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Finale LNA 2010 Givisiez Skater 95 - SHC Rossemaison 2:6 (inline hockey suisse FSIH)

Dans ce deuxième match, Rossemaison devient champion suisse 2010 en ayant remporté la série 2-0 contre Givisiez

Larkin breaks record to win Fastest Skater Competition

Red Wings forward Dylan Larkin wins the Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater Competition and breaks the all-time record of Mike Gartner with a time of 13.172 seconds.

Skater Hockey La Neuveville

Match de barrage promotion/relégation 1ère ligue
Givisiez Skater 90 - La Neuveville

Skating for Hockey Agility

Yevgeny Martynov's Program will develop skaters who are quick, strong, accurate and coordinated. Skating for Hockey Agility Classes will emphasize skating techniques to develop speed, precision, edge control, and agility in the game of hockey. Agility drills and exercises to build muscle memory for complex combinations of skate-and-stick work. Students will benefit from a fast-paced workout designed to enhance their mobility on ice and improve their performance during games. Skating for Hockey Agility program is based on traditional Russian training techniques to enhance the individual player's skating skills and directly impact the hockey player's mobility. Players who choose to become a part of the Skating for Hockey Agility Program are set apart from their teammates and opponents as their skating skills and mental agility are beyond that of the average hockey player. More at or 630-310-9962

Inline-Skaterhockey bei den Berlin Buffalos

Die Berlin Buffalos gehören in Berlin zu den Topadressen in Sachen Inline-Skaterhockey. Schließlich geht die erste Männermannschaft der Buffalos in der Bundesliga, also der höchsten deutschen Spielklasse, an den Start. Inline-Skaterhockey ist quasi die Sommervariante vom Eishockey. Hier wird nicht auf Schlittschuhen, sondern Inline-Skates gespielt. Außerdem dient nicht ein Puck, sondern ein Ball als Spielgerät. Ansonsten sind die Regeln beim Eishockey und Inline-Skaterhockey weitestgehend gleich. Die Berlin Buffalos zeichnen sich in der Region Berlin-Brandenburg vor allem dadurch aus, dass sie die Sportart sehr leistungsorientiert betreiben und auf eine kontinuierliche Jugendarbeit setzen.

iTrain Hockey Skating Edges Training Intensive - Train The Trainers + Practice Plan

iTrain Hockey Skating Edges Training Intensive - Train The Trainers + Practice Plan

See all the drills that iTrain Hockey teaches at its Skating Edges Training Intensive performed by iTH CEO Sean Walker.

iTH Director: Sean Walker
Video Producer: Graeme Skinner

Proper Forwards and Backwards Transitions - Hockey Skating Episode 9

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In this video we cover the forward to backward transition and backwards to forwards transitions for hockey players.
There are two ways to turn from forwards to backwards and vice versa. In the video we explain how a beginner can learn this move, and then how they should advance and become even better at it.
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How to Improve Hockey Acceleration -

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In this video we give you a number of tips to improve your skating and acceleration. First I talk about a few things that you might be doing wrong that could be slowing you down on the ice, then I give you some great skating drills to help improve skating speed
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Red Bull Crashed Ice Lausanne 2013 - Event Recap

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Cameron Naasz stormed into the overall lead in the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship standings with a sensational victory in the fourth stop of the five-race 2012/13 season in Lausanne on the most challenging Red Bull Crashed Ice track ever built with local hero Kim Mueller of Switzerland taking second and Canada's Scott Croxall in third.


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Semifinal shootout: Warriors v Highlander. Skater Hockey European Cup 2009, Delemont

London Street Warriors beat Highlander Lüdenscheid 7-6 (0-4, 4-0, 1-1, 2-1, after penalty shootout) in the semifinal of the skater hockey European Cup 2009 in Delemont, Switzerland. Warriors went on to lose 4-7 to Hallamshire Hornets in an all-English final.

