Pod Racing

Balloon Museum FPV Pod Racing #1

Here it is!...The first Balloon Museum trophy race!!
The Southwest Pod Racers and the amazing people at the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum have come together to host one of the best FPV drone racing events.... and yes I say its the best since this is the first big race I have raced at..... and I still can't believe Ivwas able to get 5th place with the amount of talent that showed up from all over...

Huge Thanks to everyone that showed up...&...Shout out to the Top Three
1st place- Phil (sub fpv)
2nd place- Chance (FreeFall)
3rd place- Ricky (castle bravo)

Quad Set Up
X-Hover Win5
Hyperlite F4
Spedix 30amp 4in1
Emax LS 2206 2550kv
Tramp HV VTX
Lumenier AXII Stubby LHCP
Runcam Mini Swift
China Hobby line 4s 1300mah


its over

How it feels to Race Drones! POD RACING with DRONES

Just a little mix of starwars pod racing sound effects with a clip from the latest DRL ( competition.

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2017 Mexico Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Max Verstappen wins in Mexico as Lewis Hamilton clinches his fourth F1 world championship...

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Podracing meme

Podracing meme. This channel has stooped to an all time low.

Santa Pod Festival of Power 2013 - 10,000bhp Jet Cars Drag Race

There’s now a drone racing league that feels like pod racing from Star Wars

Footage by: qz.com
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POD Race at Gybe 2013

The POD Race works by placing three gybe marks at varying distances from the windward. The first 1/3 of the fleet (as determined when rounding the windward) must round the furthest gybe mark, the second 1/3 the middle gybe mark, and the final 1/3 the inside gybe mark. This results in the fleet bunching up again, making for great close-quarters racing...

FPV Drone Racing Compilation - 2015

FPV Drone Racing
The best Mini Quad drone racing videos of 2015.

2015 has seen the continued growth in FPV mini quad racing. The drone racing and acrobatic pilots who fly these multirotors just keep getting better!

The best drone racing and mini quad footage into this compilation.

Drones aren’t always capturing the most beautiful videos ever and taking long cinematic aerial videos, sometimes they are racing at high speeds through a forest or parking lot.

FPV drone racing grand prix and star wars pod racing with tight turns and high flying, action packed aerial footage.

The drones in this compilation are all flown First Person View (FPV) that allows the pilots a real time video feed making it possible to fly further and faster than if they were flying by line of site. Be it in a forest or an empty parking lot. The best technology for FPV flying is the Fat Shark Dominator HD, Fat shark are leaders in FPV goggles and live video from drones.

RTF or Ready to fly quads like the Vortex by Immersion RC are starting to become more and more prevalent. This minimises and eliminates the challenging task of building your own Quad Racer and offers more people a chance to fly.

Other multirotors used in creation of this epic FPV and acrobatic drone video is the QAV250 quadrocopter with Fat shark FPV headsets. Other Epic drone videos are made with multirotors such as the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+RTF and newly released Phantom 3, quadcopters like the Blade Nano QX are also flying FPV, with massive filming range for such a tiny drone.

Steep angled Go Pros and Mobius action cameras record the flights that can reach up to speeds of 60Mp/H or 100Km/h

These star wars pod style racers

These races don’t always go to plan, check out some Epic Drone fails and drone crashes LINK

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Song: Rudimental - Feel The Love ft. John Newman

180sec......180Trees (RAW) Part II

Bullet Train - 60fps
Brown Falcon Productions

Drone FPV - Tree Tunnel Race

Drone Racing Raw Flight QAV250 vs. Storm Racer

Left Behind –FPV

FPV MXP230 - Right on Target
Highwind FPV

FPV RACING - 250 FPV Quadcopter racing in a carpark. BRING OUT THE DRONES!!

FPV Racing - ZMR 250 - Awesome Speed Inside

Game of Drones - Aerial Sports League - 2015 Season Opener - Gate Camera - 60fps
Brown Falcon Productions

Harakiri Racing
Boris B.

