The last run of the King of Orienteering

Thierry Gueorgiou takes his 14th World Championship gold in his last individual orienteering WOC race at #WOC2017 in Estonia

Orienteering for beginners

Alexander Lines (aged 11) has made a short introduction to orienteering. It features his brother Edward. For more information about orienteering go to Orienteer every week in Sussex at

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Xperience orienteering

If you take cross country running, add a full nature experience and combine it with thrill & adventure - you get orienteering!
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West Midlands Orienteering League 2017 - Badgerslade (Cannock Chase)

Orienteering race in wonderful Cannock Chase woods! Green course - 3.9 km 11 cp. Mistakes on 2. and 10. cp, and 6. cp was in wrong place.

How to Orienteer

Watch more Wilderness Survival Skills videos:

Orienteering is a sport that uses a compass and map to navigate through a landscape. Polish your skills while having fun.

Step 1: Register
Register for the orienteering course. You will be given a map, a control description, and a control card. You will also be given the option of renting a compass if you have not brought your own.

The control description describes features such as the path, a junction in the path, or a large rock where each control, or destination, can be found.

Step 2: Use the map
Use the map to determine which direction you need to head to reach your first control. Turn the compass housing so that your direction aligns with the direction-of-travel arrow on the compass's housing.

Step 3: Hold the compass
Hold the compass level in your hand so that the needle can turn. Turn the compass so that the needle aligns with the grid lines on the housing.

Be sure the north end of the compass needle is pointing north. Otherwise you will head off in the opposite direction to which you intend.

Step 4: Proceed in the indicated direction
Proceed in the direction the travel arrow is pointing.

Step 5: Punch your control card
Use the punch to mark your control card when you reach your destination. This will prove you have visited the control. Visit all controls before the other orienteer and win the game.

Did You Know?
Orienteering began in Scandinavia in the 19th century.

Orienteering Fails #1 - Strömstad Fails

Orienteering Fails #1

All the embarrassing fails from the sprint and sprint relay in Strömstad during WOC 2016.

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The purpose of the video is not to embarrass any athlete, rather entertain and spreading the sport. Errare humanum est, ignoscere divinum.

World Games - Sprint Relay

The World Games 2017 - Sprint Relay
Wroclaw, Poland

All rights belong to International Orienteering Federation

Go Hard Or Go Home - The Hubmann Brothers

puresive films presents an epic orienteering movie with Daniel and Martin Hubmann. Join an intense and unpredictable fight between the Hubmann brothers - two of the best orienteers in the world!

Daniel Hubmann:
Martin Hubmann:

locations | Baden (SUI), Trin (SUI), Flims (SUI)
music | Adagio In D Minor (John Murphy), For The Win (Two Steps From Hell)

puresive films is a film company by Simon Rüegg and Lukas Schubnell.

mail | info@puresivefilms.com
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JK 2017 Day 1 - orienteering sprint at Brunel University (London)

JK 2017 orienteering festival! Sprint race at Brunel University - M35 2.6 km 20 cp. Wrong route choice to 4. and 17. cp, and mistake on 7. cp, but fast and furious course.

10Mila [EN] Night orienteering in Sweden

The 10 Mila is one of the most popular Nordic orienteering race. It takes place in Sweden and draws 8,000 racers. The twist: the competition takes place at night...

The 2006 event, held at Roserberg Castle, 30 km north of Stockholm, was open to all participants. The passion for sport and the passion for nature come together perfectly.


Gara Promo Orienteering 2015

Gara promozionale di corsa Orienteering valida per il tour Trevigiano e Vicentino 2015 disputetasi a San Zenone degli Ezzelini ( TV ), organizzata dal Misquilenses Orienteering.
Giornata con sole splendente e temperatura sui 9 gradi alla mattina fino ai quasi 20 il pomeriggio.
160 i partecipanti divisi nei quattro percorsi dal bianco, giallo, rosso e nero.

Cambridge City Race Orienteering 2017

Urban orienteering race in the historic city of Cambridge! Course 3 - 5.3 km 27 cp. It was interesting to run through narrow streets full of crowds of peoples and cyclists.

Forest Jump (A Short Freerunning/Orienteering Film)

A short film filmed to promote Orienteering and to make it more widely known, 'cooler' if you may by adding a twist of freerunning and parkour to it! The idea behind the video is where one competitor is dreaming about the race the next day and fantasizing about what it'll be like, doing flips through the forest and moving really efficiently, then suddenly at the end his opponent is beating him and so the only thing left to do is to throw he brikke at the control, and then he awakes from his dream, confident and motivated about the race. We shot this video for Moravian Orienteers which both Harry and I belong to and compete regularly! (well mainly me!)

I hope this video appealed to you and gave you the urge to try it out! To contact Moravian Orienteers for more information go to their website!

Find them on facebook!

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Orienteering World Cup Final 2017: Sprint Relay highlights

Sprint relay of World Cup Final in Orienteering 2017 in Switzerland. Follow all events on

ORIENTEERING more than just running

The difference between orienteering and running on a track...

What´s your choice?

...more than just running

Taking a bearing using a compass while orienteering

Visit our website or call us on 01479 861256

Scottish Orienteering Development Officer Hilary Quick demonstrates how to take a compass bearing. Glenmore Lodge offer a range of summer hillwalking and navigation courses from April to November and winter walking, mountaineering, avalanche awareness and navigation from January to March. We offer everything from complete beginner courses through to bespoke trips you've designed.

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Orienteering World Cup Final 2017: Middle distance highlights

Middle distance of World Cup Final in Orienteering 2017 in Switzerland

Follow all events on

World Orienteering Championships 2015 Universal Sports Network

WOC 2015, the 2015 World Orienteering Championships, were held in Scotland, and the Universal Sports Network broadcast this feature about these exciting competitions.
Orienteering is a sport that welcomes all ages and skill levels. Visit to find an orienteering event near you.

SLOW London City Race - Wapping Urban Orienteering event 8th September 2017

South London Orienteers (SLOW) London City Race orienteering weekend - Sprint Urban Orienteering event held around the East End docklands of the Wapping area on Saturday evening 8 September 2017.
Gopro headcam video with Course 2 (Men Veteran) map - using Orientview without sound.

Headcam Orienteering Video: Dackefejden Middle

Headcam/GPS orienteering video with Göran Winblad from Dackefejden Middle 2017