Freestyle Riverboarding 2015 Highlights

2015 was a sweet year of progress especially when it comes to freestyle. finally landed the front flip, and the new tricks like the board blunt, insane flip and double board flip have made this year very memorable. so stoked for the 2016 season! special thanks to Petros Kolyvas for composing the music.

RIVERBOARDING AMBUSH! (Bodyboarding & Surfing!)

In todays video I bring you guys along with me to surf a new spot called Ambush!
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Location: Columbus Georgia

Music was provided by NCS
Itro & Kontinuum - Alive [NCS Release] Video link:

Freestyle Origins Episode One - Tom Paterson - Riverboarding

Tom Paterson stars in the first episode of Freestyle Origins, his new riverboarding video series for Face Level.

Riverboarding Cherry Creek (GoPro HD)


FIRANTCHA AND HAIMACALA PEOPLE, PLAY IN THE RIVER... Videography by ....tebing.enterprise,

Mike McVey Riverboarding Metlako Falls 101 Ft Eagle Creek Oregon

So Ive been looking for a huge waterfall to huck my self off and i found this one I didnt even look at the falls when hiking up and just jumped in above Punchbowl ran Punchbowl and then went to the lip of Metlako...head first over a 101 foot waterfall on a Fluid Anvil is on another level of crazy and what a hard hit at the bottom but all went well what an epic day with my Maine kayaking buddies hucking the MEATZZZZZZ..Mike McVey Riverboarding Metlako Falls Eagle Creek Oregon

Riverboarding / Hydrospeed Waterfall Record Attempt

Teaser for Charl van Rensburg's record setting waterfall attempt in South Africa the beginning of March 2008.

Hydrospeed Soca Expedition - attempt at riverboarding 140km in one go

After rowing the Atlantic ocean the adventurer Marin Medak ( set himself a new challenge. Riverboard the stunning Slovenian river Soča, 140km in one go without sleep. After 16 hours in the water and 46 kilometres covered the expedition was stopped due to the leaking drysuit. Equipment used: Gecko Headgear helmet ( and Fluid Anvil hydrospeed.

Wave Riverboarding Tasikmalaya ~ ciwulan tasikmalaya

Karena tak ada yang lebih pintar di sini, yang ada hanyalah sekumpulan orang orang yang mau BELAJAR.
Mari belajar salam sejajar!!!!!!!

Riverboarding Byllesby HD - Eric Hamrick

Sept. 6, 2014 - Riverboarding Byllesby Wes Heim, Nikki Rivers, Kevin Yount, Douglas Lattin, Eric Hamrick, and Brett Mansfield

River boarding & tubing at Sungai Cikaengan Garut, feel so amazing!

Karang Taruna Kelurahan Sukawarna menjajal sungai Cikaengan, Banjarwangi garut.
sungai yang bersih dan masih sangat alami memiliki potensi yang begitu tinggi ~

Riverboarding Grand Canyon - Upset Rapid

Riverboarding the Colorado thru the Grand Canyon. Spectacular!

Indonesia Riverboarding

River Cowboy Upper Pekalen Probolinggo East Java Indonesia

Riverboarding World Championship 2013 - Day 2: Boardercross

1st Riverboarding World Championship 2013 - Day 2nd : Boardercross Highlights
November 8th, 2013 at Citarum River, Rajamandala, West Java, Indonesia

Kananaskis Whitewater Riverboarding

Kananaskis Whitewater Riverboarding with Class 2-3 rapids

Riverboarding World Championship 2015 Guatemala

Vidéo des championnats du monde de riverboarding au Guatemala à Lanquin, sur la rivière Rio Cahabon et Rio Lanquin.

Zambezi River Rafting and Riverboarding - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Rafting and riverboarding on the Zambezi River with Adventure Zone, located in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The video was shote and intially edited by the crew of Adventure Zone, and re-edited by me. I'm the one on the second riverboard, following my guide Martin through all the insanity.

The crew at Adventure Zone were great and provided a fantastic adrenaline-filled day. I highly recommend a trip down the river with them if you ever visit Vic Falls.

Wicked Whitewater Kayaking and Riverboarding in Maine

Movie ive been working on since coming to New Zealand kinda sucks had to delete alot of stuff that made movie on key so i didnt have to wait 30 hours to upload with this NZ internet but i figured you guys would enjoy it...ive been trying to send myself and given'er feckin' hell on everything i can do and cant wait till i get on my next MEAT PILEZ...all footage is from the best place on Earth the wicked state of MAINE....Wicked Whitewater Kayaking and Riverboarding in Maine

Riverboarding the American River

A watery adventure from the depths of Davey Jones' tributary

Music: Enter Shikari (Juggernauts - Nero Remix)

river boarding at citarum river 2 bandung

river boarding at citarum river 2 bandung