Understanding Edges - Skating Fundamentals Episode 3

These drills will help you feel a lot more comfortable in your skates. You will work on balance, control, and agility. In this video I teach you a little about using your edges properly to become a better hockey player. I also share a few edgework drills that you can use to improve your skating.
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Inline Skater, Not Supposed To Do That In Hockey Skates 1

Inline skating in hockey skates, slow mo clip of jumps onto and over posts as well as slow-mo of strides. Inline hockey skates aren't made for jumps but can be very effective for non ramped jumps because they are light and agile. This is a short stretch featuring Canadian rollerblader Bill Stoppard.

I will be featuring short clips in the future of skating techniques that are unorthodox for the hockey skates. Skating in the Beaches, Toronto Ontario Canada. Inline skates are Bauer Vapors, cameras GoPro3 and GoPro2

GoPro Hockey | Two Games, One Night (HD)

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College Hockey Skater Does Axel

Hockey player does Axel (figure skating jump) at the last game of college career.

Inline Skater Not Supposed To Do That In Hockey Skates 3

Inline skater Bill Stoppard pushes inline Hockey skates to the limit. Stairs, crazy surfaces and big jumps. Inline skating/rollerblading in downtown Toronto Canada in Bauer inline hockey skates, which are designed for sharp turns and acceleration on the rink. These skates are also great for the varied demands of road and city skating; they can be also be used for stair rolling and jumps with practice.

The best inline skater will wear padding and helmet when in doubt. The best inline skaters obey traffic signals and are careful around pedestrians.

A bonus wipeout is also included

Bill Stoppard City Skater. Inline skaters used; Bauer Vapour RX20

INLINE vs ICE SKATING .. Differences Explained

Inline ... or ice ... what are the differences?

First let's compare the blades. The ice blade is rockered, which means the front and back are rounded. Here you see a hockey skate but the same applies to dance skates as well. Speed skates are different, but that's a topic for another video.

These dice illustrate the blade's contact surface.

A typical inline skate has a much longer contact surface.

Please also note that rockered inline skates do exist, which make them more like hockey skates.

What this all mean in real life is that on ice skates it's more difficult to keep balance. A correct stance is more important on ice skates. Or as Bill Stoppard puts it; on rollerblades STAY LOW. On ice skates STAY LOWER (difference #1).

This is important not only for balance but also to get a good grip.


The edges. The edges are completely different. Still, inline and ice skating are very similar. Crossover turns are the same. Transitions feel the same. Even slalom turns are mostly the same. However, the T-stop (drag stop) does not really work on ice. It's because dragging a skate behind you on ice does not create much friction. (difference #2).


The hockey stop works well on ice ... thus the name hockey stop ... but it's much more difficult on inline skates (difference #3). It's because an ice skate easily just shaves off some ice while for inline skates the physics are completely different.


The weight. Hockey skates are lighter than inline skates. Lighter skates make you quicker and let you go on for longer. A few hundred grams may not sound that much, but I do notice the difference. (difference #4)


Finally I'd like to mention that falling on ice so much better (difference #5). Just glide it off and up you go. This is the most important difference in my opinion.


Although it's good to be aware of these differences, you should not forget that inline and ice skating are ninety percent the same. Just enjoy both kinds. The better you are at inline skating, the better you are at ice skating. And vice versa.

"Most Underrated Skating Skill" - Derek Popke

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Thanks to Derek Popke, Kevin Bieksa, and Ben Chiarot for inviting me out to their pre-season skate. In this video Derek Popke shares a quick tip for improving skating with 3 drills to improve the outside edge.

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Develop the stride power that will propel you past your opponents with the PowerSkater. Learn the secrets of proper skating technique. Increase your speed and quickness on the ice.Train your mind to skate properly. Help your muscles memorize the proper techniques. Improve your balance on the ice.

Who's the best skater in the NHL?

Some of the league's top rookies give their pick for the best skater in the NHL. A couple selections might shock you.

Larkin takes home Fastest Skater Competition

Watch the Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater Competition at the
2016 Honda All-Star Skills Competition.