Rossall Hockey


A great individual goal from Milan of Rossall School at the National Schools Indoor Hockey Finals at Whitgift School Croydon 15th January 2012

Female Freestyle Football Skills SEXY GIRL Amazing Football Skills MUST WATCH

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Power Hockey

ross hockey

ross hockey

MHS Field Hockey

A Slideshow of Metuchen High Field Hockey

lancs goal

my goal

Rebecca squats 120kg@59kg/PTC

Double bodyweight squat by Bec 6 days out from GPC States

Mullen Hockey - Garrett Lee & Ian Boyle assist Nick Zyzda against Summit

Mullen Hockey

Cumbria Cup Hockey

Goal at the end of the video

Cumbria V lancashire hockey

Under 21 hockey

Slazenger HC - 26-12-11 - Boxing Day; Under 30's vs. Over 30's - Push To Tuddy

The traditional boxing day hockey match at Slazenger Hockey Club; this year (2011), the mens Under 30's faced off against under 30's. In the end, the Over 30's won the game.

Ross Hockey Early Years.wmv

120 kg squat woman


Cumbria v lancashire (i think) Hockey

My First Hockey Game Ever.avi

Video Journal
Video Production Class 2011

Foot Hockey

Day 1 some stick ball...

Rowdy Rebel sponge hockey (1991)

Drolet sets up Laberge in a vintage spongee game from 1991.

cumbria U21 Hockey 2012 4

Sport Caerphilly Legacy Games

School children from across Caerphilly county borough skipped, hopped and jumped down to the Welsh capital to take part in a special event for National School Sport Week (NSSW) on Wednesday 25th June.

Caerphilly is the only local authority in Wales to see 100% of primary schools sign up for the annual week long programme of sporting events. Sport Caerphilly celebrated this achievement with a special Legacy Games event at the National Indoor Athletic Centre in Cardiff.

Nearly 600 children took part in a whole host of sports, with schools adopting a Commonwealth country's colour for the day to celebrate the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Markham Primary School and Penllwyn Primary School were both awarded £125 in sports equipment of their choice for their effort in dressing up as Wales and Botswana respectively.

National Governing Bodies such as Welsh Athletics and Welsh Rugby Union were joined by local community clubs like Valleys Gymnastics and Caerphilly Tennis Club to provide taster sessions in a number of sports. Volunteers from Caerphilly county borough's secondary schools and colleges also helped deliver to the children aged 9-11.

On the day teacher's and pupils commented on how much fun they were having. Mrs Evans, a teacher from Maesycwmmer Primary School said the event was well organised. She added, There is a good variety of activities and some sport that the children have never tried before, like Judo.

Olivia, a pupil at Ty Sign Primary, added I like the range of different activities. This is great for us to learn and enjoy

Cllr Dave Poole, Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure Services, commented, It is fantastic to hear that all of our 83 primary schools jumped on board and signed up for National School Sport Week. As an authority we are determined to get every child hooked on sport and events like the legacy games inspire children to try out new sports, like Judo for example. By inviting our community clubs to help us out hopefully the children who took part and enjoyed the day will be able to continue taking part in sport outside of school.

National School Sport Week is delivered by the Youth Sport Trust across the UK. It is a celebration of PE and sport and 9.6 million young people have taken part since 2009.