Gato Sampler - The Legend of Powerbocking & Jumping Stilts

Grand master GATO
El padre de todos los zanquistas de Chile.
probablemente el mejor rider del mundo y sigue vigente a sus 65 años!
Grande gato, no te mueras nunca maquina!

Powerbocking High Jump

First successful jump over 2,62meters with stilts! ;-)

Échasses Urbaines / Jumping stilts / Powerbocking : Street freestyle & Flat 2014

Compilation des meilleurs moments filmés au cours de notre dernière session freestyle a VITTEL, en partenariat avec Powerstrider et Normandy Jump. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre sur Facebook et nous suivre ! Jumping stilts , Powerbocking , échasses urbaines , freestyle , Flip , car , Skyrunner

60 Best Bloopers Of Powerbocking 2012-2016 (Of Impacto Extremo)

Para llegar a ser lo que somos tuvimos que caer primero... y Muchas veces!!... 5 años juntando videos para armar este gran compilado y Ranking, pueden votar por su Blooper favorito, Disfrutenlo!
(y no se lo muestren a nuestras mamas por favor) /

To be what we are today... we had to fall... many times. 5 years putting all this videos together to make the best ranking ever. Vote for your favorite blooper. Enjoy! (Don't show it to our moms)

More Dangerous Powerbocking Jumping Stilts (Parque Renato Poblete, Chile)

Sesion extrema de tu team favorito! De vuelta a Chile con toda la adrenalina de siempre!


This is a totally random vid of me bocking lingwood. (tiny bit of norwich too) Filmed over quite a while. I used to use the camera to see what I was doing wrong so i decided to edit it and now I take the cam out more.

Anybody who knows me will sorta see this is from where I began to put some effort in. Before I didn't bock loads and loads or really try much but from about the start of this I did. I sucked even more before lol.

Started on a set of carbon m70's (almost 80's) until I broke them. Switched to M90's for like..I duno, 30 mins coz I didn't like them then went on to T-rex. The juniors were a total laugh. They are actually really fun. Included for laughs.

Probs the first bocking vid of mine. Should have probably put some effort in lol but meh. Would rather be bocking lol. I'm starting to progress pretty fast. This stuff is out of date but hey ho.

100 Backflip Around the World - Rambo Powerbocking Awesome

No me creyeron cuando dije que recorrería Europa a puros mortales... Aquí la prueba!! Gracias a mi Team Impacto Extremo y a todos mis amigos del Camino que hicieron posible esta gran travesía!

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Extreme Powerbocking Jumping Stilts

Parkour on steroids! Subscribe: | Facebook: Submit your video:

IE in Russia (Europa Tour Part 3) - Powerbocking - Jumping Stilts

La Epica incursión de Impacto Extremo en Moscú! No te la pierdas!

Welsh Bockers and Jurassic Jumpers: Powerbocking

I've wanted to make a video like this for a long time, something that's been bubbling away on the backburner of my brain for the past 18 months... Finally it's here, in 720p HD.

Alternate Title - New Shoes
Watch in HQ please :)

Szczudła do skakania - Powerbocking to naprawdę wymagająca zabawa. - S01E37

Jumping Stilts, czyli specjalne szczudła, które pozwalają wysoko skakać i szybko biegać. Mega zajawka dla parkurowców i freerunerów. Dzisiaj ULTRA NIEMULA nie będzie! Pokażcie nam, kto w Polsce daje radę w tym sporcie! Miłego ;)

Na skróty:

Snapchat: niemul

Powerbocking Training Chile 2016 - Impacto Extremo

Después de un año de entrenamientos, este es el esperado nuevo video de Impacto Extremo. Para todos los Fans a nivel internacional. Felices Saltos!

NPD's Freestyle Jumping stilts / Powerbocking / Echasses urbaines

Movie realised during the jumping stilts contest Nancy Power Day in France.
Thank's to all the powerbockers , particulary to Dennis, Lukas, Marvin, Armand, Killian and Tristan ! It was awesome !

Echasses urbaines / Jumping stilts / freestyle 2014

Vidéo d'acrobaties et de freestyle en échasses urbaines ! Dans les villes de Nancy, Rouen, Elbeuf...
Remerciements à Normandy Jump & POWERSTRIDER !
Powerbocking, jumping stilts, awesome flips !

Viña del Mar & Reñaca 2017 - Impacto Extremo Jumping Stilts Powerbocking

El Clásico street de verano de tu equipo favorito! Locuras en Viña 2017. Riders: Gato - Rambo - Bradson - Barraza - Daft - Exe - I-nos - Leo

TOP FIVE_ Powerbocking, Slacklining Parkour _ PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2017

Go big or Go Home.

Bradson Sampler Impacto Extremo (Powerbocking / Jumping Stilts)

The best trick of Bradson of Impacto Extremo Chile!

Impacto Extremo Europa Tour 2016 - Powerbocking JumpingStilts

Primera parte del Tour Europa!
Milan (Italy) - Nancy (France) - Köln (Germany) - Amsterdam & Hoorn (Holland) - Amberes (Belgium) - Leeds & Londres (England) - Paris & Villotte & Metz (France) - Berna & Alpes Suizos

Rambo Sampler Powerbocking Jumping Stilts 2016 - Impacto Extremo

Recoleccion de las mejores acrobacias de Rambo de Chile. Powerbocking life!

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FrontFlip to bridge In Jumping Stilts / Powerbocking

Powerbocking The next level...
Impacto Extremo it's in the house