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Best of Pradal Serey Vol. 1

Highlights of the best Kun Khmer bouts put into compilation

Khmer Boxing, Bird Kham Vs. Sang Vichaka (60kg) 2007 Pradal Serey DVD

Red: Bird Kham
Blue: Sang Vichaka (60kg)

TV5 Boxing - 2007 DVD

Human Weapon Pradal Serey - Double Elbow Slash

Er, they originally called it Water buffalo Horn Fighting. That's a bit of a mouthful, though, so I'll go with the cooler sounding Double Elbow Slash. It's a counter in which you land not one, but two elbows to your opponent. Ouch!

Erik Massion(Germany)Muay Thai Vs Kun Khmer Fighter(cambodia)

Erick Massion Vs Kun Khmer Fighter At Mae Sot

Khmer's Boxing (Pradal Serey)

Ancient technique Khmer (Cambodia) fighting

Team Pradal Serey Gym Preview - Exclusive

Registered Fighter visits Team Pradal Serey in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Sam Lok Neak Ta Pradal Serey-clinch training: elbow lock and knee

pradal serey clinche break and elbow

intermediate/advance Pradal Serey clinche work. Requested by pradal serey fans from overseas who can't come and train. Sam Lok was taught by 3 grandmasters and father to preserve khmer kun boran(ancient khmer martial arts). The first and only school in Canada that offers Khmer Boran style of fighting.
This technique is used when only one hand is in the inside dominate position.
1. inside hand overlaps opponent arm, lock near the upper elbow
2. outside hand scrapes opponents eyes to blind them, at the same time pinch opponents hand with your jaw and shoulder together bringing your hand to the other side of opponents head.
3. your arm hooking the elbow should then grab your other arm as you overlap by the biceps
4. squeeze your abs and twist with your arm forcing your opponent down
3. knee to the face or floating rib

Pradal Serey 6/3/12 - Basic Kicks

There mainly 2 kicks used in Khmer Boxing: push kick and roundhouse kick. But there a few variations of each kick.

For instance, Thek / Chroth Assey / Push Kick) can be executed from the front or back. Striking method can either be heel, ball of foot, or sole. Area of attack are stomach, chest, and head.

Kat Trolach / Kapp Chhaan / Roundhouse Kick targets the thigh, ribs, shoulders, and head using the shin and instep. can be executed from front or back. You may also change the low roundhouse kick into a sweep.

Neak Ta Ottawa Gym - Kickboxing, MMA tips for perfecting your martial art kicking techniques

Please be advised we are not responsible if you do injure yourself or others following our kicking lessons. Thank you and enjoy :)
Please come visit us at our Ottawa fitness and combat Gym. We offer BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu), MMA, Pradal Serey, Muay Thai kickboxing and personal fitness routines with our certifed personal trainers.

In this video Ronan Drysdale give's tips on perfecting your kicks at the Ottawa MMA, BJJ, Kickboxing gym Neak Ta.

The small details will help you with your Pradal Serey, Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA striking. Foot work is important, hip leg, knee, shin and foot alignment builds a stronger kick.

Warm up leg exercises and dynamic stretching for safe training.
You can start with skipping for 5 minutes, jump squats, burpees, pretty much anything to get your legs warmed up for the fitness routine. Once you feel warmed up start dynamic stretches, find an area for good balance and swing your legs to open your hips up. Increase the height and speed for 2-3 mins per leg. You can do light static stretches but not too hard.
You can also have a partner or place your leg on a chair to do leg twisty to open your hip and work on the kicking form. Go for 1 minute on each leg.

Find a range to kick the bag with your shin. Practice slowly with form and technique. If you have a camera record your kids for review. Your heel should be facing the target and your striking knee pointing to the ground. Your shin will be sore for 3 months before as the nerves will slowly die out, then increase the kicks power to build bone density.

As a fitness personal trainer in Ottawa, I've seen great results in slim waist line do to kicking with your hips rather than using your legs. Don't forget to stretch you legs out after your Pradal Serey, Muay Thai, kickboxing, MMA routines. drink fluids to replenish your electrolytes.

Feel free to comment and suggest any future video's and don't forget to subscribe for more video's. We will do our best to record at our Neak Ta Ottawa fitness and MMA gym.

Video concepts by Ronan and directing and editing by Vipooshan Gangatharan

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Please watch: Neak Ta submissions highlight at Grappling Industries


As artes marciais mais curiosas da história: Pradal Serey

Os diários de uma guerreira conta nesse vídeo sobre mais uma arte marcial curiosa, a cambojana Pradal Serey também conhecido por Kun Khmer. Um estilo de luta desarmada, o Pradal Serey foi originalmente utilizado com ênfase para a defesa militar.

Best of Pradal Serey Vol. 3

Compilation of some of the best Kun Boran Khmer matches put together.

Human Weapon - Pradal Serey Flying Knee and Elbow Combination

Human Weapon - Pradal Serey Flying Knee and Elbow Combination

Kun Khmer Elbow Technique

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Chey Kosal Vs. Ot Phuthong (67kg) 2007 Pradal Serey DVD

Red: Chey Kosal
Blue: Ot Phuthong (67kg)

TV5 Boxing - 2007 DVD, Championship bout.

Pradal Serey 6/3/12 - Boxing Defense

This training regimen focuses on defensive moves against punches.


Pradal Serey 6/3/12 - Wai Kaenh Bawtt (Elbow Strikes)

There are several elbow strikes in Khmer Martial Arts. The ones you see here are:

1. Kat - chopping sideways and/or forward targetting the chin and jaw
2. Kapp - chopping diagonal targetting the forehead and temple
3. Reverse (don't know Khmer name) - striking backwards using the end point to smash into the ribs, solar plexus, neck, and jaw
4. Kkaok - striking upwards into the chin or face if the opponent is facing down
5. Pous - smashing downward and/or forward into the head, shoulder, leg, and back
6. Bawk - spinning elbow strike can be used from 3 angles: side, up, and down.

Human Weapon Pradal Serey - Flying Knee Elbow Combination

Talk about the slight theatrics. This move looks pretty sick, if a bit hard to pull off. One of those high risk high reward sort of moves? I like it.

Clinching Motivation, Neak Ta Pradal Serey in Ottawa, Ontario (Part 4) - Directed by Garmamie

A short docu-promo on a Neak Ta Pradal Serey, Khmer Martial Arts club in Ottawa headed by Sam Lok.

Sam Lok is recognized by other khmer martial arts schools in Cambodia, US, Canada, France, and Australia as the only teacher in Canada and US that offers authentic khmer boran style fighting with grappling and wrestling.

Directed by Garmamie

Pradal Serey Double Elbow Slash - Human Weapon

Pradal Serey Double Elbow Slash - Human Weapon