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power skating tips demo

Hockey skating drills by Victor. Amazing technique. More on his website,

Power Hockey

Hockey Power Play: Hybrid Overload/Umbrella

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Field Hockey Power Training | 3 Plyometric Exercises

Field Hockey Power Training & Plyometric Exercises:

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Here's to taking your game to the next level.

Lauren Penny
Ex-International Hockey Player & Performance Coach

3 Easy ways to Improve Your Shot Power - How To Hockey

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In this video I give you 3 easy ways that you can increase the power of your shot. I tested these methods on a radar gun and quickly improved the power of my shot.
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Drag flicks ● The power of hockey ᴴᴰ

This video is about the power of hockey: Drag flicks!
We have put together some of the best drag flicks executed in the past 2 years.

What do you think about the video?
Which others drag flicks would you have picked?
Share you thoughts with us!

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Hockey Power Play: Overload

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Calgary Power Hockey League Documentary

A Documentary made by one of our very own CPHL players, Ben Thorne.
This documentary explains the many complexities to understanding the rules, leveling system, game play and the various needs within our Calgary based league.


This is a quick video of kids training for ice hockey. These drills will help build stronger legs for fast skating.

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Hockey Canada - Skating

Fit To Be King | Science of Hockey: The Power Skating of Alec Martinez

Matt Price explains the science behind Alec Martinez' power skating and shows you an exercise to help you strengthen your skating on the ice. Presented by Lenny and Larry's.

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Hockey power play breakout | avantage numérique

Entrainement Hockey présente un vidéo sur la sortie de zone standard en power play.

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Hockey's Finest - The Powerplay

The powerplay is key to any championship hockey team. These clutch powerplay specialists display the core attributes that make them one of hockey's finest.

Flint Powers vs. Farmington - 2016 Hockey Highlights on STATE CHAMPS! Power Play

Flint Powers vs. Farmington - 2016 Hockey Highlights on STATE CHAMPS! Power Play

Hockey Insights from Coach Eaves - Power Play in the Offensive Zone

University of Wisconsin Men's Hockey Coach Mike Eaves offers insights into hockey fundamentals, strategy and the rules of the game in this series of videos. In this video he offers insight into the power play in the offensive zone.

Watch Badger hockey on The Wisconsin Channel. Visit for a full schedule and more information.

Professional Power Skating and Skills Training: Fall Break 2017 Sweden: F.E. HOCKEY

Some clips from our Sweden fall break camps week 44 2017 in Södertälje, Sandviken, and Rimbo. For bookings please visit
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Hockey Power Play: Umbrella

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Hockey Power Play: Breakout

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MLX Ice Hockey Skating Lesson: Power Turns

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How to shoot Backhand in Hockey (With Power)

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In this video I show you three steps to getting a really good backhand shot. The first step is the puck location, the second step is the orientation of the blade, and the third step is unleashing your power!
Having a powerful backhand shot in hockey is very important. This video should help you improve your backhand and get more power.
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