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Skater hockey


Finale LNA 2010 Givisiez Skater 95 - SHC Rossemaison 2:6 (inline hockey suisse FSIH)

Dans ce deuxième match, Rossemaison devient champion suisse 2010 en ayant remporté la série 2-0 contre Givisiez

Figure Skating Vs Ice Hockey With Marchei & Vasiljevs | Sports Swap

Can an Ice Hockey star figure skate? Can a female Figure Skater learn to play Ice Hockey? How far can they both take each other's sports? Italy's Valentina Marchei and Latvia's Herberts Vasiļjevs put each other to the test.

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3 Summer Skating Drills for Hockey Players - Rollerblading Drills

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In this video I share three skating drills that can be done with roller blades that will help hockey players with their skating. These drills are chosen to be beneficial when the players lace up the skates after the summer.

Rollerblading is similar to skating, however there are some differences. I picked these rollerblading drills to be the most like the movements you will do with skates on.
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Proper Forwards and Backwards Transitions - Hockey Skating Episode 9

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In this video we cover the forward to backward transition and backwards to forwards transitions for hockey players.
There are two ways to turn from forwards to backwards and vice versa. In the video we explain how a beginner can learn this move, and then how they should advance and become even better at it.
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The Tacks Challenge Race - MacKinnon VS Hamelin

The Tacks Challenge Race - See who accelerates faster: Nathan MacKinnon or Charles Hamelin. #tackschallenge

Larkin breaks record to win Fastest Skater Competition

Red Wings forward Dylan Larkin wins the Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater Competition and breaks the all-time record of Mike Gartner with a time of 13.172 seconds.

Inline Skating Canadian Style - Rollerblading 'City Skater'

Inline skating with City Skater Bill Stoppard. Rolling any terrain, sprinting and jumping in simple HOCKEY skates. This is a glimpse of the skating route of Canada's best inline City Skater. The Beaches Toronto Skates Used are Bauer RX20

'City Skating' is the pure side of inline skating. Speed, power, stance, strides, precise stops, adaptability and flow are all of equal importance to the best rollerbladers.

Skating Influences from hockey, speed and aggressive inline. It's not about trickin it's about flow. Shot on the Canon 5D MII in The Beaches and Leslieville.

SKATING LESSONS Bill Stoppard is available travel to exotic destinations to teach inline group classes by the sea.

Lo mejor patinador en línea en las carreteras Meilleur patineur en ligne sur les routes

Inline Skaters Get Off The Trails - By City Skater Bill Stoppard

Inline skaters have built rollerblading skills that make them too good to stay confined to the trails. In this narrated skate City skater Bill Stoppard explains why you owe it to yourself to get off the trail, as well as what you should expect once you hit the roads.

The best inline skater will use padding when trying new things and the best rollerblader is considerate of pedestrians and rollers. Skates used are Bauer RX20 inline hockey skates. Rollerblading Route is in The Beaches Toronto Ontario Canada.

Inline skating filmed by GorPro 2 and 3. Other inline skaters shots on the Canon 5d MII.

NHL: Worst Injuries [Part 1]

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Inline-Skaterhockey bei den Berlin Buffalos

Die Berlin Buffalos gehören in Berlin zu den Topadressen in Sachen Inline-Skaterhockey. Schließlich geht die erste Männermannschaft der Buffalos in der Bundesliga, also der höchsten deutschen Spielklasse, an den Start. Inline-Skaterhockey ist quasi die Sommervariante vom Eishockey. Hier wird nicht auf Schlittschuhen, sondern Inline-Skates gespielt. Außerdem dient nicht ein Puck, sondern ein Ball als Spielgerät. Ansonsten sind die Regeln beim Eishockey und Inline-Skaterhockey weitestgehend gleich. Die Berlin Buffalos zeichnen sich in der Region Berlin-Brandenburg vor allem dadurch aus, dass sie die Sportart sehr leistungsorientiert betreiben und auf eine kontinuierliche Jugendarbeit setzen.

How to Improve Hockey Acceleration -

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In this video we give you a number of tips to improve your skating and acceleration. First I talk about a few things that you might be doing wrong that could be slowing you down on the ice, then I give you some great skating drills to help improve skating speed
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Freestyle Ice Skating

Check out the latest episode for more advanced ice skating and camera tricks: Freestyle Ice Skating 4:

This channel focuses on freestyle ice skating.
Official Youtube channel for Nagyerdei Korisok.

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Here you will find movies, tutorials, information about freestyle.

Inline Skater Switches From Hockey Skates To SEBA High; Bill Stoppard

Inline hockey skate fanatic Bill Stoppard moves on to SEBA High's Inline skate sprints in the hockey tradition as well as rollerblading jumps, city style. Full Shots of Bill Stoppard's SEBA High Skate included.

New skate sponsored by, and available at; Always great sales on a serious array inline gear at ProSkaters Place. This model SEBA High 2012, is available at a great sale price.

Bill Stoppard Inline skater in Toronto, The Beaches. Remember, the best inline skater will pad it out when in doubt.

Top 10 NHL Fastest Skaters Ever

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Think of the fastest skater in the NHL today? How do you think he would stack up against the fastest nhl skaters ever? Being the fastest skater on the ice is something every hockey player in the world wants to be. What is a hockey player that can not skate? These are the players who have mastered their speed on the ice and who can change games with their open ice ability. These are the NHL fastest skaters ever.

Finale Coupe Suisse 2010: SHC Givisiez - Rolling Aventicum 11:7 (inline hockey suisse FSIH)


Semifinal shootout: Warriors v Highlander. Skater Hockey European Cup 2009, Delemont

London Street Warriors beat Highlander Lüdenscheid 7-6 (0-4, 4-0, 1-1, 2-1, after penalty shootout) in the semifinal of the skater hockey European Cup 2009 in Delemont, Switzerland. Warriors went on to lose 4-7 to Hallamshire Hornets in an all-English final.

Skating for Hockey Agility

Yevgeny Martynov's Program will develop skaters who are quick, strong, accurate and coordinated. Skating for Hockey Agility Classes will emphasize skating techniques to develop speed, precision, edge control, and agility in the game of hockey. Agility drills and exercises to build muscle memory for complex combinations of skate-and-stick work. Students will benefit from a fast-paced workout designed to enhance their mobility on ice and improve their performance during games. Skating for Hockey Agility program is based on traditional Russian training techniques to enhance the individual player's skating skills and directly impact the hockey player's mobility. Players who choose to become a part of the Skating for Hockey Agility Program are set apart from their teammates and opponents as their skating skills and mental agility are beyond that of the average hockey player. More at or 630-310-9962

SHC Rossemaison - IHC Malcantone (inline hockey suisse FSIH)

Fédération Suisse Inline Hockey
Match de LNA le 30.05.2010

TVA TV | TV Augsburg - Bissendorfer Panther | ISHD Skaterhockey-Bundesliga 2017

College Hockey Skater Does Axel

Hockey player does Axel (figure skating jump) at the last game of college career.



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