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The Skier's Haute Route - Salomon Freeski TV S9 E7

For Mike Douglas and Alexis Godbout, a ski touring trip through Switzerland's Urner Alps was about much more than simply exploring a beautiful mountain range on skis. It was a chance to push themselves and expand their definition of what it means to be a freeskier.

Multimedia Experience:

Ski touring equipment with Freeride World Champion Nadine Wallner

Freeride World Champion Nadine Wallner and Chris Zarfl give you a few tips for right ski touring equipment.

N: Hello, I'm Nadine Wallner and I'd like to give you a few tips on touring. Anyone thinking of going on a tour should have safety equipment with them. This includes: an avalanche transceiver, a probe, a shovel, a First Aid package and an airbag.

VO: For guidance there are maps, GPS device, altimeter, mobile phone, and pocket binoculars in the backpack. For descents or for risky uphill sections you should have a helmet and possibly also back protector.

VO: The ski length based on your height and your skill level. Experienced ski tourers and freeriders have skis up to 10 cm above their height - beginners choose a ski of 5-10 cm below their height. Basically you can say that skis with more powerful rockers turn more easily and can therefore travel a little farther. While the rocker facilitates the ascent through powder snow, it makes it difficult to climb in hard and icy sections. (Because only a small part of the skin is in contact with it).

VO: with the specific ski touring binding, the heel can be loosened for the ascent, and for steeper sections the so-called climbing aid can be folded out.

VO: touring poles can be length-adjusted, and also make it possible to keep the uphill pole beneath the grip, so as to compensate for the slope.

VO: A good touring ski boot is characterized by low weight, accompanied by sufficient support and rigidity for descents. For ascents, it can be quickly and easily adjusted in such a way that more freedom of movement is provided for the ankle.

VO: The skins prevent the skis from slipping back during an ascent. To mount them, wipe the surface with a cloth to ensure that it is clean and dry. Then attach the skins to the ski tips, smoothing down the fur slowly from top to bottom – and simultaneously using the other hand to peel off the plastic protective tape.

Make sure that the fur is free of folds and is mounted parallel to the ski edges until you can hook it on again at the ski tail.

The mounting method varies at tip and tail depending on the manufacturer – but the important thing is that skin and ski go together.

Removing the skins is done in reverse order: Loosen them at the tail, pull off, place the protective film on the adhesive surface and then roll them up. At home or in the cabin, you should roll out the fur once again to let it dry.

Have fun touring! Your Bergfex team.

video & film production:

Dave Treadway - Cabin Trip - Ski Touring

Dave exploring the backcountry touring his way to the perfect run.

Ski Touring: 5to9 Adventures Episode 03 (Full HD) I VAUDE

Ski-Touring in Zurich: 5to9 adventures episode 3. You do not experience adventures by going to far away places. But by engaging in them. To prove this hypothesis, we started an experiment. In the 3rd 5to9 adventures episode we accompany the astro physicist Rok Roskar from Zurich to some early morning ski-touring. The weather conditions were perfect, with wonderful powder snow for breakfast. But ski-touring is just one of many possible pre-work-adventures.

Have a look at some more 5to9 adventures:

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Wrangelled - A Ski-Mountaineering Flick

The Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska is 13.2 million acres full of spectacular mountains and glaciers. In April of 2013, 4 friends ventured into a remote section of the park to live on a glacier for 2 weeks, setting up base camp in the center of untouched terrain.

Presented by and
Producer/Director/Narrator: Will Lascelles
Cinematography: Jase Hancox, Will Lascelles
Unit Photographer: Jason Thompson
Athletes: Forrest Coots, Jason Thompson

Special thanks to for all their support.

An Introduction - Wesley Jensen
Dark Horse - Wesley Jensen
We All Know The Way - The Builders And The Butchers
Intervals of Form - The Crash That Took Me
Building Houses - Wesley Jensen

Armada 2016-17: Intro to Ski Touring with Todd Ligare

When To Use A Ski Touring Binding's Heel Lifter

AMGA certified mountain guides Margaret Wheeler and Jeff Ward talk through the pros and cons of when to use each heel lifter setting on a ski touring binding.

Tatry Freeride Powder i Skitouring

Skitourowe Beskidy gościnnie w Tatrach!! Czysty Powder Freeride i sktouring !!! Specjalne podziękowania dla Milo Of Climbing !!!
Pasja powoduje szczęście i tworzy piękno !!!

