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9-a-side Tactics - Soccer Strategies and Formations

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These strategies, tactics and formations for 9-a-side football (soccer) will help your team get organised, and play to its potential.

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9 Painful DEATHS Ever in Soccer and Football

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9 Footballer Died on Football/Soccer Ground - Deaths RIP

1. Peter Biaksangzuala - India
Died from spinal injuries that occurred as he landed awkwardly while celebrating a goal.

2. Endurance Idahor - Sudan
He died in the ambulance. Autopsy report revealed that he suffered a circulatory collapse from a heart attack.

3. Akli Fairuz - Indonesia
Died after colliding with opposition goalkeeper during a match

4. Piermario Morosini - Italy
The cause of death was cardiac arrest.

5. Marc-Vivien Foé - Cameroon
Collapsed while playing. The cause of death was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

6. Hrvoje Custic - Republic of croatia
Collided with a concrete wall during a game against Cibalia and died in hospital 5 days later of severe head injuries.

7. Miklós Fehér
Cardiac arrest caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy while playing against Vitória.

8. Antonio Puerta - Spain
Collapsed during a match against Getafe C.F.. He died later in hospital after several cardiac arrests. Autopsy revealed arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy.

15 Footballers Who Died While Playing/15 Saddest Deaths Ever in Football History (18+) REST IN PEACE

15 Saddest Deaths Ever in Football History / footballers who died while playing
축구 경기중에 벌어진 선수들의 죽음
1988.06.02 - 2015.05.14 Argentine Football player
He dies from head injury suffered during match

1984.08.04 – 2010.03.06 Nigerian football player
Idahor collapsed during a league game and later died on his way to the hospital

1974 - 2000.03.21 Algerian Football player
Gacemi managed to score a goal from his header but could not avoid a clash with USM Annaba defender Yacine Slatni.
Gacemi landed on his head and lost consciousness.

1987.05.08 – 2014.05.16 Indonesian football player
Akli fairuz has died days after suffering a horror tackle during a match

1986.07.05 – 2012.04.14 Italian football player
On 14 April 2012, during a match between Pescara and Livorno,
Morosini suffered a fatal cardiac arrest on the pitch

1977.09.04 - 2001.08.28 Ukrainian Football player
He collided head-to-head with Anzhi forward Budun Budunov who also sustained serious head trauma during
the collision. And died nine days later from a brain hemorrhage

1975.05.01 – 2003.06.26 Cameroonian football player
Collapsed while playing. The cause of death was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

1979.06.05 - 2004.12.05 Brazilian Football player
Júnior collided with Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Subrata Pal, in the 78th minute of the Federation Cup finals

1983.10.21 – 2008.04.03 Croatian football player
Collided with a concrete wall during a game against Cibalia
and died in hospital 5 days later of severe head injuries

Idian football player
Peter Biaksangzuala dies from spine injury after doing somersault celebration

1972.03.25 - 2007.12.29 Scottish Football player
He died after suffering cardiac arrest while on the pitch playing for Motherwell against Dundee United
on 29 December 2007

1984.11.26 – 2007.08.28 Spanish football player
He died on 28 August 2007 affected with arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia,
three days after suffering a series of cardiac arrests during a La Liga game against Getafe on the 25th

1991.08.07 - 2012.10.04 Nigerian Football player
The cause was of his death was heart failure

1974.10.19 - 2004.10.27 Brazilian football player
On 27 October 2004 when he suffered a fatal cardiac arrest 60 minutes into the match

1979.07.20 – 2004.02.25 Hungarian football player
On 25 January 2004, he died of a cardiac arrest during a match between
Vitória de Guimarães and his team Benfica in Guimarães

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7 Year Old Kid Shows How To Destroy a Defender - Skills for Kids

Insane Football Skills: How to do soccer tricks for young kids & beginners (match or training). Tutorial: Gegner mit einem Fußballtrick (1 gegen 1) austricksen für Kinder und Anfänger. #TT Vol.149 feat. Tekkerz Kid ► ► Send us YOUR Tutorials! Sende uns DEINE Tricks ! ►
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Soccer Training - Warm Up Drills 1

A proper warm up will increase the flow of blood to muscles resulting in less muscle stiffness, reduced risk of injury and improved performance. There are also psychological benefits to a good warm up.

