Segway polo

Segway-Polo GERMAN MASTERS 2012

Segway-Polo-Turnier auf zwei Plätzen gleichzeitig. Spannung pur ...
Aber Vorsicht - Helm an!

Segway Polo WM Hemer 2017, von Andreas Reisböck

Ausrichter der Segway Polo Weltmeisterschaft 2017 waren die Hemer Butterflies. 18 teilnehmende Mannschaften kamen aus Barbados, USA, Schweden, England, Östereich, Schweiz und aus Deutschland. Vom 27. bis zum 30.07. kämpften die Mannschaften in der Hemeraner Overhoff-Arena um die Plätze.
Teilnehmende Mannschaften: American Eagles, Black Roses, Hannover Hotwheels, Barbados Rum Runners, X-Turtles, Balver Mammuts, Hemer Butterflies, Blade Dragons, Team Barbados, Funky Move Turtles, Stockholm Saints, Blade Pirates, Vineyard Devils, Stockholm Vikings, Helvetic Vipers, Cornwall Segwaypolo, Warwick Jaguars, British Wasps

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak's Segway Polo Team Plots Comeback

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and his teammates on the Silicon Valley Aftershocks Segway polo team are determined to avenge their loss of the Woz Challenge Cup prior to meeting their international rivals in Barbados. Video originally aired May 4, 2010.

Segway Polo's Reach

The sport catches on beyond its Silicon Valley roots.

Segway Polo Woz Cup Championship 2010

View a 5 and a half minute video all about the Segway Polo Championship 2010 held in Barbados who remain Segway Polo World Champions for the second year in a row.

BBC Click tries Segway Polo

SEGWAY Polo in Deutschland

Segway Polo erfreut sich immer größerer Beliebtheit. Testen auch Sie diese spannende und neuartige Sportart!

Segway Polo Crash

Tried out Segway Polo with my colleagues. I had to at least get one of them. I got Erik in my team..

Segway polo on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings at UWI

3 vs 3

Woz Cup Segway Polo sat sept 15th

pixs from the game with Steve Wozniak and the Aftershocks Steve Simms and The New Zealand Pole Blacks and Steve Steinberg and the Segway of Oakland junkyard Dogs

Cube Polo - a kind of SegwayPolo

Most SegwayPolo players worldwide were smiling before they stepped the first time on a Segway® and hit their first ball with a polo mallet... but all were hooked by the fun this sport gave to them. They are even some handicapped players forgetting their handicap during they play SegwayPolo - but unfortunately some of them can not stand on the Segway® platform for a long time.. The idea was born to design a device to help them to play our incredible sport. We found Werner Schrägle - german producer of the mobility cube - and he was willing to redesign his cube for playing CUBE-POLO. First time ever we showed CUBE-POLO during the SegwayPolo Zurich CUP 2013 - international SegwayPolo tournament in Germany. The audience were SegwayPolo-Players from Europe, the USA and Barbados and cheering the 4 CUBE-Polo players who did the demo.

Of curse, there is still some work to make this stock Mobility-Cubes to competitive Polo Ponys.. we need protection for the players legs and feet - a better turning rate be redesigning the steer - and a few other things... also we have to work on the rules setup to make this new sport save and fun.. but we are working hard on that..
Also mobility cube is working hard on something like a klick-Cube.. means at a regular SegwayPolo tournament - f.e. the next world cup - we will be able to convert a normal Polo Segway® in a CUBE in a few minutes..

Stay tuned to see what happens in the next months and follow us at the Funky-Move Turtles Facebook site..

Music is from Jaywalk - german rock band -

Segway Polo

N. Calif. (Woz's Aftershocks) vs. S. Calif. at SegwayFest 2006

Woz Plays Serious Segway Polo in the Park

This is rewind week as we delve back into the archives to pull out this favorite geek gem from 2006. We attended a hoity toity Segway Polo match for charity with GETV alums Steve Wozniak and Victor Miller where GETV Guest Segway Sportscaster Nicole Shipley (daughter of Veritas Software founder Dale Shipley) asked hard hitting questions about a serious issue with the Segway. The match was part of the 22nd annual Polo in the Park and the money went to the James S. Brady Riding Program for Special Children — so all kinds of horseplay went on. Yeah, we do hang with chopped liver. MMM, chopped liver. Special thanks to Diegos Umbrella for the soundtrack. Well keep our pants on, thanks.

UK Segway Polo

This video is about UK Segway Polo

The Woz Playing Segway Polo

Woz playing Segway Polo at the 1st annual Maker Faire.

Segway Polo In Oakland Ca

The Segway of Oakland Junkyard Dogs Steve Steinberg, Drew Foster

Segway Polo Club of Barbados - Polo in the Caribbean Dream [by Tobago Channel 5]

Segway Polo, a relatively new sport has taken seed in the Caribbean. One Tobagonian (Nevin Roach) shares his wish to develop the sport throughout the region, with a little help from his Barbadian club.

Report by Tobago Channel 5

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Barbados Segway Polo practice 2013

Come to Barbados and join us!! Bring your team and compete against or play with 2009 and 2010 World Champions

Segway Polo Tournament

Segway Adventures & Segway Polo Ireland visit and play at The Blade All-Stars 4th Annual Santa Claus Segway Polo Tournament, Solingen, Dusseldorf, Germany on 9th December 2012

Segway Polo WM Köln 2015 Funkymove Turtles vs. Barbados

Das Viertelfinal-Spiel der Funkymove Turtles vs. Bardados in Köln, POLO Segway WM 2015 am 16.bis 19. juli 2015!