renato Lima
-Raphael BastosRapzz
-Sam Stinnett

-Sorry if you are on the video please comment than we put your name here! we don't know everyone's name.

The full story on:

Summer Skimboarding Maui

Keith 'Party Fowler a Maui Skimboards High Performance Skimboards team rider tearing apart big beach on his custom pro model. Big thanks to Gooch Apparel, Maui Skimmers, Skim Hawaii and True Visuals! Enjoy. Song Crimwave by Crystal Castles.

DB Skimboards: Dash Point Skimboard Comp 2009 (official)

Official DB Skimboards video release for the Dash Point Pro/Am Flatland Skimboarding Competition. Skimboarders from Washington, Canada, California, and Utah made the trip to skimboard in the event.

Find out more about this event and Flatland Skimboarding at:

Buy a Skimboard at

Skimboarding small liners

few waves down at Mandurah, WA with the new idea of a running camera

Morgan Just - Pro Skimboarding

I remember Mo skimming really well for a few days in a row before the Cabo contest this year so I made this video as a prediction he would win the contest and...he did. I think it was his first time too.

Polish Skimboarding Championship

Thanks to the organizers of the Polish Skimboarding Open for putting on this event, we had a blast!

Skimboarding secret beaches in Laguna Beach

Skimboarding: Bacuag Skim Competition 2014

7th National Skimboarding. Bacuag Surigao del Norte

music not mine
alt-J-Fitzpleasure, sound recording administered by: 0:06
[Merlin] PIAS
[Merlin] Liberation Music

Skimboarding Sebastian Inlet


Matt Buchanan skimboarding Sebastian Inlet, Florida

Zap Skimboards, Aussie Island Surf Shop

Film - Kyle Wilcox & Brandon Swinson
Edit - Matt Buchanan

Skimboarders riding MASSIVE SHOREBREAK!!

Pro Skimboarding Compilation Part I

The most insane skimboarding compilation video on Youtube. Featuring the best skimboarders in the world and non-stop action. I OWN NONE OF THE FILM/MUSIC, I just compiled it. I give all the credit to those who filmed and edited the original footage. Compiled by Joe Kramer.




Malibu Liners skimboarding - Jackson Tenny - joog Squad : TOEKNEE MEDIA
video date: 09-13

There is a liner in Malibu that is the best liner in Malibu. If you know where it's at than you're stoked, if you don't, you're not stoked. Jackson 10e his cloned bro, me, evan.... NJoi

MUSIC: Flatbush Zombies - Face-Off

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