Nguni stick-fighting

Nguni Stick Fighting - too violent for TV?

Is Nguni Stick Fighting too violent for TV? Trans World Sport feature on the traditional South African sport of Nguni Stick Fighting. A former boyhood past time of Nelson Mandela. Some broadcasters felt it was too violent for TV.

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Zulu Stick Fighting

Burton Lucky Dog Richardson doing Zulu stick fighting sparring with a Zulu lower chief in QuaZulu Natal, South Africa. This footage was taken during Burton's fourth trip to the Zulu countryside in 2003. Burton's wife Sarah was behind the camera. The whole sparring session lasted about forty five minutes, with some time taken for pointers on set-ups, body movement, and feinting.
The stick is a Zulu sagila made of hardwood with the end flaring out into a ball. The ball was covered with a little bit of padding and taped. That keeps it from breaking bones, but it still packs quite a wallop, as evidenced by the photo in the video.
I have had a wonderful experience each time I have visited this group. The men show tremendous hospitality, and are very eager to help me learn. Of course, most of the learning comes in the form of sparring experience, so they are equally eager to hit me!
The sparring sessions are almost always a laughing session, as it is just so much fun. Each time a new trick is revealed and a good blow lands, everyone laughs, and often congratulations is offered. It is an ideal environment for developing functional fighting skill.
To all the martial artists out there, please note that 95% of the training is actual sparring. Techniques are learned and practiced during sparring, instead of being drilled with a static partner. The only other form of training is during the dances where the sticks, shields, and spears are wielded with stunning grace and ferocity.
Once again, I thank all of my Zulu friends for always welcoming me with great hospitality, and I thank them for sharing so generously with me. Ngiyabonga Kakhulu!

Nguni Stick Fighting (South Africa)

Further reading
Coetzee, Marié-Heleen. (2002) Zulu Stick Fighting: A Socio-Historical Overview,

An overview on traditional African martial arts: Nguni Stick Fighting

Zulu & Filipino Kali Stick Fighting

This video is a comparison by Burton Lucky Dog Richardson of Zulu stickfighting and Filipino Kali stickfighting, and includes sparring footage of both methods. Burton visited Zulu villages in South Africa on four separate occasions, beginning in 1994, and he has learned a great deal of functional fighting techniques and principles from them. One move in particular is examined. This tactic is used often by the Zulus, and Burton includes the misdirection in his Battlefield Kali program.

When watching, please notice how often the Zulus laugh during sparring- especially after hitting Burton! Most of their sparring is done in a very good-natured way, and serves as a great lesson for all of those who want to develop a high level of fighting skill. Have fun sparring often!
A big thanks to all my Zulu friends! They are always very kind to me.
I want to include my sincere thanks to all my teachers, but especially to my guide since 1980 Tuhon Dan Inosanto. He is the most knowledgeable martial artist in the world, and he is incredibly generous with that knowledge which has taken a lifetime to garner. Maraming Salamat Po Tuhon!


This is not just a game, This is WAR.


The ESKRIMA (STICK FIGHTING) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP was held in Cebu, Philippines. Competitors came from over 30 countries....UK, USA, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Poland, etc.... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. THANKS!


The Suri people of Ethiopia have a fierce culture in which stick fighting - called donga or saginay – plays an important part. Traditionally a way for young men to impress girls it is a demonstration of bravery and a desire to become cattle warriors. Often shaved bald, and frequently wearing little or no clothing, the men battle it out with scant regard for injury or the real possibility of being killed.

Extreme Stick Fighting

Full contact unarmored stick fighting with a little jiu jitsu mixed in. This shit is hardcore

Stickfighting Demo

A full contact, full range demo for the Memphis Judo and Jiu-Jitsu in house tournament. We let the visitors see what a stick fight can look like with real rattan. Two one minute rounds.

Zulu Stick Fighting(Modern)

Bawo Dr.Oba with Iwisa and Iklwa

Doyle Shillelagh - Irish Stick Fighting (Various) Bataireacht

Glen Doyle and friends as he teaches some traditional family Irish stick fighting techniques taught to him by his father, the late Greg Doyle.

Doyle Bataireacht or simply Doyle Clan Irish Stick Fighting is a devastatingly effective two-handed combative system developed well over 300 years ago by a Doyle family in Ireland. This system was brought to Canada in the early 1800s via a Doyle who settled in the rough and tumble landscape of the Atlantic's Newfoundland coast.

As most of the stick fighting styles eventually became extinct in Ireland (due to socio-political changes, and access to other forms of modern weapons etc), The Doyle Clan 'Rince an Bhata Uisce Beatha' was practiced, guarded, nurtured, further evolved, and passed on through the Doyle family residing in Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula.

My stick fighting lesson in Cape Town

learning a bit about the South African tradition of intonga. The aspect ratio is wrong but as it's just a fun video and not for broadcast I figured I'd leave it. Feel free to check out my website for an article about this.


The youtube adds make revenue for the school so please check them out!

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5 obvious reasons for coming to train with us in the Philippines

1. Cebu Island in the Philippines probably has more Grandmasters per capita of anyplace on planet Earth. Here we have Fathers who taught sons who in turn taught their sons and in turn their sons. A true authentic lineage in martial arts excellence only now, within the last few years, is this knowledge available to be learnt by Westerners.

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Arnis - Northern Philippines | Eskrima - Central Philippines | Kali - Southern Philippines

Balintawak Stick Fighting and Filipino Combat Judo Knife Training in our Cebu Eskrima School Sunday Training

Extreme Close Range Balintawak Eskrima Training - Grappling, Holding, Snatching, Take Downs, No Rules Striking Light Sparring - Single Stick Combat and Knife Fight Training.

Stick Swords Fight - The White Bowser vs Tezaki - Extended Version - Video Special!

100th Video Special! This is an extended not one-sided version of the Stick Sword Fight! Enjoy it! We go offscreen a couple of times but you get the idea I hope. Next time I'll be sure to perch the camera in a better place. Anyways enjoy the awesome epic stick sword fight! Our original stick swords broke. Like/Favorite/Subscribe/Comment if you enjoy! I am the White Bowser and my friend Tezaki

Stick Sword Fight Original-


Season Finale Intro-

Tezaki's Chanel-

Zulu stick fighting (Kilombo Njinga)

Da'Mon and Da'Shade Zulu Stick Fighting demo.

Dog Brothers Open Gathering September 23, 2012 - Highlights Stick Fighting

Highlights from the Dog Brothers Gathering Of The Pack
Stick Fighting

Annual Stick Fighting Finals @ Skinner Park, San Fernando. Jan. 27, 2016 - Trinidad & Tobago

The even saw the climax of weeks of inter-gayelle combat.

Must See! Eskrima Stick Fighting Techniques

Eskrima, Arnis, and Kali are umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines (Filipino Martial Arts, or FMA) that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives and other bladed weapons, and various improvised weapons. It also includes hand-to-hand combat, joint locks, grappling and weapon disarming techniques.


Eskrima -

Zulu stick training

Soke Chaka Zulu's black belt class

xhosa stickfighting competition

xhosa stick fighting tournament in mfuleni township, cape town south africa.