3 Awesome Things from Electric Motors

This video i will show you 3 incredible things can be made with electric motor. Hope you like it.
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3 Awesome & Useful Ideas with DC Motors - Compilation - DIY Homemade useful machines with dc motors

This video will show you how to make a micro drill machine, mini bladeless fan and mini wind turbine at home out of simple dc motors.

This are very easy projects and can be made at home. You don’t need any special skills to assemble it.

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Ideas DC Motors

Categories: Micro Drill Machine - Bladeless Fan - Mini Wind Turbine

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3 Awesome & Useful Ideas with DC Motors - Compilation - DIY Homemade useful machines with dc motors - Ideas DC Motors

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How DC motors and universal motors work

Explaining how commutated DC and universal motors work

6 useful things from DC motor - DIY Electronic Hobby

Checkout 6 cool things that can be made using DC Motor.

Video Presented by: Sriram Benur

Links to Materials used
12V DC Motor -
12V Battery -
9V Rechargeable battery -
Hot Glue Gun -
Canon 1200D Camera -
TryPod -

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HOW IT WORKS: AC Electric Motors (720p)

This explains the functioning and design of these alternating current devices.

How to make 3 Useful Things from 1 DC Motor

1.Guys if you are facing the hot summer and want a portable powerful fan than watch the video and you will learn how to make it.

1.दोस्तो अगर आप गर्मी की समस्या से परेशान है तो यह वीडियो देखए और आप अपने लिए एक पंखा बनाना सीख जाएंगे।

2.Guys if your keyboard,mouse or any other thing is dirty then watch this video and you will learn to make a dust cleaner.

2.दोस्तो अगर आपका कीबोर्ड,माउस या फिर कोई भी चीज अगर मैली हो गई है तो आप इस वीडियो को देखने के बाद एक डस्ट क्लीनर बनाना सीख जाएंगे।

3.Guys if like coffee very much but you get bored it stiring it then watch this video and you will learn to make a coffee stirrer.

3.दोस्तो अगर आपको कॉफ़ी पीना अच्छा लगता है लेकिन आप उसे हिलाते हीवे बोर हो जाते है तो आप इस वीडियो को देखने के बाद एक कॉफ़ी स्टिरर बनाना सीख जाएंगे।

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How to Make an Electric Motor at Home

DIY : Learn how to make a DC Motor at home using bottle, magnet and transformer. It's very simple homemade DC motor.

Let's check it out website for all major details -

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Glue used in this video :

It's Physics working models for science exhibition.

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World's Best Motor Freestyler! - Bike Stunt - Troger Mokus

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This video features Mokus from Hungary a World Champion Motor Freestyler. He won the world cup in 2007 and has many other titles as well. He practices 5 hours every weekday and has been riding the bike for more than 13 years. He has tricks that he made up, his skills are simply amazing and takes your breath away!
You can reach him on his fan page:

We shot the video on 3 days in Kaposvar, Hungary.

Music: Yonas - Girls of Summer. You can buy it on iTunes:

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Equipments used: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 16-35 2.8L II, Canon 70-200 2.8L IS II, Glidecam HD-4000, GoPro Hero 2

How Electric Motors are made

How Electric Motors are made

The Secret to a Perfect Flying Drone (soft mounting motors)

All credits to Zachry Thayer (A_Nub) for the idea.
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-Prototype Motor (!!!) 2nd Fav Motor: F60 2450kv-
-RaceFlight Revolt FC-
-Lumenier AXII Antenna (LOVE THIS)-
-RunCam Swift 2 FPV Camera-
-ThunderPower 1300mah 4s-
-HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S Prop (THE BEST PROP!)-
-GoPro Hero5 Session-
-Frame: AstroX X5-

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-Dominator HD v3 (THE BEST)-
-La Forge v2 (Best goggle Receiver)-
-La Forge Diversity Module (NEED THIS)-
-ThunderPower 2000mah 2s-

-12-35 2.8mm lens (GH5 lens)-
-Canon G7x Mark II (Solid Vlog camera)-
-JOBY Gorilla pod (Camera handle/tripod)-
-SD Card for GH5 and G7X-
-SD Card for GoPro-
-Micro SD card reader-

