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ACA 2016 - Ringball highlights 01

Ringball ft Wynand Zaayman

Sports Federation TV is joined weekly by members of the WP Sports Council. Promoting sport in Western Province. Flights weekly on Cape Town TV. Fri 9pm, Sat 8am. DSTV Ch263

Kruiskyk Sport Ringbal Demo

Kruiskyk Sport

Korfball aka Ringball side view biomechanical analysis example

A side view of two successful overlay-ed attempts.



These is a sport played by people who have total blindness. lt's managed by FIVE RING BALL ASSOCIATION. (kenya) All rights are reserved

Tennkoit court easy marking plan

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World Championships in Gymwheel 2016 Team Final Israel Liron Di Castro Straight line

gymnastics in a wheel - Gymwheel
Gimnasia en una rueda - Gymnastic Wheel
I have to replace the music because of copyright problems. Sorry

This Song Called Side Path from Kevin MacLeod

World Championships in Gymwheel 2016
Weltmeisterschaften in Rhönrad

Rollover with Ring or Ball

USA Swimming presents a series of exercises designed to enhance a swimmers dryland training regimen, with National Team Strength and Conditioning Coach Lori Briggs. In this video, Briggs demonstrates Rollovers with Ring/Ball.

Virat Kohli Amazing Accuracy Hitting Drive Through Rolling Tyres

Watch Virat Kohli Amazing Accuracy Hitting Drive Through Rolling Tyres .

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Diggin Spinos Magnetospheres!

Master the forcefield with Spinos magnetospheres! Spin the sphere to play. Connect your power ring with the magnetic force field around the Spinos to magically control the spinning sphere without touching it. You can actually feel the power between the ball and the ring. There are tons of games and tricks you can play and learn from battling to maze challenges.
There are different sets and you can collect and connect them all. Everything works together so the more you get the bigger, more challenging, and more fun your trax system becomes. Powered by magnets. No batteries required. Ages 6+.

Biomechanical analysis in Sport Science for Ringball

Front view of successful vs failed attempt. Notice the left hand dropping in on the failed attempt

Pro Mini Hoop Indoor Basketball Hoop by SKLZ

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Is your room, dorm, or office slam-ready?

The Pro Mini Hoop by SKLZ allows you to bring your basketball game anywhere. Your indoor basketball hoop has the look, function and durability of a pro-grade basket with a break-away steel rim hoop. Mini basketball and over the door basketball will never be the same! Say goodbye to any other indoor hoop.

The Pro Mini Hoop comes in different sizes and even glows in the dark if you go for the Pro Mini Hoop Midnight. Your hoop easily sets up on doors for instant fun. Separate wall mounts are available too. A 5 inch Mini Hoop Ball comes with your purchase of a hoop. And of course, the glow in the dark Pro Mini Hoop Midnight comes with a 5 inch glow in the dark ball.

Your Pro Mini Hoop will give you ginormous home court advantage. You will know every double wall bank shot and ceiling to swish option when you take on friends in first to 5 points games. Jumpers, dunks, diving onto the bed bank shots and the occasional air ball can be seen in the rooms and offices of young and old. Pro Mini Hoop is simply too much fun for any certain age.

Check out the Pro Mini Hoop Video

0:05 Intro to Pro Mini Hoop
0:10 The study break swish provides a great mental break.
0:15 Master the office pass to jump shot.
0:20 Pro Mini Hoop one on one lay ups are great entertainment.
0:25 Did that shot really go in?!
0:30 Learn how to install the Pro Mini Hoop.
0:35 The shatterproof backboard stays strong.
0:40 You can't go wrong at an office meeting with a Pro Mini Hoop.
0:45 Bedroom shots are easy.
0:50 Dorm room shots? No big deal.
0:55 Crazy dunks are typical on a Pro Mini Hoop.
1:00 Find out where you can get one.


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lowerd ring ball

some awsome fun with a lowerd ring

How to make a Basketball net | 12 strings

First of all, friends, sorry about my English in this video, if I said something wrong, including: pronunciation, writing and speaking, ok! The goal of this video is to help, however, if you really pay attention you'll be able to make the net...So, sorry if I made some mistake, ok...

What's up guys! Follow the demonstration how to make a Basketball net. Check it out!

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WC Ringball with Wynand Zaayman and Johan van der Berg

Sport Federation TV is joined weekly by Sport Federations in the Western Cape. Flights weekly on Cape Town TV. Fri 9pm, Sat 8am. DSTV Ch263

Korfball aka Ringball biomechanical analysis example side view of arch

Overlay of the arch of both successful attempts

King of the Ring

Fun activity for U5-U8 players

How To make A Monkey Fist Paracord Key Chain

The Monkey Fist paracord key chain is the perfect addition to your keys! It can offer protection for yourself and flair to your key chain.

It's small enough that it can be easily kept in your purse or pocket for an added sense of security. All you need to make this easy Monkey Fist Paracord Key Chain is a piece of paracord, steel ball bearing/marble/anything round, and a key ring.

Materials used
550 Paracord
Steel ball bearing
Key ring

**please note there are some state law regarding possession of a monkey's fist. Check yours out**

Korfball aka Ringball biomechanical analysis back view example

Simple biomechanical analysis of a bacj view of 2 successful attempts



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