Maskow: Multiblindfold 125/150

[solve starts at 3:38, ends 7:17]
Memorisation time: 8h13 [timer +5h, I had some problems with timer]
Solve time: 1h40
Total time: 9h53

What can I say? I'm definitely not happy about this result. Too long memorisation phase, too many DNFs. My concentration doesn't work over 1 hour. Also my memory palace doesn't work over50 cubes. I will work on these both things and improve this result because it's definitely not my last attempt on 150 cubes. It was completely crazy but I want to do it again and do it faster and better ;)

3/3 Rubik's Cubes Multi BLD (Multiple Blindfolded!) In 38 Minutes

Finally! I used roman rooms and I could make a video explaining thy method. Anyways, I've only done 1/2 which is really bad, but I achieved that twice. I tensioned my old stickerless guhong and took out my Lubix torpedoes, and it became usable again. I am pretty happy about this achievement, and I did tonycube45's challenge! With an extra cube! Solving was weird, because I went in a different order than I memorized, and that makes things a little bit confusing with roman rooms.
Here is my memorization:
3x3 #1 (Guhong v2) (My bedroom):
Edges: HA! from the closet Weird Stick in bathroom BI! from hallway Little Fatty in mirror JC song on piano Nice Crocodile out the window
Corners: DA! from vent QuiT behind bed Hack Codes under bed go ON bed
3x3 #2 (Lingyun v2) (Guest Room):
Edges: HuNa (word my baby cousin used to love) on the computer screen Quacking Elephant out the window Ill Kangaroo in my pillows; I am a WusS because I speedstack (place where I speedstack usually) CD thrown from hallway Underwear Valet in bathroom
Corners: I look in mirror and say GO! go behind bed and Just Quit go under bed and be TufF (tough) go over bed and show off ABs
Cube #3 (Stickerless Guhong v1) (Brother's Room):
Edges: I hear RufF from hallway I MoVe my basketball there is a CuB on the hanger thing. In the mirror is a Kicking Zebra I go to bathroom and SIgh someone from the window tells me Good Job!
Corners: I UNbox something (near boxing gloves place in Brother's room) but there is a crazy Quail behind the bed. Under the bed the quail has a LeG sticking out. Over the bed is an Extreme Kangaroo.

Funny memo if u ask me! That was easy, so I guess I should do 5BLD tomorrow! Comment if you literally read everything in the description, and if you wanna see a 5x5 Blindfolded solve!

MultiBLD - 9/9, 33:46.54

This was for the weekly competition on Speedsolving
I need to buy more cubes XD

Solving starts at about 22:10

MultiBLD 4/6

My weblog

My BLD site.

You can learn BLD.
(Sorry Written in Japanese)

This is Multi Blindfolded.

Memo Miss x1 EO2
Execution Miss x1 CO2

Maskow 3x3 BLD 16.29 UWR

Scramble: B' L2 D2 R2 U2 F' L2 B U2 L2 B2 D2 L' D' B L' R' B U2 F' U2 R'

U L' D L U' L' D' L [8]
y L' U2 L D L' U2 L D' y' [16]

[Perm T!] R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R' U' R U R' F' [30]

D R' D' M D R D' M' [40]
M D' M' U2 M D M' U2 [52]
L U' L' U' L' U' L U L U [62]
M2 U L' U' M2 U L U' [72]

72 moves
memorisation time: 7.47
solve time: 8.82!
TPS: 8.16!

Why so fast? Mostly because of T perm. I did one fast T-perm instead of 4 other not-really-that-fast algs I would do if these pieces would be anywhere else. I probably had this T-perm third time in my life (once official, in 2013) so it's not very often. It's something like LL skip for blindfold I guess ^ _ ^

MultiBLD - 4/4 in 28:23.14

It was my 2nd attempt for 4 cubes multiple blindfolded, first was 3/4 in 31 minutes.
This video is made double speed, so that it's not boring to watch.
Memorization took 20 minutes, but I didn't record it entirely, only the very end of it.
The solving process is in the video, though.
I used all four of my mini type C 3x3s for this attempt :)
I memorize by forming sentences consisting of the letters, which I gave to every single sticker of the cube. Execution was done with Old Pochmann, however I am switching to M2 method for edges very soon.
I hope to do a 4/4 at German Open 2010 :D
Thanks for watching!

11 Cube Multi Bld Attempt

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Speedcubing: 3x3 MultiBLD (5/5) in 29:37.09 Minutes

Reaaaally nice! Got 3/5 and 4/5 so many times before... But finally there's the 5/5 success!

Memorization: ~22:10 min.
Method: Letter-pairs for edges and most of the corners (corners of the first two cubes with visual memo)

Execution: ~7:27 min. (begins at 5:45)
Method: M2 for edges, Old Pochmann for corners.

9/10 Multi Bld 56:10.64[42:00.80]

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3x3 Multi BLD [ 11/11 (48:38) ] Former Indian NR by Nikhil Mande

Unfortunately this only features the last bits of the attempt, cos I was busy doing my failed attempt! :/

Cubes: Dayans+Goldenseeds
Method: M2+3OP+little bit of BH ;)

[Mental Breakdown Swisscubing] Multi-BLD NR fail (twice)

First attempts of 2018 (not a single attempt at home before the comp).
I tried a new review system for these attempts, it went much better than I expected in terms of recall, but I made one small mistake on each, that cost me:
- first place at the comp' (for the second attempt only, as Oleg did 17/17 faster than my first attempt)
- NR
- my PB streak (therefore stopped at 34): I almost beat my NR but 2 seconds (not due to a +2 thankfully) too slow overall and I missed it.

