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Offshore powerboat racing


Offshore Superboats Rnd 1 Bowen QLD - April 29, 2018

The 2018 Australian Offshore Superboat Championship kicks off for 2018 in the scenic Far North Queensland waters of Bowen. Maritimo 11 and its crew of Steve Jellick and Tom Barry-Cotter are the reigning champions and are hoping to successfully defend their crown against an extremely strong field, who are hoping to knock them off their perch and claim the Australia 1.

Offshore Superboats, Rnd 2 Bowen QLD - July 23, 2017

On this weeks episode we head to the North-East coast of North Queensland to Bowen for the 2nd round of the Hi-Tec Oils Australian Offshore Superboat Championship.The event features inboard/outboard 1000hp,600hp and 300hp Supercats.

Key West Offshore Racing.. Against the Odds

The 2014 Key West Offshore Racing World Championships proved to be one of the most exciting in history with a combined total of 9 unlimited class offshore boats competing for the Holy Grail of Offshore Racing. The Unlimited Class Championship trophy and the bragging rights that your team is the fastest offshore racing team in the world. These exotic machines are packing 3-4 thousand horsepower in lightweight ocean racing hulls are capable of speeds in excess of 200mph and accelerate at breathtaking speeds.

The race is a week long event made up of 3 races and 3 test days racking up over 160 miles of full speed offshore racing action. Staying in the points race and maintaining a healthy fast boat are the keys to success. As the saying goes....To be the must win in Key West.

Miss Geico was down in the points due to some technical challenges the first two events and needed some good luck and a big win on Sundays rough race. with rain forecasted and winds at 20 knots Team USA was determined to show the world what she was made of...and thats what she delivered

Offshore Powerboat Racing when boats were boats!

Short clips of offshore powerboats as they used to be but with a few newer type craft included! Speeds of the boats shown are from between 90 to 160 mph!


A little crash compilation from offshore powerboat racing, old but gold video!

Offshore Superboats Rd 3, Coffs Harbour NSW, August 28th, 2016

Round 3 of the 2016 Australian Offshore Superboats Championships from Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

Class 1 Offshore Racing INSANE FOOTAGE World's Fastest Boats


Class 1 Qatar CRASH/FLIP And Victory saves it....!! powerboat offshore

Qatar flip and victory saves it in the last minute

Mega Boat CRASH Compilation

Mental jetboat and offshore powerboat crashes with plenty of airtime!!!

Super Boat On NBC Sports 2016 Episode 1 From Key West World Championships

Super Boat airs on NBC Sports in 2016. Episode 1 From Key West World Championships shows the battles, crashes, victories and defeats from race number one.

Florida Powerboat Club Miami Boat Show Poker Run 2011_Friday Run

Great Race 2015 Official Movie

This is one of the worlds longest running offshore powerboat races. Action packed with very rough conditions this year causing the boats to almost spend more time in the air than in the water. Powerboat racing in Trinidad is getting bigger every year and has many world class boats. This year we had our first Turbine powered boat to race in Trinidad.

Feel free to share this video. Video is copyright to Marcus G Productions and is not to be used without permission.

2017 Super Boat Key West Boat Crash

During the running of the 37th annual Key West World Championship, Race 3 (Friday), CT Marine 18 comes over the top of CMS 3. Driver and throttleman of both boats quickly reported to be okay.

1981 OffShore Powerboat Race Season

Cuts from the 1981 Offshore Powerboat Season. Betty Cook, Cigarette's, Apaches.

Made by Innerspace Video

Offshore Powerboat Racing

Filmed with a gyro-stabilized camera on an airplane. Offshore Super Series, World Championship. Ft. Walton Beach, FL. 11/06
Music is Battle Without Honor or Humanity 1, 2, 3, by Tomoyasu Hotei.
Aerial Video Systems

Miss Geico turbine racing boat up close and personal! Over 4000 HP of EAR Candy!!

Miss Geico race boat...50' catamaran powered by twin turbine engines producing over 4000 HP, with a top speed of 213 MPH.

Bermuda Powerboat Racing Offshore Race June 12, 2016

Bermuda Powerboats Early season battle

2017 Super Boat On NBC Sports Episode 1 From Key West World Championships 2016

The first show of the 2016 Key West World Championships, presented by STIHL on NBC Sports shows Performance Boat Center take first place on Day 1. Crashes, passes, damage and more. Segment 1 of 3 in March 2017

Maraetai 100 Offshore Powerboats 2

Maraetai Offshore Powerboats Video 2, held today in Auckland New Zealand the race was postponed yesterday due to a major storm, you would never know about yesterday by the conditions today.
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Offshore Powerboat Racing Intro Don Johnson



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