SILAMBAM Single Stick Spinning Basics (சிலம்பாட்டம்)

The word 'Silambam' refers to the 'Mountain bamboo' .The 2nd century Tamil Sangam literature tells us more about Silamabam art .Silambam used ,not only for defence but also to attack on Human vital points & joints .

Chennai Silambam - Rejuvanating the Lost Martial Art

Thanthi TV's Udalae Unnai Aarathikiraen Team explores the indian martial art Silambam, the Mother of all Martial Arts.Enjoy the Program and Rejuvanate our lost Martial art.For Class Details Contact JG Silambam & Kuthuvarisai Kalaikoodam, Chennai; Mobile:- 9840027616

Nagam 16 athiradi silambam by karthick chakkarapani

நாகம் பதினாறு சிலம்பம்
By Master V. Ganapathy & Karthick Chakkarapani
(Silambam Tamilians Sign of Bravery).

Silambam Stick Rotating

this is the most fascinating stick rotating tecnique of TamilNadu India.
its speed is really amazing !


Silambam stick rotating

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Silambam Fight - Thural Ninnu Pochu (FILMS)

Silambam Academy
Silambam Fencing Scene from Films
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Traditional martial arts originated from India - Silambam, Kuttu Varisai, Weapons and Varma Kalai ( Pressure Points Techniques & Names )

Silambam Kuthuvarisai rally

Silambam andKuthuvarisai

Silambam Kuthuvarisai

Silambam Kuthuvarisai function completed on 25,26 March 17, at Pondicherry Beach road Gandhi thidal contact no 9894723547 many Silambam Kuthuvarisai teacher are participate in this function. Those who are interested to learn this art in different Guru we will help to him. All over Tamil nadu we have many Silambam teacher contact.

How to Learn Silambam in Tamil - Part-1 | Master Prathapkumar |2016|

#check out this video to learn martial arts in tamil
Silambam or Silambattam (Tamil: சிலம்பம் அல்லது சிலம்பாட்டம்) is a weapon-based Indian martial art from Tamil Nadu, but also traditionally practised by the Tamil community of Sri Lanka and Malaysia. It is similar to Kalaripayat from Kerala and Sri Lankan Angampora. It derives from the Tamil word silam meaning hill and the word perambu from which the English bamboo originates.Silambam referred to the sound derive from swinging of the perambu a particular type of bamboo from the Kurinji hills in southern Indian sub continent.Thus silambam was named after its primary weapon, the perambu. The related term silambattam often refers specifically to stick-fighting.
There are numerous styles of silambam but the nillaikalakki discipline (from nillai meaning posture and kalakki meaning to disturb or shuffle) is the most widespread style outside India, and is best known in Malaysia. The styles differ from one another in grip, posture, foot work, length of the stick, etc.[1] Silambam may either be practiced for the purpose of combat (போர்ச் சிலம்பம் por silambam) or purely for demonstration (அலங்காரச் சிலம்பம் alangara silambam). Masters are called asaan (ஆசான்) while grandmasters are addressed as periyasaan (பெரியாசன்), iyan (ஐயன்), or annaavi

Silambam Kuthuvarisai

Silambam, Kuthuvarisai, Long Staff

Silambam Kuthuvarisai

Silambam Kuthuvarisai practice at Village temple

Kuthuvarisai, Silambam Techniques(Tamil Martial Art)

Kuthuvarisai Techniques explained by Mr.Rajkumar to his student in Pondicherry
Mobile no: 9894723547
Kuthuvarisai is a Art use our hand, leg, head and mouth to attack the enemy. It have many stages i.e. basic, Normal, Advance and Very Advance. We do a single movement in different position its our spacial. Every one explain how to do a Lock but in our art explains a single lock we open in too many types every one is very important methods. In the advanced movement we attack or block a punch with a special type means after that they does not use their hand or his leg its true when your learn this Art means you understood.

Silambam Thukdda

Kuthuvarisai Adivarisai Nine, Silambam

Kuthuvarisai, Silambam Adivarisai explanation and performed by Mr.L.Rajkumar and his students. He teach this art through online also. Video lessons are also available his contact no. 9894723547

SUKMA XVI : Silambam Suku Akhir

SUKMA XVI yang berlangsung 28 Jun sehingga 7 Julai itu disertai 3,602 atlet mewakili 14 kontinjen dan menawarkan 132 pingat emas dan perak serta 206 gangsa bagi 22 acara.

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Basic Silambam Training to Foreign Girls

Indian Martial Art - Basic Silambam Training to Foreign Girls by Simashan International Trainer Dr.Shahul Hameed, Madurai, Tamilnadu (India)

silambam ranipet, silambam, kuthuvarisai, ashok, ranipet, tamilar martial art

silambam performance by Master.Naresh and selvi.Monisha from Maharishi Yoga and Martial Art School, Ranipet on 13.10.2015 krishna jayanthi festival

Hanuman baski, silambam and kuthuvarisai exercises, silambam ranipet,

It called hanuman baski. Very good and hard exercise for full body. It strengthen our legs for martial art.

6 Adi Padam Silambam

VEERAMARUTHI SILAMBAM - Eeti by Dheepika (89036 25801)

We teach KALARI, SILAMBAM and all types of martial arts (Vaal, Eeti, Surul Vaal, Kutthu Vaal, Vettu Vaal, Siruthaa Kutchi, Kuruvadi, Kaipour, Adi Murai, Pidi Murai).