SUP tips: Common beginner mistakes- Stand Up Paddleboarding

How to SUP: This short video goes over some of the most common mistakes biginner stand up paddlers make and how to avoid them. For more Please also watch the other videos in our Tips for SUP Beginners Playlist:
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Common Beginner Mistakes

Video Transcript:
These are some things that almost everybody does wrong in the beginning, so don't feel bad if you do it, but this will help you avoid some of the common mistakes.

First of all, when you go in the water, make sure that you're deep enough in the water where your fin doesn't hit the bottom. I see a lot of people get about this deep, and they put their board down and try to jump on it, and the fin is still stuck in the sand here. So make sure you get the board out far enough in the water where the fin clears the bottom. So once you're out this far, you're far enough out.

So then, try to always get on your knees first before you try to stand up, and make sure you're in the middle of the board. So I'm going to get up on the board on my knees, and you can kneel like this or sit on your ankles, whichever is more comfortable for you. And then, when you're paddling on your knees, hold the paddle lower, you don't have to hold it way up here. And make sure you go into the wind first. That's another common mistake. Don't let the wind just carry you downwind, and then having to struggle coming back.

The next thing is standing up. Don't look down at your feet, try to look forward. That's another common mistake, where people look down and then they just keep falling in because you kind of end up going where you look. If you look down, you're going to go down.

Now also, another thing is holding the paddle correctly, which is with the blade angled forward. Almost all beginners try to hold the paddle backwards. If you do that, you end up pulling your board down. If you look at the angle of the paddle right here, and I'm pushing the water up, I'm pushing myself down. So the correct way is to hold the blade angled forward, paddling like this.

Another common mistake is to have the paddle not straight up and down, but too far out to the side. The more you get the paddle out to the side and away from the board, the more your board's going to turn. So if you want to go straight, you want to hold the paddle straight up and down, and pull it back in a straight line. This is what's going to make your board go straight. The more you have it out to the side, if you want the board to turn, you can do a steering stroke getting the paddle out to the side, getting your body lower to the water, getting the paddle kind of at a low angle, way out to the side, that's what's going to make you turn. You're going straight, you hold the paddle straight up and down.

Okay, another common mistake that we see a lot of beginners do is holding their hands too close together. So if you try to hold your paddle really close together, and try to stroke like this, you'll notice that it's very, very hard to make a stroke and get any power in your paddle. So try to hold the paddle about halfway down the blade. So about halfway between the blade and the handle, that's where your hands should be. If you put it on top of your head, it should be about right angles with your elbows. That's how you get a lot of power on your paddle. Most beginners hold their paddle somewhere around one or two feet down, and it's very hard to get enough power in your stroke at that grip height.

So, what else? Oh, another thing is just not standing in the right spot. A lot of times beginners stand too far back on their boards. So if you're trying to paddle like this, you can see my board's at an angle, and it just kind of drags through the water. It's very hard to get your board moving, plus it's less stable. So try to stand right in the middle, where the board's flat in the water, and you're going to have better glide with your board.

All right? So those are just a few little common mistakes that people make, and just have fun and enjoy.

Paddleboarding Across The Bahama Bank!!!!!

Crossing the Bahama bank was absolutely magical. The water was so clear and still its was like watching the seafloor through a window. We took some amazing drone shots of the boat and we did a nice paddle workout using the boat as a pacer. Also, Jetty has a Vlog!!!!!

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Jetty’s Vlog!!!

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The Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling

In this episode of Stand Up Paddling TV, Jimmy Blakeney explains the 3 Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling - a set of rules that let you paddle the most effectively, comfortably, and safely.

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SUP Balance tips for beginners- Stand Up Paddleboarding

How to SUP: Balancing on a Stand Up Paddleboard: If you have a hard time finding balance on a SUP, watch this video for some tips that will help you get started. One of the hardest things for beginners is often just being able to balance and stand up on the board. This video will help you with some tips. Ultimately your balance will improve with practice, don't forget to have FUN! Please check out our other videos with tips for beginners.
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GoPro Awards: Orca vs. Paddle Board

Captured and submitted by Lukas Reilly after his close encounter with an Orca.

