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Saddle Bronc Riding


Top 25 NFR Saddle Bronc Rides (2001-2012)

This video shows MY top 25 NFR saddle bronc rides from 2001 through 2012. I claim not to be a former saddle bronc rider or I am an expert on saddle bronc riding. I tried not to let name and points awarded cloud my judgement. Obviously, this is really impossible. Also, I know Billy Etbauer features prominently in this video. Who makes more memorable NFR rides than the man? I picked them based on MY personal judgement. Before you start criticizing me, instead, you should post your own top 25 or 10. In the meantime, I stand by my personal opinion.

Highlights of 10 NFR Saddle Bronc Riding

These are saddle bronc riding highlights from the 2010 National Finals Rodeo. Congratulations to Cody Wright for winning his 2nd world championship.

Wildwood Bronc Bustin 2017 Saturday Pro Saddle Bronc

NHSRA Saddle Bronc Safety

Safety video of rough stock rodeo events.

10 NFR Saddle Bronc Riding Buckoffs

These are saddle bronc riding buckoffs from the 2010 National Finals Rodeo.

Highlights of 08 NFR Saddle Bronc Riding

These are saddle bronc riding highlights from the 2008 National Finals Rodeo.
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Saddle Bronc Riding 2013

PRCA Saddle Bronc Riding event @ Clark County Fair & Rodeo, Logandale, Nevada. Sunday night April 14, 2013.

YETI Presents: The Wright Boys

There are few families that dominate a sport the way the Wright Boys dominate saddle bronc riding in NFR rodeo. On the family ranch and on the rodeo circuit, these rodeo cowboys show how they became a family of champions.

Full Story:

Production Company - Rabbit Foot Studios -
Creative Head of Production - Jeff Bednarz
Executive Producer - Meredith Roach
Line-Producer/Camera Operator - Sam Chortek
Director of Photography - Mark Thomas
Production Designer - Ian Kasnoff
Sound Mixer - Michael Haines

Post Production - Lucky Post -
Editor - Sai Selvarajan
Producer - Jessica Berry
Colorist - Neil Anderson
Sound Design - Scottie Richardson

Music by Jesse Woods and Will Patterson

Special thanks:

The Wrights
Lewiston Roundup
Washington State Fair
Pendleton Roundup
Industry Hills Charity Rodeo
Heart O' Texas Waco Rodeo

More YETI:

In this YETI Presents video, join Cody Wright and the rest of the Wright Boys to see how they dominate NFR rodeo saddle bronc riding.

High School Rodeo: Cash Willson -Saddle Bronc

09 NFR Saddle Bronc Riding Buckoffs

This is saddle bronc riding buckoffs during the 2009 National Finals Rodeo. Rodeo is a multi-million dollar a year American industry. A decent bucking horse can be worth thousands of dollars. High-end horses are worth $40,000 to $100,000. You would be a fool to mistreat an animal worth this kind of money.

Highlights of 04 NFR Saddle Bronc Riding

I believe this video is the best one I've ever done. At the 2004 NFR, Billy Etbauer won his last world championship. Billy rode awesome and topped it off with a class 10th round 93-point ride. Billy is truly the king of saddle bronc riding.

Calgary Stampede Rodeo 101: Saddle Bronc

A saddle with no horn and a 1,200 pound bronc horse; here's how some riders make it look so easy.

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Calgary Stampede Rodeo 101: Saddle Bronc

Highlights of 03 NFR Saddle Bronc Riding

These are saddle bronc riding highlights from the 2003 National Finals Rodeo.

Saddle Bronc Riding | HRS Rodeo

Saddle Bronc Riding
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Road To The CFR 2013 Strathmore Saddle Bronc

For the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.

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Rodeo 101: Saddle Bronc Riding


Glen O'Neill vs Airwolf - Record PRCA Saddle Bronc Ride (95 pts)

2002 PRCA world champion saddle bronc rider Glen O'Neill rides 1993 PRCA bucking horse of the year Franklin Rodeo's Skoal Airwolf during a 1996 rodeo in Innisfail, Alberta, Canada. They combined for a 95 points tying the PRCA record for the highest-marked saddle bronc ride.

Highlights of 06 NFR Saddle Bronc Riding

These are saddle bronc riding highlights from the 2006 National Finals Rodeo.

UHSRA Bareback & Saddle Bronc Riding, Wasatch Rodeo, Heber City, Utah, May 10, 2013

Utah High School Rodeo Association Bareback & Saddle Bronc Riding at the Wasatch Rodeo in Heber City, Utah on May 10, 2013

Clovis Crane's Saddle Bronc ride is recorded with a JonesCAM HD hat cam

Clovis Crane, one of the top Saddle Bronc riders on the PRCA circuit wears a JonesCAM hatcam during his ride at the 21st Adirondack Stampede Rodeo in the Glens Falls Civic Center. The 2 ounce JonesCAM HD hat cam is so small Clovis said after his ride, I didn't even know it was there. We (JonesCAM) hear that all the time and we're real proud of that being the case. check us out at and on our Vimeo Channel for fishing, hunting, bike, sled and more all in HD. Capture the Experience in HD for only $189.00



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