Nehru Institute of Mountaineering - Basic Mountaineering Course

This is the jist of Basic Mountaineering Course Batch 224 (Sep-Oct 2012). Same video was screened on the Graduation Day at NIM. The images and videos used in the video were captured by Swapnil Shah ( and Rahul Gudipudi ( during the course.

The Best Mountaineering Movies

Lets go through the best mountaineering and climbing movies we think are the best. So its not easy to choos a good list, as there are so many movies. We tried to be neutral and respect older movies as well as like brand new ones. Here is the List:

- Beyond the Edge (New Zealand, 2013)
- The summit (Irland/UK, 2012)
- Nanga Parbat (Germany, 2010)
- The wildest dream (USA, 2010)
- Touching the void (UK, 2003)
- Conquest of Everest (UK, 1953)
- K2 - Das letzte Abentuer (USA/UK, 1991)
- Everest (USA, 2015)

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English Documentary
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FIRST ASCENT: Dave Hahn - How To Become a Mountaineer

Dave Hahn's 12 summits (so far) of Everest are the most of any non-Sherpa in history. A guide with Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. since 1986, he has twice received prestigious awards for rescue work. In 2009. he was named Best Mountain Guide by Men's Journal. Dave knows what it takes to become a great mountaineer and what you need to take on mountains like Everest.

Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) at ABVIMAS Manali

Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC batch 312) was held in May 2013 conducted by ABVIMAS, Manali, Himachal Pradesh (HP) India. It was 26 Day course
I was one of many participants from all over India.
All locations and approximate/GPS tracks of camps, treks etc activities have been shown (also in animation). Most of Major activities done during course have been shown for few seconds.
Activities/training ranged from- basic natural rock climbing, chimney climbing, artificial wall climbing, Types of Belay and anchoring, rappelling/ abseiling- Classical: Shoulder Rappelling and side-arm rappelling, and Mechanical rappelling (200ft), Jumaring (Single Jumaring or Double Jumar techniques), River Crossing techniques, Snow Crafting: snow climbing/rappelling techniques, Glissading (act of fast descent on snow areas- somewhat like skiing without skis), Self Arrest & Team Arrest Techniques (To stop our self/ team after falling), Ice-crafting (Climbing, rappelling, cramponing ) Crevasse Rescue (Z-pulley system), Survival (had to make shelter in little jungle and sleep without sleeping bag for 1 night @ 10,000 ft), Tent pitching and packing.
Height of camp ranged from 6000ft @Manali to 9,500ft @Dhundi.
Trekking till the height of 13,700-14,000ft approx.

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Cerro Torre - Mountaineering in Patagonia

Making-of the movie Ritmo Latino :
The story of two alpinists, Bruno Sourzac and Ramiro Calvo, bewitched by the same mountain: Cerro Torre. In the heart of Patagonia, this granite monolith rejects many suitors, even the most gifted ones.
Ramiro has produced a funny and touching film of the Franco-Argentinean team making the ascent. While not a tango, the music driving the climbers is a key element in the story. Ramiro talks about how and why he made the film, underlining values dear to Argentineans: friendship, laughter and passion...

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‪Melissa Arnot: What it Takes to be a Mountaineer‬

Whittaker Mountaineering and First Ascent Guide Melissa Arnot talks about life in the mountains, her upcoming Everest trip, and women in mountaineering.‬ Learn more about Melissa at

Seminar: Making the Transition to Mountaineering

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You are invited to a free evening seminar on essential skills and know-how to make the transition from peakbagging and backpacking to mountaineering. Join us for a multi-media presentation with photos and commentary, gear, Q & A, and a hands-on workshop. Open to all! Please sign up here on Meetup. More info about SMC and membership here:

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Ueli Steck | Mountaineering Legend

Trans World Sport profile on the incredible Swiss Mountaineer, Ueli Steck.

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The Faces of Dav: The Mountaineer | S1E6

Watch Dav ski an alpine line:
Over the last 4 years, Davenport has successfully climbed every 14,000-foot peak in Colorado. Now he has his sights on an even loftier goal; climbing the Centennial peaks of Colorado- the top 100 highest peaks in the state. Chris takes to southwest Colorado with partners Ted and Christy Mahon, checking off three more peaks and bringing them within striking distance of completing this 2-year project.