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SUP fails... but if you try hard enough you'll EASILY succeed in paddle boarding. It's easier to SUP than it is to ride a bike, just try in flat conditions. Good luck and have fun! We had tons of fun making this video.

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Day 3 of the Ultimate Waterman Competition brings the athletes to the rugged coastline of Purakanui, for a stand-up paddleboarding event. As Cyclone Pam fills in, the point break lights up with the perfect right hand wave, ripe for big turns, long rides, and the occasional barrel. Kai Lenny started off with a commanding lead, but was edged out in the last few minutes by the New Zealand local, Daniel Kereopa, who snuck under the lip for some tube time to seal 1st place for the event. Check out the best action from the day.

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Endless Supper | Paddleboard Full Movie

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A look behind the scenes that shows you what we have truly lived, beyond a simple series of huge waves and radical maneuvers. Discover a trip that YOU can also undertake in the same way, withsimplicity. There is always a place on the planet where Summer is just beginning!

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Paddleboarding! Because It's All Fitness!! Great Low Impact Workout w/ Stand Up Paddle Board


Just a good day paddleboarding with my buddy. BTW, is it 'paddle boarding' or 'paddleboarding'? I never get it right. Anyways, I'm just having fun here, doing a low-impact workout on a day I'd otherwise just be sitting around. I like to go out on the lake and paddleboard 2-5 miles. It's a great outdoor, fun workout that you have to try! I am a big time fan of SUP paddle boards.

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America's Cup Winner Jimmy Spithill races the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships

Fresh from his legendary America's Cup comeback - two time America's Cup winning skipper Jimmy Spithill takes on the Molokai 2 Oahu challenge - the world's most demanding open ocean paddleboard race.

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SUP Downwind Tips: 5 most common first timer mistakes for Stand Up Paddle boarding

Robert Stehlik covers some of the most common mistakes people make on their first downwinders while Stand Up paddling and shows how to do it right. For more downwinder videos, watch this playlist:

These are the 5 most common first time downwinder mistakes discussed in the video:
1) Paddling too much at a steady pace.
Downwinders are about quick acceleration and resting, you need to relax and rest so you can accelerate quickly when needed
2) Paddling at the wrong time. It's all about timing, paddle into the back of the wave that just padded you and try to follow it, once it starts pulling you along, relax and rest for the next opportunity.
3) Not using the paddle for balance. The paddle is your third leg, skim it when gliding/ resting, this will keep you from falling in.
4) Using the wrong board: boards that are fast on flatwater often don't work well in downwinders. Use a wider, stable board with more rocker, this will make it more fun and you will learn faster.
5) Not standing in the right place. Generally speaking your weight needs to be further back on the board than in flatwater conditions. It may seem easier to catch bumps by standing more forward but the board can't get on a plane and release if you don't move your weight further back.

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Robert is using the 14' x 28 Blue Planet Bump Rider model and Kai Zen paddle in this video.


Paddleboarding Rivers with Nikki Gregg

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In this segment of the 'Facing Waves' TV series, we stand up paddle down the rivers around Hood River, Oregon, with BIC SUP Pro Team member, Nikki Gregg.

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Facing Waves

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Hawaiian Adventure Vlog 2, Day 20 of 30: Stand up Paddle boarding

Adventuring, Stand up paddle boarding, drones and body surfing hawaii are our every day go to :D

Haden Mckenna: @Hadenmckenna
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It's like walking on water, only better. That's the sensation that drove Vail Valley local Ken Hoeve to pioneer the growing sport of whitewater SUP, also known as river SUP. It's a high-octane variation of the SUP that’s traditionally been done in Colorado—and from coast to coast—on flat-water lakes, reservoirs, and bays. This version of SUP is a little rowdier: more rapids, more adrenaline, more mountain fun.

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Packing for Multi-Day Paddleboarding Trips

Renowned SUP expedition paddler Mike Simpson explains how to pack your gear on a stand up paddleboard for multi-day trips.

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Caroline Wozniacki Tries Paddleboarding on Sydney Beach

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