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Crazy Winter Sport: Skijoring | Season Pass

Skijoring is a curious winter sport in which skiers are pulled behind horses and over jumps while trying to collect rings. We head to Leadville, Colorado where the annual event takes place.

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Skijoring in Wisdom, Montana

Montana skijoring is a fun winter sport combining horseback riding and skiing in a fun, fast-paced event. Take a look at these great Southwest Montana shots from Wisdom.

GoPro: Skijoring In Colorado

Jason Russell and his horse Derby pummel the snowy streets of Silverton, Colorado during this skijoring competition.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪


Josh Lippi Sirens

Winter sport 'skijoring' combines dogs and skiing

If you’re a fan of dogs and skiing, skijoring just might be the winter sport for you.

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Red Bull Twitch'n'Ride - Skijoring (Ski Racing Behind Motorcycles)

Zelta Zirgs, Kegums, LATVIA

5th Annual Skijoring Competition - Silverton, Colorado

Inside Durango TV visited the 5th annual skijoring competition in Silverton, Colorado. See what it's like to be pulled at 40 miles per hour behind a horse on a pair of skies on a course with rings, jumps and gates!

Snørock 2014 - závod skijoring

Závod ve skijoringu, ve kterém se potkali slavní lyžaři, musheři i úplní začátečníci. Na lyžích se psem to je zábava a není potřeba se toho bát :-)

Switzerland hosts horse races on ice

Each February, the upmarket Swiss ski resort of St Moritz hosts a series of unique horse races on a frozen lake - the sport, known as 'skijoring', has existed for over a hundred years. Duration: 01:45

A Dogs Life Skijoring

The Skijoring Life in Northern Michigan

What is the crazy sport of skijoring?

Skijoring consists of riding on skis behind a horse, hitting jumps, and collecting rings. At 10,151 feet above sea level, Leadville, Colorado holds the highest skijoring in the world. What an awesome sport!

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Skijoring | The Extreme Winter Horse and Ski Racing Sport

The Ultimate and one of a kind Skijoring! One of the craziest things I've ever done and such a blast! You aren't gonna want to miss this! Watch as I get pulled on skis by a horse! Doesn't get anymore fun than this! The ultimate ski racing horse racing combination!

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Skijoring at Rebecca Farm 2017

Rebecca Farm Skijoring 2017

Ben: Golden Retriever Skijoring 2014 & 2015

Golden Retriever Ben skijoring during the last two winter seasons in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Vermont.

My First Time Skijoring By Burger

OUr first time out this season, and Burger's first time out EVER! He did so good, and the girls were happy to be back on snow! What a great day! Go Dog Power!

Saratoga Skijoring

Produced by Mathew McKay, announced by Thorn Compton

Thirty-five teams took part over the weekend in the first Saratoga Skijoring event at the Buck Springs Track. Novice winners skier Alex Dorothy and rider Paxton Ewing received over $600; while Sports winners skier Andy Huffer and rider Sara McConnell received over $1,600. Open division winners Tyler Smebsrud and Richard Webber won more than $1,900.

Skijoring May Be the West’s Wildest Sport

Saddle up, and strap on some skis.
We head out to Leadville, CO and Saratoga, WY to check out the wild world of skijoring. Let us know if you’re ready to give it a whirl after seeing this!
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RR - Richard Ryan; IG/Twitter- @RichardRyan

Horse pulling snowboarder. Skijoring.

Anthony Riding Tasha and pulling me on my snowboard on this POW day.

2017 IFSS World Championships Relay Race, first leg 1 dog skijor

This is the relay race at the IFSS World Championships in Haliburton, Ontario Canada. The best action is at about the 7 minute mark we start to establish ourselves going into the tight and winding trails in the woods. There's a lot of tight action and passing going as we are all trying to be the first ones out of the woods to the finish for the handoff to the two-dog teams.

The relay consisted of 3 legs of 7k(roughly 4 miles). The mass start first leg was 1 dog skijor, then 2 dog skijor, and finally 4 dog sled. We, Team USA finished in 4th place, 7 seconds off the podium. I could've had a better transition as there was a bit of confusion with who I was supposed to be handing my dog off to. I was basically 2nd into the transition, but we were probably 5th out due to the hesitation on my part. This is the first skijor relay race I've done not to mention Gunness's first skijor race ever. There is a lot to learn and everything is a learning experience for that next race.

'Extreme horse skijoring' comes to Canterbury Park

Translated from Norwegian, skijoring means “ski driving.” The extreme sport involves a skier holding onto a rope and pulling down rings all while being pulled behind a horse at speeds of up to 40 mph.

2016 Skijoring Silverton, Colorado

Some highlights of the Skijoring competition held on February 13, 2016 in Silverton, Colorado. Congrats to all of the athletes - the skiers, riders and horses - who participated! You all were amazing!

I hope you enjoy the spirit of the day in spite of the clunky video recording and editing. :)



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