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Pole climbing


Pole Climbing Competition Woodfest 2011

Steve Sutherland competing in the Pole Climbing Championships at Woodfest 2011. Time 21.6 seconds.

Pole Climbing Tips and Techniques

This video describes safe techniques for pole climbing, one of 14 physical timbersports events that are part of the Southern Forestry Conclave.

Pole Climb Tutorial

In this video, I want to show the form on how to climb a 20 foot pole. I decided not to wear shoes to demonstrate true Quadrupedalism. For beginners check my other video Quadrupedal movement. The form to climbing poles is simple, Pull with the Hands and push with the feet and toes. Center the weight at your core and keep your back straight. Put your body in a V shape. When you move up with your right hand, your left leg should move up simaltaneously, likewise with the left hand and right leg. If you have any questions, please email me at

Trainee - Theodore Haugland

Pole fitness Climb / Climbing tutorial

Pole fitness/ Poledance climb / Climbing technique tutorial

If you have questions or appreciated the video, please comment 😊

7 Pole Dance Climbs

I love being able to climb the pole and wanted to show you some fun ways of climbing. Some you may already know, and some may be new to you.

Of course there are so many beautiful ways to climb the pole but for now, I wanted to share these 7 with you.

If you want to make these into a workout, you can choose 3 or 4 climbs and make sure you do 3 reps per side. Using your climbs as exercises will really get you strong and sweating.

I have listed our climbs below. Please subscribe and I will bring you more pole goodness.



Basic Climb
Forearm Climb
Side Climb
Caterpillar Climb
Pull Up Climb
Outside Climb Over
Chinese Pole Climb


WEARING: Crop top and shorts by Dragonfly



World's Fastest Speed Climber - Stirling Hart

Stirling Hart shows the crowd at the Campbell River Logger Sports why he is the fastest speed climber in the world today. Check out the playlist of logger sports videos.

Pole Climbing

Ellart 'Dutch' Vreugdenhil climbs the 20 foot pole in 4.5 seconds at the Southern Forestry Conclave.

Pole Dance Climbing Variations

My girlfriend, pole dance instructor, showing some basic climbing variations

Pole Climb Tutorial - Ace of Parkour

This is a demonstration on how to climb a 12 foot pole. This height is recommended for beginners to learn form first. The form is simple. Pull with your hands and push with your feet. Try to center your bodyweight at your core. In this tutorial I am useing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. These shoes are great for grip and traction.

Trainee - Theodore Haugland

Fierljeppen - Canal vaulting in Holland

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A look at the unusual and 'uplifting' Dutch traditional sport of Fierljeppen.

These picturesque Dutch canals are perfect for a cow to graze peacefully by, or for tourists to cycle along on the way to a quaint pub.

They're also pretty essential when it comes to the sport of canal vaulting.

'Fierljeppen' as it's known in the Netherlands dates back hundreds of years, at first simply as a way to navigate the water-filled land.

Now there's a non-profit organisation that hosts 22 rounds of Fierljeppen competitions.

Jaarsveld, on the banks of the River Lek, plays host to just one of the events on the calendar.

During the event, each competitor is allowed two minutes to prepare for his or her jump.

Each entrant has at least three attempts during the event. The top three distances in each category determine who'll compete in the final - during which Senior Men, Ladies, Junior, and Youth titles are contested.

Theo van Kooten took the honours in the men's competition, and he says the sport is like a drug.

Theo van Kooten, Winner:
I think about Fierljeppen every day. After today's competition, I'll soon start to prepare myself for next week's. Once you get involved in the sport, your whole life is taken over by it. More than any other sport I play - like football or badminton.

So there you have it. Next time it pours down with rain, leave your wellies at home, grab a giant pole, and get vaulting!

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Brave Girl Climbing On The Electric Pole

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Fastest pole climb at NLC

fastest pole climb with few mistakes. Northwest Lineman college

Netherlands' Oldest Extreme Sport - Red Bull Fierste Ljepper

With a longer jumping stick, a higher slope to jump off and deeper water in the centre of the country, Red Bull will be taking a look at the history and the limits of the Netherlands' oldest extreme sport: fierljeppen. Which athlete breaks the old records under these new and challenging circumstances? Watch and find out.

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Pole Climbing Challenging gravity

Climbing a telephone pole to the tap n get down in about four jumps!

fastest pole climbing of the world 2013

Depending champion at Dagupan Electric Corporation,rodeo @ Bacayao Substation February 15, 2013

Pole Climbing Short Demo

In the video I do some pole climbing and try to remove the rust that has accumulated over the years. As soon as I get enough practice I'll make a video on how to do it.

World 25-metre Pole climbing Championships 2016

An unusual sport, for these athletes sprinting 25 meters isn’t enough of a challenge, they prefer to do it straight up a timber pole.

The sport stems from North America where lumberjacks would scale some of the largest trees in the forest, sneding off the branches with their axes as they went up the massive trees. This provided a winching point to lift all the heavy timber to one central landing area where the machines could be used.

The sport is becoming highly specialised with a world-class field looking at the minutest details in training, equipment and nutrition to give them the winning edge.

Some use titanium spikes which can help improve times. The accomplished competitor makes this sport look easy but given the highly tuned skills required, this is very challenging indeed.

One of the day’s most popular competitors however, was a man older than the 80-year-old tree he was climbing - 83-year-old George Tipping.

After losing his wife to cancer, George has been raising money for a cancer charity by pole climbing for over 18 years and not surprisingly won the admiration of both his peers and spectators at the event..

However, the overall winner was 19yr old Dan Whelan, a tree surgeon from Shropshire, who beat World record holder Grant Galler in the final. Dan’s winning time was 9.961 – Grant’s time was 10.90.

He was one of the youngest competitors in the competition. The oldest was his grandfather, George Tipping, a spritely 83 year old from Widnes, Merseyside and a legend of the pole-climbing scene.

The World Pole Climbing Championships will take place again in the UK in two years time.

This was filmed by HUTC for news distribution – the copyright remains with HUTC

15 Pole Dance Spins into Climbing from Beginners to Advanced

A collection of 15 pole dance spins for the spinning pole (from beginners to advanced), that I use to create a seamless and fluid transition into climbing.

They would help you practice creating shapes low on the pole and get used to spinning, before you move higher. They are also a great starting point for creating combos and a fluid transition into tricks. Why? Read here:

And the best thing about it - I’ll release 1-minute short video tutorials for each spin.

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Climbing the Totem Pole - Tasmania

In spring 2017, we set out to Australia to go climb in the Grampians and Tasmania. Of Course, the Totem Pole had to be on top of the list!

To get there you need to travel to the end of the world, Tasmania, then hike 2hrs and scrample around the cliff. Abseil into the darkness and go for it!

We took the classical Free Route / Deep Play - 7b.

Climbers are Daniel and Bastian. Thanks for the awesome trip to Claudi, Isa and Maik!



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