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RACKETLON - MS - Final - European Championships Singles 2017 - Higlights

Rav Rykowski (Poland) vs Leon Griffiths (Great Britain)
TT : 15-21
BA : 18-21
SQ : 21-6
TE : 16-12

credit :

Racketlon: 2017 East Midlands Open Men's A Final: Dan Busby v Luke Barnes

Full match highlights of the 2017 East Midlands Open Men's A Final between Dan Busby v Luke Barnes in a rematch of the 2016 final.

The tournament, the first on the 2017 UK Racketlon Tour, was held on 11 Feb at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre.

Sporadic commentary from Sam Barker, Jon Spinks and Johnny Bispham.

RACKETLON - MS - Final - World Championships Singles 2014

Jesper Ratzer vs Kasper Jønsson

13th FIR World Racketlon Championships Mens Final

Jesper Ratzer v Kaspar Jonsson - both players from Denmark play a spectacular final in the conclusion to the 2013 World Championships which had over 600 players from over 30 countries. Racketlon has 4 sports and is points based with only one winner.

Racketlon South Africa OPEN 2015

Racketlon SA Open 2015 Championships Highlights held at UCT Cape Town.

Jürgen Melzer at the 2. FIR European Racketlon Championships presented by Babolat

Jürgen Melzer is partnering Christoph Krenn in the Racketlon Amateur Doubles competition at the EC 2017 in Vienna.

Racketlon - Vier Sportarten auf einen Schlag

Wem Tischtennis, Badminton, Squash und Tennis alleine zu langweilig ist, der kann sich beim Racketlon in allen Disziplinen beweisen. FIT FOR FUN hat den Schlagabtausch getestet.

Racketlon IWT Latvian open 2017

7 – 9 of July, 2017
Latvian Racketlon federation, with support of Latvijas Valsts Mezi, LSFP and FIR and sponsors.

Contact: ;

What is Racketlon

Racketlon 2017 SA Open

Racketlon SA Open 2017 highlights

Jesper Ratzer: 6x World Racketlon Champion (ETT #19)

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If you haven’t heard of racketlon before you need to check it out. It’s an incredible sport that combines table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis to determine who is the best all round racket sports player. The sport is relatively new but is growing in popularity in Europe and already has world rankings and a world championships.

So, who is the best all round racket sports player in the world? Well, he’s Jesper Ratzer from Copenhagen in Denmark and he joins me on this episode of The Expert Table Tennis Podcast. Jesper was an accomplished badminton and tennis player as a child, but it was only when he first got involved in racketlon that he discovered the joys and struggles of table tennis. Since then he has been training hard to improve his game and play, as he says, “proper table tennis”.

Table tennis can be particularly tough for adult starters to get into. Most of the coaching in our sport is aimed at the junior players and seniors are pretty much expected to already be able to play before turning up to most clubs. This means that the majority of adult starters struggle to make any significant progress and find them developing a host of bad habits and tendencies that limit their game along the way.

From what I can tell, Jesper is the exception to the rule. Despite only getting involved in competitive table tennis at the age of 28 he has quickly improved and is now a very competent player in the Danish national league. I wanted to get him on the show to find out a little more about racketlon and also discover the secret of his table tennis success. This is a brilliant interview and certainly one not to be missed!

In this episode you’ll learn:

- What racketlon actually is and how it works.
- Jesper’s involvement in sport as a child.
- How he first got involved in racketlon in 2010.
- Jesper’s thoughts on risk vs safety in competitive matches.
- How Jesper became world champion after just two years in the sport.
- About his intensive table tennis training.
- Some of his greatest struggles mastering the game of table tennis.
- The strengths and weaknesses of his game.
- Two of Jesper’s top tips for table tennis players.
- How to follow Jesper’s racketlon and table tennis results on Facebook.

Thanks for listening!

Thank you so much for joining us. I really hope you enjoyed the show and learned a lot from listening to Jesper. It was great to hear all about his journey from recreational ping pong player to competitive table tennis champion. He has done a lot of training over the past five years to make that happen! It doesn’t happen overnight. You need to put in the work and get yourself in the correct training environment. Jesper has done everything right and got the results.

If you are interested in watching Jesper in action on the table tennis table then check out the video below. It is the table tennis match from the World Racketlon Championships in 2014:

That is the sort of level you can expect to be playing at after four years of hard work as an adult starter. I’m sure that Jesper would be the first to admit that he still has plenty of areas in his table tennis game that he needs to work on, but at the same time it’s really impressive to see someone playing such high-level “proper” table tennis after just four years of training and experience.

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Episode #20 is coming up! I can’t believe we have done twenty of these already. I really enjoying interviewing these amazing guests and learning from their stories and experiences. As I said at the end of the episode, if there is anyone in particular that you would like to hear on the show then please drop me a message and let me know. I want to book on the guests that you want to hear from.

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Teaser du 1er Open International de Racketlon qui a lieu à Montreuil du 29 juin au 1er juillet 2018

Racketlon en folie !

Le Racketlon France​, tu connais ?
C'est un tournoi multi-sports de raquettes avec du tennis de table, badminton, squash et tennis ! Génial non ?

Tout savoir sur la pratique :

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UCT Racketlon 2016

UCT Once again played host to the 2016 racketlon open.
There were more than 100 participants on the day in 9 different divisions , ranging from junior u14 right though to veterans ,Mens o45’s, Ladies and Mens beginners to elite.
As always there was some familiar faces but then there were also some new comers.
So who will be crown this year UCT Racketlon OPEN champ.

RACKETLON - QF - World Championships Singles 2014

QF - Kasper Jønsson vs Calum Reid

I Love Racketlon Because...

In Racketlon you play your opponent at TABLE TENNIS, BADMINTON, SQUASH and then TENNIS (in that order), with each sport played to 21 points: the player who scores the most points across all four sports wins the Racketlon match!

Racketlon WC 2011 - Hightlights Exhibition

Austrian Racket Legends vs. World Racketlon Team 84:61; +23
Tabletennis: Chen Weixing -- Martin Björkryd (Swe) 21:17
Badminton: Luka Wraber -- Jesper Ratzer (Den) 21: 15
Squash: Clemens Wallishauser -- Raffael Rykovski (Pol) 21:15
Tennis: Jürgen Melzer -- Christoph Krenn (Aut) 21:14

Racketlon World Championships 2012

Highlights of the English Open Racketlon Mens A Final Reid v Deck

The 2013 FIR English Open Final. Calum Reid v Thorsten Deck, with commentary from Ray Jordan and Dave Ridout

Gus Hansen-Daniel Majetic Gothenburg Racketlon Open 2011

A few rallies from the 1 st round between the poker star Gus Hansen and Daniel Majetic in Gothenburg Racketlon Open 2011. Racketlon is a sport there you play tabletennis,badminton,squash and tennis.



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