CFL FPV 2015 Highlights - Hanging with Charpu, Flying the Vortex, Getting Muddy
Jefte Puente

March 15 - Pilot: Jefte - MultiGP FPV Racing
Multi Gp

One minute onboard , ImmersionRc's VORTEX... fasten seatbelt !
H mProd

Raw Flight Drone Race Practice

Never Touch the Ground - MultiGP FPV Racing
Jefte Puente

The Ultimate Visual Experience - Drone Racing and FPV Freestyle (My Year 2017)

2017 was the greatest year of my life. Be passionate and have an amazing 2018 guys!
► Gear I Use Listed Below (Click Show More)
Song - Illenium - Free Fall (ft. RUNN)
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► Drone Setup
- Lumenier 2207 2700kv Johnny FPV motor -
- RaceFlight Revolt FC-
- HobbyWing 4in1 40amp ESC -
- Lumenier AXII Antenna (LOVE THIS)-
- RunCam Swift 2 FPV Camera-
- VTX (Unfy 800mw!!)-
- ThunderPower 1300 mah 4s -
- HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S Prop (THE BEST PROP!)-
- GoPro Hero5 Session-
- Frame: AstroX X5-

-Futaba 16SGH (NEW RADIO!)-
-Futaba SBUS Receiver-

- Dominator HD v3 (THE BEST)-
- Furious True-D Diversity Receiver (Best goggle Receiver)-
- ThunderPower 2000mah 2s-
- Clearview ground station for some clips in this video

- 12-35 2.8mm lens (GH5 lens)-
- Canon G7x Mark II (Solid Vlog camera)-
- JOBY Gorilla pod (Camera handle/tripod)-
- SD Card for GH5 and G7X-
- SD Card for GoPro-
- Micro SD card reader-

- 15in MacBook Pro-
- 1TB external hard drive-
- On the go Charger (20100mah!)-

- Soldering Iron-
- On the go Soldering Iron-

- DJI Mavic-

- ThinkTank FPV Backpack-
- Battery Holder-
- GoPro/SD Card holder- Travel Case-

- TBS Crossfire System-
- TBS Crossfire Receiver-

Race Pod // QAV-X FPV Frame // GetFPV.com

Purchase the Lumenier QAV-X Race Pod here:


Hey FPV Community!

In this video, Jack will do a general overview of the QAV-X Race Pod by Lumenier.



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POD Race 1 Start 2013

The start of the first POD Race, and quite a few boats looking for best position at boat end. Listen out for some choice words during the countdown to the start!

POD Race 2 Start 2013

Calm and sunny start to POD Race 2, July 2013. A bad start is not the end of the matter - being last around the windward gives a distinct advantage on the downwind leg. 155 didn't have the brightest start but went on to win the race!

StarWars2013, Pod Racing

Pod Racing from the Outer Rim 100

Star Wars Episode I Racer

This podracing game is one of my favorite computer games, and I used to play it all the time.

I bought it in 1999 or 2000. It was actually the first of three computer software purchases I've ever made myself, along with Mathematica 5.2 and MacHeist 2 (everything else I've had was either free, came with the computer, or my parents bought it for me :-)
Nowadays, I play it occasionally, although it's a bit buggy on XP.

What I always do on a new account:
- Race using Anakin's podracer, getting first place on every track until I get to Neva Kee's track (Baroo-Küste). Buy the best I can for Neva Kee, and win the rest.

In this video, I'm racing using Neva Kee on the Mon Gazza Speedway, which is just a sprinting track on a mining planet. I've done sub-15 laps before, but on this account I can't buy anything better for my podracer, so I can't beat 15.
Then, I also recorded a race on Ord Ibana, which takes place in the sky.

Pod Racing Wash

The Pod Racing wash west of Dogskin ridge. It's whooped out so bad it's not nearly as fun as it used to be.

drone racing - fpv racing drone racing star wars style pod racing are back!

drone racing - drone racing: first person view (fpv). Official Facebook

Website: of the Drone Racing League [NorCAlRCFPV] Home / Drone TV / The AMAZING World of Drone Racing and FPV Freestyle

Universal Time Challenge FPV

snellings racing video

Andy Snellings(professionl dirtbike racer); At tracks including: muddy creek, 101 mx, and wellmons compound. songs . someday by flipsyde. boom by P.O.D

Video production: Dutch Championship Pod Racing | FPV Racing

Podracing Under IKEA!

Sparky and Bob's specs:

Go Pro Hero 4 Session -

- Lumenier QAV-R 5 -
- RCX SE2205x2700 -
- Little Bee 30a -
- Unify Pro 5G HV -
- Frysky XSR-SBUS with FrSky Satellite Antennas -
- Eachine 1000 tvl 110fov -
- EMAX PDB v2 -
- SPRacingF3 FC -
- TBS Triumph Antennas -
- MinimOSD Micro -
- Taranus X9D -
- Headplay HDs -