Still, many thanks to Alessio and Antoine for taking the time to judge me, and Thomas for encouraging me throughout the comp and judging my 3/3 ;)

MultiBLD 14/15 in 55:08.84

55 minutes... Cutting it a little close now. Getting to the point where I need to make serious attempts at speeding up so I can do more cubes in under an hour.
Scrambles from weekly Speedsolving competition
1. D2 R2 D2 R2 B2 D L2 F2 L2 U' F' R' F D2 B2 F D2 F2 R2 D L'
2. R2 U R2 D' U2 F2 U2 R2 B2 L2 F2 L' B' U2 F U' F D L F' D'
3. B2 U L2 D' B2 D2 R2 F2 R2 U' F' D U F2 L' R' D' F' U F2
4. D2 B2 D' R2 F2 D F2 D R2 F2 D' R B L2 F U' L' B' R' D2 R2
5. D2 F2 L2 F2 R2 U' L2 U F2 D F2 L B2 D' U2 L F' L R F2 U'
6. F' L2 B R2 D2 F U2 F' L2 R2 B' D L B D' B F' U' F2
7. D R2 U L2 U2 B2 L2 F2 R2 D2 U R' B F2 D2 L2 D' F' U' R F'
8. U B2 L2 R2 D2 L2 D R2 D' L2 U' R' B' R D' F2 U2 F' U' L R2
9. D2 F2 R2 F2 D F2 U' R2 U F2 U2 R B U' B2 D F' R2 U2 B R'
10. R' B2 R' F2 L D2 R' B2 L D2 R B' R2 D U R U' R U L' U2
11. F2 D2 F2 L2 D' L2 U' B2 D R2 U' R D' U2 R B' R' B2 F L'
12. B R2 U2 F2 U2 B' U2 F' L2 F L2 D B' R' B' D2 R' D' U' L' R2
13. F2 D B2 R2 D' U2 B2 L2 B2 F2 U F' D' R D2 F2 U' F' U2 B' F'
14. L2 R2 D F2 U' L2 U B2 L2 U2 F2 L B' D' B' R B L' U2 B R
15. D' L2 D' R2 B2 U F2 L2 F2 D F2 R D R2 U' R2 B L2 F R U'

25 Cube Multi Bld Attempt Live Stream

Cubes being used 14 guanlongs, 3 weilongs, 2 zhanchis, 1 SS aurora, , 1 gans III, 1 panshi, 1 rubik's, 1 chilong, 1 guhong

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Wicaksono Adi, Rubik's Cube Multi BLD 50/54

Memorization 7 hours, execution 1:45 hours.

Multi BLD Old Rules FTW :D

- Why 54?
I have 18 rooms in my memory system. By 54, I use 3 sets of them. For the first set, I give autumn environment. For the second, winter. And for the last, summer. It was really fun :D

- You sat there for 7 hours?
Of course not, 7 hours was including having dinner, watching TV, taking bath, and shalat.

- But 7 hours is like, very very long time.
I recalled a lot. The beauty of Multi BLD Old Rules is that you go for 100% accuracy. And FYI, Ryosuke Mondo memorized 50 cubes in 10 hours.

- You have no life!
If I ever going to do this one more time, no I don't.

- What is the secret behind Indonesians BLD skills?

- Why are you going to break from cubing? Are you serious?
I need to focus on graduating from college right now, so yeah.

See you again! :)

7/8 Rubik's 3x3x3 Multi BLD VirKill

Aaargh! The 2nd cube ruin it. 2 corner flipped.

1. L2 U' F2 U' L2 R2 D U2 B2 R2 B' R U' R' B' L' F U L2 U2 (20f)
2. F2 L B2 U2 L' B2 L F2 L2 R' U' F R2 B2 L' B' F R U' B2 R (21f)
3. U B2 U F2 R2 B2 U R2 U2 B2 U L2 F' D' L' U' R2 B2 D' L' U2 (21f)
4. R B2 L' D2 L B2 F2 L F2 R2 B2 U2 F D' B F2 U2 L U' R D (21f)
5. B2 F2 L' U2 F2 L F2 R' D2 L R B' U' F' R D L2 B2 F D2 B2 (21f)
6. B2 L' D2 R' U2 F2 R F2 L R2 F D' U2 L' R' F U' L2 B' L' (20f)
7. U L2 D F2 L2 D U2 L2 U B2 U2 B' F R' F' D' U B D' L2 F (21f)
8. L' B2 F2 D2 L D2 F2 U2 L2 F2 L' B' L2 F' R B U2 R U' L B' (21f)

- I use japanese color scheme for cube 1 (special)
- I made my own music as a sountrack

3/3 2x2 Multi BLD!!! 6:48!!

2BLD and 2MBLD should be WCA events! If you have a 2x2 and dont want to learn 3BLD, you should try this. It is fun!

Multi Bld Attempt Cube Explosion

Eh wouldn't have been a 3/3 anyways, only 1/3 so no biggie

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Ivo Bakker 3x3x3 MultiBLD 8/9 51:03 former NR

Ivo Bakker solving 8/9 cubes blindfolded, which was the Dutch National Record at the time.
@Zonhoven Open 2012.

MultiBLD 8/8 Campeonato Sudamericano

Por si no se entiende, la historia es algo así: Este es el segundo intento; el día anterior había fracasado al intentar 7, y ahora quería intentar el mismo número, pero al repetir el acto de entregar los cubos, no recordé que el cubo de Jael estaba en la mochila también, y simplemente entregué todos los que estaban allí. Cuando destapé los cubos al empezar, el arreglo era simétrico, 4 y 4, no el 4 y 3 que esperaba, y ahí me di cuenta del error y no me quedo otra que intentar los 8.

3x3 Multi BLD SAR 8/8

Novo Hamburgo Open 2011
SAR feito pelo Walter