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Sea kayaking


Three Golden Rules of Sea Kayaking

The three golden rules are a set of rules that all paddlers need to apply in order to paddle the most efficiently, comfortably and safely.

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Sea Kayaking Tidal Currents in the San Juan Islands

The Eddyline crew heads to Bowman Bay to paddle in the huge tidal currents in Deception Pass.

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Facing Waves:

Produced by Heliconia:

6 Tips for Overcoming Fear while Sea Kayaking - Kayak Hipster

As kayakers we're often exposed to intimidating situations out on the water. These are 6 things I like to do to handle and overcome fear.

Thanks to Chris for catching that epic tumble on his drone. Here's his channel:

If you'd like to find out more about the camera gear I use to make these videos, here's a list of affiliated Amazon links for each item:

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Kayak Hipster

Pointe du Raz, Rough Water Sea Kayaking

Alice on a rough water sea kayaking trip to Pointe Du Raz in Brittany France, shot on a GoPro Session camera, hence in the style of a First Person computer game.

Re-edit of this video. Some clients are never happy.

Paddling in Jamaica | Surfing & Sea Kayaking Big Waves

Ken Whiting meets up with Icah & Ivah Wilmot from Jamnesia Surf Camp in Kingston, Jamaica to do some surfing and sea kayaking in big waves.


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Sea Kayak Around Ireland - Full Documentary

Winner of Best Sea Kayaking Film - Reel Paddling Film Festival 2017
Sea Kayak Around Ireland is 45 minute documentary the tells the story of 2 Irish Sea Kayakers who take on their dream journey of circumnavigating their country.

2015 will go down, for myself (Jon Hynes) and my paddling partner, Sean Cahill as being one of our most memorable years. We both have enjoyed a lifetime of adventures from a very young age. This has been one of our most satisfying adventures yet.

We really hope you enjoy our documentary “Sea Kayak Around Ireland”. It’s been a dream of our to paddle around our own country for many years. In fact we were inspired by many of our kayaking friends who have taken on the journey in the past. Over the year both Sean and I have kayaked all over the world, we’ve had great victories over nature and the elements both on the sea and on the river. Sometimes we fared less well against those elements, however we always maintained a grounded sense and a willingness to learn. With these experiences behind us we embarked upon our dream trip around Ireland in June & July 2015.

Not only did the weather and elements test us but our trip was a celebration of life, fitness, adventure and most of all, Irish people. Every day we met people, who were so kind to us, we are forever grateful to each and everyone of you. Hopefully this film in some small way reflects how much that kindness means to us. Ireland truly is, one of the world’s most special places to come and sea kayak.

Both Sean and I would to thank the following people and companies.

Cian Walsh of Marine User Experience ( for all his hard work, dedication and unending energy to help us bring our story to life in this documentary. We really appreciate every ounce of energy you gave. Much respect.

Thanks to Nick Bendon of , he came on board our trip plans from a very early stage and supported us with product and publicity.

Yak Kayaking equipment kindly supplied us with some really fantastic kit. The Greenburg Buoyancy Aid and Glacier Jacket felt like battle armour when we faced the most challenging of Atlantic sea condtions.

Craghoppers clothing and Gavin Fox were also very kind to us taking care of all our shore based clothing. Thank you.

Gavan Murphy of kindly supplied us with a Spot Tracker Gen 3 device that was superb in allowing people to monitor and track our progress. Thank you.

Thanks to the following.
Declan Counihan of West Midland Optical & Julbo eyewear.
Reed Chillcheater
Graham Stanley
The Speckled Door pub & restaurant Old Head of Kinsale.
Oisin McGrath who filmed us with his drone in Co. Clare, a special thanks!
Big shout out to Pearse and Jason of , THE best online surf shop in Ireland!

Annette Buckley Beneath the Big Blue Sea, thank you so much for this beautiful track. Can't wait to take you sea kayaking in Summer 2016.

The Hynes Family, thanks for all your belief in me over the years.

A special thanks to my Father, Tony Hynes and my Mother, Hillary Good who gave me the opportunities as a young boy to go kayaking and brought me to the most special place every summer, Roaring Water bay, West Cork. Those childhood experiences have forged a lifetime love of being out on the water.

A special thanks to the Cahill family for all their support of Sean and his journey around Ireland.

A special thanks to all the volunteers and staff at Coast & Cliff Rescue stations and RNLI stations all around Ireland who let us camp, shower, refresh along the way. Keep up the great work at sea.

We’d also like to acknowledge and thank the lads who work 24:7 at the Marine Radio Centre’s at Valentia Island, Malin Head and Dublin. Thanks for watching over us and the weather updates every day. We really do appreciate your great work.

