Pankration -84kg Men's Finals

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all about pankration techniques on Human Weapon

Armak Pankration Spartan Academy

Pedotrivis Master Aris Makris

pankration mma greece

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Pankration Mix (This is the Greek Martial Arts) in HD

Das Pankration (griechisch παγκράτιον „Allkampf, Gesamtkampf“; gesprochen „Pankrátion“, von griechisch pan „alles“, kratos „Kraft“) bezeichnet eine Kampfkunst bei den altgriechischen Festspielen, die erstmals 648 v. Chr. bei den 33. Olympischen Spielen nachweisbar ist. Nach dem Scholiast zu Pindar wurde das Pankration vom mythologischen Theseus erfunden, als er ohne Waffen gegen den Minotaurus kämpfen musste.

Human Weapon - Pankration

Human Weapon.

Панкратион Эффектные броски и удары PANKRATION

Лучшие броски, удары и другие моменты с Чемпионата по Панкратиону. (Нижний Новгород)
The best throws, strikes and other moments from the Championship in Pankration. (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod)

Muay Thai vs Pankration: Team MMA Fighting (TFC) - Sweden vs Latvia

RusticB is back. I also bring in Adam Arnali as the three of us watch a crazy 5 vs 5 fight on YouTube. This is from Team Fighting Championship (TFC) season two. In this fight, five fighters from Sweden (The Wisemen) take on five fighters from Latvia (Sanda LPF). We watch the full fight and the individual fight breakdowns. To follow Rustic, check out his channel:
Here's Adam's channel:

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Here's the full video of the fights

Here's TFC's website

2008 Pankration Fight Santa Barbara

This is my first fight of the tournament.

Pankration 2009 Highlights

Hector Beltran wins belt for 2009 Pankration Champion at 170lbs out of a 16 man bracket

Панкратион Лучшие Моменты PANKRATION/BEST MOMENTS/Highlights

Лучшие моменты с чемпионата Нижнего Новгорода по панкратиону который прошел 11 октября 2015 года.

Master Moves of Pankration Ancient Unarmed Combat Human Weapon

#PANKRATION World Cup 2016 OFFICIAL Highlights

14-15 May

Riga, Latvia



Latvian PANKRATION Federation

President: Sergey Domnin

Music: Machinimasound - Final Hour


Pankration is a mixture of freestyle wrestling, grappling and striking. It is a first form of mixed fighting in the history. This wrestling based martial art and combat sport is developed under United World Wrestling.

Pankration Fighting League 1 - Kuldiga Highlights

MMA vs Pankration - Poland vs Latvia (Team Fighting Championships) Commentary

The Latvia Pankration Federation (LPF) from Riga, Latvia to take on the Polish MMA fighters from Chorzow, Poland. This is an epic team mixed martial arts brawl filled with some amazing grappling and amazing Polish Psycho Fans teamwork. Big shoutout to the Team Fighting Championship (TFC) for their amazing fights. This is the final fight of season 2. Let us know if you want to see more!

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ancient Greek pankration techniques representation of vase picture

The Greek Olympic Games, Pankration and MMA: Jim Arvanitis Offers a Brief History

Internationally known as the Father of Modern Pankration, Jim Arvanitis, the Black Belt Hall of Fame 2009 Instructor of the Year, contends that, be it a front kick, hammerfist or shoulder throw, the lineage of each can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. He should know, having studied pankration and both its modern-combat and mixed-martial-arts applications for decades.

When visiting the Black Belt photo studio for a technique shoot, he broke into a brief history of pankration and the Greek Olympic Games and how they tie into what we now know as mixed martial arts. Learn more in his book, THE FIRST MIXED MARTIAL ART: PANKRATION FROM MYTHS TO MODERN TIMES, available now at

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MMA vs Pankration: Team MMA Fighting (TFC) - USA vs Latvia

Rob is back. With him, we commentate as we watch a crazy 5 vs 5 fight on YouTube courtesy of Team Fighting Championship (TFC). This is from TFC season two. In this fight, five fighters from USA (Global Proving Ground/Peak Submission) take on five fighters from Latvia (Sanda Latvian Pankration Federation). We watch the full fight and the individual fight breakdowns. To follow Rob, check out his channel:

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Here's the full video of the fights

Here's TFC's website

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Drunken Kung Fu Challenges Pankration

Awesome guy enters Pankration fight class with drunken Kung Fu style, and proves to be a sticky challenge for his opponent. The crowd loved this guy and cheered him on.