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Essential Exercises for Mountain Climbing - How to Climb a Mountain on Outside Today

Nick Heil is with Connie Sciolino, owner of The Alpine Training Center, to talk about training for mountain climbing. The three things to work on are legs, lungs and core. Connie helps Nick demonstrate exercises to strengthen each of these areas.

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The Best Training For Mountaineering - Stairs and Hills [E1]

E1 Stairs and Hills.Check out these links for more information. You need to calculate or measure your own max heart BPM (beats per minute).
Next Episode:
Ueli Steck training:
Kilian Jornet:
Zone 2 training:
Heart rate zone:
The Best Training For Mountaineering is a series of videos that I hope will inspire you to take your mountaineering to the next height. Best is subjective but this is what I have learnt from many people over the last 8 years as a mountaineer.
❅ Wim Hof Method -
❅ The Swedish Ice Man YT Channel -
❅ The Art of Ice Book Release 2017
Music: Leonell Cassio - Rock n Mud

Best Workout - Stay Fit for Mountaineering and Hiking

Best workout to stay fit for mountaineering and hiking when you live in a city or town where hills are not available for every day workouts. Building climbing with a heavy backpack is the most similar thing you will find to simulate climbing mountains and hiking.
All Climbing Colorado offers Climbing Courses - Rappelling - High Angle Photo and Video, as well as hiking trips to Colorado's mountains of all heights, and climbing expeditions to the Mexican volcanoes, Izta, Malinche, and Pico de Orizaba. Call us today at 720.550.1833, or visit:

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Technical Mountaineering Course - November 2015

A look at the first TMC of summer 2015/16.

The Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC) is Alpine Guides' flagship course. At 9 days it is long enough to provide a solid grounding in all alpine mountaineering skills. You will learn the latest and safest techniques, that will take you safely to any mountain range on Earth. Please visit for more infomation

Training for Mountaineering

RMI Guide, Peter Whittaker, discusses training for mountaineering

Let the experts at help you select the right gear for your expedition.

QUARK, NOMIC, ERGO [EN] Ice tools for ice climbing, drytooling and mountaineering

More informations about the new line of Petzl Charlet ice tools on:

Introducing the new line of Petzl Charlet ice axes: the QUARK and the NOMIC have been improved and the ERGO is back! The modular design of the new line allows the climber to configure the tools according to his or her needs and the terrain.

- The QUARK is the perfect multi-purpose tool for ice and technical alpine climbing. This new version is lighter and modular for all-terrain use.
- The NOMIC is the tool for ice and mixed climbing and is now compatible with a hammer or adze.
- With its radically curved shaft, the ERGO is designed especially for steep and difficult dry tooling, ice climbing and competitions.

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Crevasse Self Rescue With Prussiks - Ski Mountaineering Tips - G3 University

IFMGA guide Julia Niles demonstrates how to self rescue from a crevasse using prussiks.

NOTE: The videos in this series do not replace proper mountain safety training. These videos are meant only as a refresher for experienced backcountry mountain travelers or as a teaser to get skiers and riders excited to take a course and learn more.

STEP OUTSIDE. Ask Questions. Try Something New. Exceed Expectations.

Videography: Grant Baldwin Videography
Edit: Jamie Bond / Doglotion Media Inc.

How to Coil Your Rope - the butterfly and mountaineer's coil.

How to properly coil climbing/caving rope. Here we show two ways coiling rope using the mountaineer's coil and the butterfly coil. We also show how to make the butterfly coil into a convenient backpack for easy carrying.

Packing your bag for Winter Mountaineering

Visit our website or call us on 01479 861256

Glenmore Lodge instructor Giles Trussell offers some top tips for packing your bag before heading onto the hill. Glenmore Lodge offer a range of winter mountaineering courses from December to April, based in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, Aviemore.

Wrangelled - A Ski-Mountaineering Flick

The Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska is 13.2 million acres full of spectacular mountains and glaciers. In April of 2013, 4 friends ventured into a remote section of the park to live on a glacier for 2 weeks, setting up base camp in the center of untouched terrain.

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Producer/Director/Narrator: Will Lascelles
Cinematography: Jase Hancox, Will Lascelles
Unit Photographer: Jason Thompson
Athletes: Forrest Coots, Jason Thompson

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