A final note, to our wives, your belief in us and un-ending support means so much. Without you, we could not have done this! Thank you.

Sea Kayaking Around Ireland is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Check out for details of all the people who have taken on the challenge.

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How to Choose a Kayak : Sea Kayak Features

A sea kayak, often called an ocean kayak, has many design features that will enable a paddler to go on long trips in rough water. Find out more about the features and benefits of sea kayaks with tips from an experienced kayaker in this free video on kayaking.

Expert: Russell Farrow
Bio: Russell Farrow has British Canoe Union (BCU) five-star training in sea kayaks, a four-star award for sea kayaks, and is a level three coach in sea kayaking and surfing.
Filmmaker: Bob Hunt

Scary Moment in a Sea Kayak.

This could have easily gone so badly.

Sea kayaking

This is how it all started for us! Footage with our first sit on top sea kayaks! See how we put our first steps into sea kayaking!

Top 5 Kayaking Tips and Skills for Beginners

The top 5 kayaking tips to help make you a better paddler are explained by World Champion kayaker, Ken Whiting, in this episode of PaddleTV. Understanding these five tips will help you become a safer and more efficient paddler, allowing you to better enjoy your time on the water.

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Kayak in a storm.

Heading for Egmont Key the other day with an intense headwind with gusts to 40mph. A coldfront was passing thru, so I took the opp to go out and play in the type of weather I most enjoy. Ended up with a nasal enema when a wave smacked me. Totally alone and totally at ease/happy. Life is good..!!

Wild Camping In Pembrokeshire With Go Sea Kayak HD 1080p Video Sharing

Two days sea kayaking with Go Sea Kayak along the beautiful South Pembrokeshire coastline with a wild camp overnight.

Sea Kayaking - Ireland

Sea Kayaking Ireland

Wind & Waves - The Greatest Joys of Sea kayaking

Kayaking in Estonia with Andres & Zegul Arrow Play LV:

Kayak Touring | 3 Golden Rules of Kayak Touring

Learn the golden rules of kayak tourin for beginners from World Champion kayaker, Ken Whiting, in this episode of PaddleTV. Learn to paddle efficiently and plan ahead in order to stay safe and enjoy your time on the water.

For more tips and tricks, watch our Kayaking Instructional Series playlist:

Produced in partnership with the American Canoe Association: Improving the paddlesport experience for over a century:

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Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium Rough Water Day

Saturday of the 2014 Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium saw a large group of paddlers heading out into Penrhyn Mawr. The intermediate group, of which I was a part, got into the races a little after peak flow (which the advanced group went for), but a day or so after spring tide, this was still a fairly pushy bit of water.

As the tide began to slacken, we took a brief stop for lunch before catching the last of the flood to run down the outer race and into Abraham's Bosom, where we played behind the stacks on our way to South Stack. We were out of the tide, but met it again under the bridge where the ebb had already set. This gave us some current to paddle against to get up through the gap, then into the ebb race on the outside before heading back to Porth Dafarch.

One or two people have posted comments about sit-on-tops (now deleted as irrelevant). Please note (for your own safety, apart from anything else) that all the kayaks you see are proper sea kayaks, with cockpits and spraydecks, and a reliable roll is essential for venturing out in conditions like this - SOTs are not suitable !

First Ever Sea Kayaking Fun!

My first time in a kayak on the sea, absolutely loved it!
This is the kayak I am using for anybody interested:
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Sea kayak sailing with Stevatron

Using a Flat Earth sail again after a few years hiatus, Stevatron enjoys the fun aspect of a windy day on the sea.

Sea Kayak Surfing Basics Redux - Weekly Kayaking Tips - Kayak Hipster

Kayak Surf is always a topic that comes up, and I was asked to explain the basics a bit more in depth and maybe show some examples. I went through old footage of classes I've taken as well as used clips from my recent trip to Mexico to paddle with Daniel Mendoza. You can find his channel here:

Please take this as just an overview. Some of these clips do not show perfect (or good even in some cases) form, especially my old clips from surfing classes. These are supposed to show things to avoid and continue to improve, and show areas where things were improved throughout the lessons.

As always, leave a comment to discuss any of these topics or if there's any questions.

Kayak Hipster

Aboard The 2012 Paris to London Sea Kayak Expedition

The idea was pretty simple: to paddle solo from Paris to London before the Summer Olympic Games. But sometimes, the weather changes your plans...

Produced, directed and edited by Vincent Tiphine

Soundtrack :
Music written and produced by Ananda Coantic (
Vocals by Emmy (
Mastered by Raphael Daspe At peak Studio



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