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Boris Johnson calls Sadiq Khan "some puffed up pompous popinjay" over cancelled Trump visit to UK

i24news UK and Europe correspondent Jonathan Sacerdoti reports as Boris Johnson calls Sadiq Khan some puffed up pompous popinjay over cancelled Trump visit to UK.

Popinjay King BK Fiskgjusen 2008

Medeival spring tradition of popinjay.
Archery contest shot with a longbow and with a parrot as a target.
The winner is called the parrot king.
BK Fiskgjusen in Gustavsberg, Sweden

Popinjay "Pop" on a tethered pigeon

Young puppy: Popinjay is Impact Player X Elektra. (English Setter)

Old Delph Popinjay fun 1

NFAS open shoot at Old Delph Archers, These are some vids of people enjoying the Novelty Popinjay shot.
If you recognise yourself say hi.
More to come.

Popinjay Queen BK Fiskgjusen 2008

Medeival spring tradition of archery.
The target is a parrot. The female winner is called the Parrot Queen. At Atchery club BK Fiskgjusen in Sweden.

unesco film staande wip traditional sports flanders popinjay

unesco film staande wip

Old Delph Popinjay fun 2

The Popinjay at Old Delph

Popinjay's Last Ridge Side Climb on an Hour Run

Priprema popinjay rampi

Tollywood superstar Dev vs Jeet cricket match!!!

At first Dev scores a half century for Ley Chakka Team; then in other match Dev and Jeet comes face to face!!! You will also find Arijit Dutta. Background song : I Love You!!! (Credit : DTS - Dev The Superstar)

Braintree Bowmen - I.L.A.A. Field shoot

Beautiful course among the autumnal colours

Stonor Inaugural Finsbury Archers Shoot

Roving Marks, Speed and Flight shoots.


A quick practice session before we head off to the 2016 NFAS 3D champs in Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire.

"Underhand" and "Forehand" in Toxophilus

Music credit:


Mockingjay Archers Pole Archery Club

Merry Men and Artemis Archers in Richer have amalgamated.

Club President Sarah Belisle says the club was not co-ed, as per tradition, but would often shoot together, and after hearing other clubs were becoming co-ed, they decided to follow suit and rename the club Mockingjay Archers.

BK Fiskgjusen Archery with a stone age bow

Bo Lindberg 77 years of age showing his 50 pound selfbow he made himself of ash.
The bow is a flatbow of stone age design. Bo lives in Stavsnas in the archipelago east of Stockholm in Sweden.
Hi is a member of the archery clubb longbow team.
The bow was made under the supervision of bowmaker Alexander Ravenna

Bickerstaffe Bows - Simple Longbow

Welcome to Bickerstaffe Bows - Here is a short video showing our Simple Longbow.
All our bows are hand made to measure using only the finest materials.

Visit - - contact us - we are always happy to advise you on your perfect bow.


Vertical Popinjay Clicker

Twitching for Spring Chinook Salmon

Twitch up a Spring Chinook on small, SW Washington River with Jason Hambly & Josh Cooper. Learn the not so well known springer technique that's catching on. Spro RkStar Salmon & Steelhead jigs will be available soon at and in the shop at 542 Park St. in downtown Woodland, WA.

Coastal Archers Clout Shoot 2012

Coastal Archers 2012 Clout Shoot.



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