Sudden Death 7-ball FINAL - Francisco Bustamante vs Mika Immonen

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Sudden Death 7-ball FINAL - Francisco Bustamante vs Mika Immonen

7Ball Bustamante vs Immonen

Francisco vs Mika 7ball challenge

धोनी ने मारे सात गेंद पर सात छक्के श्री लंका के खिलाफ अभी देखें।Dhoni hit seven sixs in seven Ball .

seven ball

sean and mark balls of steal

This player has scored seven sixes in one over ..!

This player has scored seven sixes in one over ..!

Many records have been seen in many cricket breaks in cricket, say that the records are bound to break. Just like this, a fresh case has come to a tournament. Where there is a case of putting 7 sixes in an over.

Yes indeed, a player has done this in Sri Lanka's domestic match. The player who scored 7 sixes in an over is named after Navindu Piresara.
Navendu made this feat in the first season of a tournament under the Under-FIFTY Cricket Academy. He scored 109 runs in 89 balls. They came to bat at number three in the match.

According to the news, Naveedu, which includes 7 sixes, includes a no ball. During this local match, former Sri Lankan cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan was also present.

Navendu impressed Muralitharan with his superb batting. After the match Muralitharan gave him the award. Significantly, there are several players in the world who have scored 6 sixes in one over.

7 Balls 7 Sixes New World Record in Cricket By Young Sri Lanka Cricketer in Under 15 Match

7 Balls 7 Sixes New World Record in Cricket By Young Sri Lanka Cricketer in Under 15 Match
Cricket Ki Tareekh main aik aur Record ka Izafa ho gaya hay , aik aisa record jo torhna na momkin hoga kyon kay 6 balls par 6 chkay tu ap nay sonay hongay lakin iak over main 7 sixes yaqeen nahi ata hoga, lakin hum ap ko dekatay hy video kay 7 balls per 7 sixes kis nay laga diye hay

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