Best professional paintball game of 2013? Houston Heat vs Ton Tons

Full 30 minute video. Complete game of GI Sportz Houston Heat VS Toulouse TonTons. This game was filmed in Germany. Join the discussion on PbNation:

Millennium Series 2013, European Masters - CPL Finals: Toulouse Tontons vs. GI Houston Heat

Amazing Kids of Paintball

Share this video and get more families involved in paintball! We all know paintball moms are way cooler than soccer moms...

North Texas Shockwave Paintball spent the weekend competing at AXBL Dallas hosted by Cousins Paintball Park. The team consists of young guns and divisional players, this is their story.

Filmed and Edited by Sina Azmoudeh of The Pure Production

Music by:
Braken - To The Stars {monster cat release}
Hellberg - This is forever {monster cat release}

Battle at Alamo Scenario game at Top Gun Paintball part 2

Crank me up to 720p!!

Playing Battle at Alamo Scenario game at Top Gun Paintball on August 2013. It's actually right next to Six Flag in NJ. The field was amazing to play on and would recommend others to come out to this game Aug 2014. The game ended in a tie.

This is my brother's footage by the way. :)

Music: You by Kicks n Licks

PV Lions Olympics - Pat Ball Competition

PV Lions Olympics - win your ticket to the Games!

Patball Geekz

Patball Patball Patball
Old School, those were the days!!

2011 green angel fly SB paintball gun shooting


Paintball AK47 Marker

We used to sell these years ago and now we happen to have one come back to us for sale on consignment. Get this awesome marker quickly because this 400ft per second firing decommissioned Chinese AK-47 are now hard to find.

Bowling and Patball

23rd Saturday September


A bunch of pathetic students showcase the beautiful game that is Patball around the sunny backdrops of Cambridge.

College Patball League Highlights (G.H.S) -Ep 2.5

Some beautiful slo-mo scenes of some great Patball plays!

Pat Ball

pat ball on old school board

techny skate park

Sherwood, OR - Wrecking Ball Fake PAT

Sherwood, OR - Wrecking Ball Fake PAT

Pat ball mix 3

Just another tape of me balling. Getting back into regulation

Noah Def TD vs AS Blues

Noah Def TD vs AS Blues
Barton Loper on the hit
Jack Smith on the PAT

Pat Ball Mix 2

Pat ball mix 1

Getting back in the gym

Riverbowl 2011: Shasta @ Enterprise 10-21-11: Enterprise 3rd TD

Alex Henderson scrambles and finds Travis Hall down the sideline for a 50 yard TD making the score 35-21 Shasta still in the lead with 11:01 left in the 3rd quarter after a Tyler Thompson PAT.

Pat ball mix 4

Some more work on the court. Music by me