Crete: White Dreams – Uncovering an untapped ski touring paradise

Crete: White Dreams – Uncovering an untapped ski touring paradise. This is the story of five ladies from the Dynafit Team. They got out of their comfort zone, exposed themselves to adventure and entered a world where strangers became familiar friends and dreams transformed into reality.

Stian Hagen ski touring in Norway

Stian Hagen and some fellow Völkl family members ski touring out of the Leirvassbu cabin in the Jotunheimen Mountains of Norway.

Extremskifahrer Stian Hagen bricht gemeinsam mit ein paar Freunden aus der Völkl Familie für eine Skitour auf in das höchste Gebirge Skandinaviens.
Dabei entstehen tolle Aufnahmen von den anstrengenden Anstiegen und den spektakulären Abfahrten.

The North Face: Train Smarter - Ski Mountaineering Ep. 1

Watch George Hein, a financial analyst from Wyoming, start #MountainAthletics training with TNF athlete Kit DesLauriers, as he prepares for a major skin up and ski down in the Tetons.

Set your goal, get your workouts, and shop the Mountain Athletics collection at

What's in the Pack? - Andrew McLean's Day Tour Essentials

Andrew McLean has a reputation for packing light and moving fast (very fast) when he sets out on a backcountry ski tour. The video crew caught up with Andrew and had him run through the gear he packs for a full day of backcountry touring. - See more at:

Dynafit Relay - Ski Touring Activities

Our 4 Dynafit athletes will show you the 4 different ski touring activities: Ski Running, Speed Touring, Ski Touring and Free Touring. Toni, Consti, Johanna and Robert will explain you through the 4 categories in action and show you the versatility in ski touring.

Alpine Ski Touring Basics - How to Climb Mountains on Skis

Ski shop owner and professional triathlete Jordan delves into the combination of those two passions - ski touring. Here he covers the very basics of ski touring with climbing skins and alpine touring ski bindings.

The Ultimate Ski Touring Challenge - Atomic Waymaker 2013

Check out more snow shredding here
The inaugural Atomic Waymaker, the ultimate ski touring challenge, has proven a great success, despite the difficult weather conditions. The eight ambitious teams breathed life into a concept which is both inspiring and which celebrates the versatility of the sport.

When asked at the start about their goals in the Atomic Waymaker, the United States of Canada team answered with a mixture of emotion and irony: To be able to say in 20 years that we took part in the very first, now globally successful, Atomic Waymaker. Now, Marc Smiley, Andrew McNab and Reiner Thoni will be able to wrap up their story with a very satisfying punch line - because not only did they compete in the inaugural Atomic Waymaker, they won it.


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Speedfit - Touring on Piste | Dynafit

SPEEDFIT, ski touring on groomed ski runs: On-piste ski touring is in. Not just because of safety, but also because it’s a great workout. After all, who wants to torture themselves in a gym after work or on weekends? That’s more about an annoying obligation than enjoyment. As a result, more and more people are heading to the nearest ski resort for a quick ski tour, either alone or with friends. The fresh air fires up the cardiovascular system and a continuous uphill gait assisted by your arms strengthen muscles and tendons throughout your body.
Ski touring on ski runs isn’t difficult. it’s something everyone can do. Despite this, the demands of an on-piste ski tour are different than a backcountry tour. What follows is a comprehensive guide to ski touring on groomed runs and to the new SPEEDFIT collection, developed especially for on-piste ski touring.

ski touring and ski mountaineering boot advice

Phil Evans of Backcountry Uk explains the different types of boots used for backcountry skiing and recommends good ski/boot/binding combinations for ski touring, ski mountaineering and freeride in Europe.

How to pack a skitouring backpack

Check out how speed mountaineer Benedikt Böhm prepares for a high alpine ski tour, what apparel he packs in his backpack to keep him warm and which products should not be missed to enjoy a great ski touring adventure in the high mountains.

8 Chapitres: Ski Touring / Backcountry dans les Chic-Chocs, Gaspésie

Visite pour tous les épisodes.

8 Chapitres Saison 4 - Chapitre 4: La Gaspésie

Dans le cadre de l'événement White Lips, initiation d’un groupe de 60 filles au ski de haute-route et ‘splitboard’ dans l’univers des Chic-Chocs.

Ski Touring Canada - Rogers Pass At Its Best

Tupper Traverse, Mt. Rogers, Hermit Meadows Powder - Feb. 3rd - 5th 2012 Canadian Rockies