Here are some drills to help warm up the body prior to training and/or games.

Female Freestyle Football Skills SEXY GIRL Amazing Football Skills MUST WATCH

👍Amazing Football Skill

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Lionel Messi ● Doing The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Seen in Football ► Is This Guy A Human? ||HD||

Here it goes.....
Compilation of the unbelievable things Messi has been doing.
Leo Messi is appearing with trick after trick nowadays and showing what he is capable of. He is doing things that no one ever seen before, things that make people ask Is Messi a human?!. This compilation features the most ridiculous skills of Leo Messi. Enjoy!

Messi Tricks:
Messi doing legendary things on the pitch ever since he started playing football. This is the boy who could beat 5-6 players when he was just 5 years of age. This is the young lad who scored 'Goal of The Century' at 19 year old. But Lionel Messi doesn't just do amazing things on the pitch. Perhaps, the most amazing things he did were not during regular matches. Maybe because he doesn't want to ruin team spirit by doing useless things individually. This is why he tried and pulled out some of the most weird things you will ever see during training sessions and TV shows. Some legendary incidents are:
• Messi 1 Shot 2 Goals : Scored two goals from one shot in USA before Argentina-USA clash. When two teams were warming up Messi hit one ball with another with a shot and both ended up on the back of the net.
• Messi Goal from Behind the Net : During his individual training for returning from injury (pre 2014 WC) Messi scored from the back of the net.
• Messi Goal from Corner Kick : scored an impossible goal from corner on the back of the net for Eros Ramazzotti. Ramazzotti told Messi giving the ball in an impossible spot Here, score during his visit in a Barcelona training session. He knew scoring from there is impossible. But Messi's curve shot was already on the back of the net.
• Messi Playing Basketball / Foot-Basket : Messi-Mascherano & Messi-Neymar-Mascherano heading the ball into the basket. Messi as the ultimate finisher.
• Messi Crossbar Challenge : Hit the crossbar from corner kick. First try!
• Messi Crossbar Challenge : During 2010-11 UEFA Champions League match against FC Copenhagen Messi hit the crossbar from 50 yards. First and only try!
• Messi Impossible Free Kick Goal : Another impossible free kick goal for Addidas.
• Messi Unbelievable Precision : Unreal precision from long distance in Addidas advert. Hit the camera from 40-50 yards.
• Messi Back Volley : No look back volley sitting on the ground.
• Messi vs Stegen : Made his teammate Ter Stegen a Statue during warm up. Stegen couldn't even move when Messi's curve shot just nestled on the back of the net.
• Messi vs Robot Goalkeeper : Scored past super fast automatic robot goalkeeper.
• Messi vs Gaint Goalkeeper : Scored past giant inflatable alien robot keeper.
• Messi Insane Touch : Insane ball control and touches on Japanese TV / game show lifting high 18 meters.
• Messi Ridiculous Goal from 60 yards: Scored in a tiny goal from the other side of the field.
• Messi Scoring through Holes: Showing superhuman precision by scoring through tiny holes.

Well, all these clips and incidents are brought together in this compilation. Something no YouTube channel did before. Over 30 minutes of magic show, Messi Magic .... Enjoy !

This video includes Messi Freestyle Skills too !

Messi Freestyle:
Messi's haters say Messi can't do freestyle. Well, Messi isn't a guy who loves to show off. Freestyling with some stepovers and by juggling the ball may be special for other players not Messi. Those things may be extraordinary for normal players for Messi freestyle in that way is too easy. He freestyles with tricks, shots, skills, goals world has never seen. He is the king of exceptional freestyling & the father of new freestyle moves. LIONEL MESSI is THE GODFATHER OF FREESTYLE !

