2015 Racquets Singles World Championship, Leg 1

Stout vs. Hopton. Match start time 2:00pm EST.


World Champ Doubles

Prince Phantom Racquets from Tennis Warehouse

TW VLOG #442 - Tennis Racquets for Power and Spin

Looking to add some power and spin to your tennis game? Tennis Warehouse showcases some of our favorite tennis racquets to help you do just that! Babolat, Head, Wilson and Volkl!

English - HEAD Making of: Tennis Racquets

Ever wondered how a HEAD tennis racquet gets made? Take a unique look behind the scenes in the new episode of HEAD YouTek™ 'Making of'!

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Marcos Baghdatis Destroys FOUR Racquets | Australian Open 2012

Breaking one racquet might be called careless, but to break four... Marcos Baghdatis destroys four racquets en route to a four-set loss to Stanislas Wawrinka. Subscribe:

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Australian Open 2016 from 19 January - 1 February 2016.

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Top 5 Best Control Tennis Racquets for Intermediate/Advanced Players

Top 5 Best Control Tennis Racquets for Intermediate/Advanced Players

Tennis Reviews shows you their Top 5 Best Control Tennis Racquets for Intermediate/Advanced Players. These are racquets for players that have long and fast strokes and have been playing tennis for a while. If you consider yourself either an intermediate or advanced level player or in between, then these racquets should work well for you.

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2015 Wilson Blade 98 (16x19) ►

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro (Novak Djokovic) ►

Head Graphene XT Radical Pro (Andy Murray) ►

Yonex Ezone DR 98 ►

2015 Wilson Blade 98 (18x20) ►

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Racket #2►Yonex DR 98:
Strings►Volkl Cyclone 16g:
Shoes►Adidas Barricade 2015:
Bag►HEAD Tour Team 6R Combi Tennis Bag:
Grip #1► Wilson Pro Overgrip:
Grip #2►Volkl V-Dry:
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TW VLOG #386 - The Best Tweener Racquets

Chris The VlogMan takes a look at the best 'tweener-style tennis racquets. These are perfect for modern players at any level.

5 Great Control & Feel Racquets - VLOG #454

Tennis Warehouse takes a look at some of our favorite racquets loaded with feel and control. Plush responsive racquets from Wilson, Volkl, Prince, Yonex and Babolat.

Tennis Lesson for Beginners: Racquets & Shoes - Part 5 of 5

This isn't everything but enough for you to get started with the game. Join the Premium Website on for Video Lessons. Why pay $60+ dollars per hour to have a coach show you the basics?!! Get all the basic tennis strokes down for 3 months, ALL YOU CAN WATCH for a similar amount. All the levels are covered from Novice to Advanced ( Pro Level ). Lets...Lock and Roll!!!

How Tennis Racquets are made

A visit to the Wilson Tennis Racquet factory in Shanghai, China to see how tennis racquets are made. Tennis racquets have progressed a lot over the past 20 years. The modern tennis racquet is a thing of beauty, composed of hi-tec materials with accurate balance and great strength. Have a look at how tennis racquets are made for a fun five minutes that will show you the entire process.

TW VLOG #387: Best Modern Player's Tennis Racquets

See our picks for the best modern player's tennis racquets on the market today. These offer the crisp, lively feel and slightly more forgiveness like 'tweener frames, but with a bit more traditional control and feel. It's the best of both worlds!

How to Pick A Tennis Racquet

Tennis Warehouse discusses how to choose the right tennis racquet for your game. Head size, string pattern, grip size, weight and balance are all talked about along with the importance of trying before you buy.

How to choose a tennis racquet - VLOG #489

Tennis Warehouse explains how to select the best tennis racquet for your game. We discuss the three main types of tennis racquets - game improvement, 'tweener and control - and what types of game styles they suit best.

Babolat tennis racquets

Πως φτιάχνεται μια ρακέτα Babolat, οι τεχνολογίες και όλοι οι παράμετροι που επηρεάζουν μια ρακέτα.
Δείτε όλο το βίντεο !!!

First Look at Dunlop Srixon Racquets -- Vlog #555

Chris takes a first look at the new Dunlop Srixon Racquets which will be available soon at Tennis Warehouse!

Top 5 Weirdest Racquets

Tennis has been around for a long time, which has given would be innovators plenty of time to come up with quirky and unusual racquet designs.Although they're different from the norm, people who have played with some of these designs absolutely swear by them.

So to celebrate the quirky, weird and different, Tennis Now will take a look at five of the most unusual tennis racquets around.

Guide to Yonex Badminton Racquets

A consise guide to Yonex badminton racquet technology and picking the right racquet for your game. Featuring top players Chris Adcock & Robert Blair from Yonex UK.

World #1 in Badminton.

Gear Up with Tennis Warehouse - 'Tweener Racquets

Learn all about 'tweener-style tennis racquets...what are they, what pros use them and are they right for your game?

2017 Racquets World Championship Singles, 1st Leg | New York

First leg of the 2017 World Rackets Singles Championship at the New York Racquet and Tennis Club between James Stout (Holder) vs Tom Billings (Challenger)