Soccer - trick shots by 8 year old (part 2)

Soccer trick shots by Cody Lunn (remi gillard style) with game footage. This is cody's second soccer shot video. Cody enjoys challenging himself to make crazy soccer shots. Soccer game footage is from hys and u10 indoor at Bancroft. We hope you enjoy this soccer video and please check out his first video - amazing soccer shots by a 7 year old.

Chelsea star confirms that he'll be leaving the club this summer

Chelsea star confirms that he'll be leaving the club this summer

Chelsea goalkeeper Matej Delac is spending this week training with Danish side AC Horsens with a view to joining them on a permanent deal in the summer, as per Horsens official website. The 25-year-old signed for Chelsea in 2010 from Croatian side Inter Zapresic and is currently the club’s longest serving player, even though he’s never actually played a competitive game for them. The former Croatian U21 international has been loaned out a staggering nine times in eight years, to clubs like Vitesse, Vitoria de Guimaraes, Vojvodina, Sarajevo and Mouscron, but he’s never been able to make the break through into Chelsea’s first team. With Thibaut Courtois clearly the club’s number one goalkeeper, and with Willy Caballero firmly established as the reserve option, Delac couldn’t see any way of making an impact at Stamford Bridge and as such, he’s decided to make the move to Denmark.

AFL 9s Rules - Restart of Play

In AFL 9s play is restarted after a goal with a ball up (tip-off style). Players must start on the defensive side of their ruckman.

Footy Nines Promo.avi

The Future of Football. Faster, more goals, more exciting.

AFL 9s

AFL 9s is the new nine-a-side version of Australian football that everyone can play.

AFL 9s V2

I filmed this video as part of an Assignment. I filmed it on an Ipad 2 and edited it using Adobe Premier Pro. Stay tuned, I'm uploading a really awesome video on the birthday of my YouTube channel: 9/04

This year my YouTube channel will be 3 years old. Don't forget to join my Google Plus community and check ou the merchandise I'm selling through my Redbubble profile. The other 2 people in the video are my best mates Will Spencer and Rhys Smith.
MK8 Master Out

AFL 9s


Flag football, College football and now off to Boston to see NFL. We love football. Sometimes we break the rules inadvertently:)

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Beginner Goalkeeper Training: Basic Foundations of Goalkeeping

Goalkeeping is a really fun position that requires a lot of practice and studying. I've trained many goalkeepers from children to adults. All beginner keepers need to work on the foundations of goalkeeping.

The keeper ready position is the most important step for a novice keeper. Getting in your keeper ready position will put you in an alert position and makes reacting to a shot easy.

KEEPERS MUST LEARN TO ALWAYS DIVE FORWARD ALWAYS GO FORWARD EVERYTHING IS FORWARD. The only thing behind us is the goal! We can never willfully fall on our backs when we dive it's bad technique and will end up in a goal.

Catching is instrumental! Make sure you learn how to properly hold a ball this means practicing you W or Diamond catch daily! Bobbling a ball is not acceptable new keepers need to make sure they have safe hands.

Enjoy the game and practice every day! The greatest goalkeepers are the ones who practice and leave everything on the field. If you want to be great practice like a great!

Hope this helps you starter keepers and coaches dealing with young or new goalkeepers. It's never late to start goalkeeping! I started at 16 and wasn't good until I was 18.

AFLG 2016 - Round VI - Hamburg Dockers Swans vs. Berlin Crocodiles (9-a-side)

Australian Football League Germany (AFLG) - Season 2016 - 9-a-side
Tournament-Round VI in Dresden - 21. May 2016
Hamburg Dockers Swans 1-3 (9) - Berlin Crocodiles 14.9 (93)

Das Spiel der Hamburg Dockers Swans gegen die Berlin Crocodiles am 21.05.2016 während der Turnierrunde VI der AFLG Saison 2016 im Australian Football.
(sorry für die nicht optimale Videoqualität. War leider keine HD-Kamera...)
Weitere Infos zur Liga:
Infos zu den Vereinen:

AFL 9s

AFL 9s Rules - Turnover

In AFL 9s a turnover occurs when the ball hits the ground as a result of a poor kick, handball or marking attempt and when the ball goes out of bounds.