-15in MacBook Pro-
-1TB external hard drive-
-Braven Portable Speaker-
-On the go Charger (20100mah!)-

-Soldering Iron-
-On the go Soldering Iron-
-Hex Driver Set-
-Wire Cutters-
-Needlenose pliers-
-Thick mounting tape-
-Zip ties-
-Heat shrink set-
-Nylon standoffs-

-DJI Mavic-

-ThinkTank FPV Backpack-
-Battery Holder-
-GoPro/SD Card holder-
-Transmitter Travel Case-

-TBS Crossfire System-
-TBS Crossfire Receiver-

How electric motors work

How electric motors work

Racer X Films: Alta Motors Test Ride with Blake Wharton

We recently had the chance to test Alta Motors Redshift MX electric bike and enlisted the help of former 250SX race winner, Blake Wharton. The San Francisco-based company has quietly been working on this electric motocross concept for nine years. Now, the bikes are going into production and the company feels that it’s fully competitive with any modern 250F motocrosser. Former 450SX race winner Josh Hill raced the bike at Red Bull Straight Rhythm and was highly competitive. You can also watch this onboard video with Wharton here:

Lumenier Brushed 19000kv Insane // Micro Motors //

Lumenier Brushed 19000kv Insane Micro motors:


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Tekin 1/10th and 1/8th Scale Motor Compare

Here's a video showing the size and application for several different sized Brushless Motors. In the video I show a Generic 540 sized Motor, a Tekin Pro4HD 550 sized, a Tekin T8 Gen 2 4030 Buggy Sized and a Tekin T8 Gen 2 4038 Sized Truggy motor.

Want to check out these motors and more? Check out Nitrohouse at:

Other wise, Tekin's website has some great information:

Perfect trolling motor for small boats, canoes, kayaks - Minn Kota Endura MAX 45

I found the new Minn Kota MAX 45 to offer a noticeable advantage in run time over the non-MAX models. Coming from a 34lb thrust motor the difference in power (to cut through weeds) and speed was significant. Even if your only fish small bodies of water I would now recommend the 45lb model and up to anyone outfitting a canoe, small john boat or kayak. Not only can this mode truly power through weeds, but I found the power is enough to overcome even strong winds and keep my craft going in its intended direction. Something that my previous 34lb model could not do and was a safety concern.

Axial Wraith - Replacement Motor, Crawling Motors 101

Here's the replacement motor that axial gave me for my wraith. I also cover in human speak about brushed motors

E-Tech: Bologna Motor Show - Formula E

Sian heads to Bologna for the latest news on electric vehicles and technology development.

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MMW 17,000KV/19,000KV Upgrade Motors E010 Tiny Whoop - Eachine E010 Inductrix Motor & Thrust Tests

In this video we compare the thrust output of the 17,000KV and 19,000KV motor offerings from Micro Motor Warehouse. We also take another look at the thrust difference between the rakon 3-blade prop and the modified 2-blade prop to confirm results of prior tests that the 2-blade props don't seem to sacrifice thrust.

These motors can be found here:

Buy an E010 here (Affiliate Link):

Please note that the 19,000KV motors require an upgraded flight controller like the Beecore F3 EVO which can be found here (affiliate link):

Check out for more great motor options for your Tiny Whoop!

QuadSpex is not affiliated with Micro Motor Warehouse, but we thank them for providing sample parts which allows us to provide all of you with more information on these products.

Check out our website at

What's New - EMax LS 2206 & 2207 Motors

The latest EMax LS 2206 and 2207 motors have landed! Are you looking for a new power house for your next build? I bet you these are on the top of your motor list. Check out more information below:

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Blind Motor Test Steele vs Lumenier vs Cobra

This was a blind motor test between TBS Steele motors, Lumenier 2206-11 2350 and cobra 2205 2300

All 3 quads had the same Flight controller (kiss), ESCs (kiss 24's) and PID's. All the Kiss hardware is running the same firmware
The only difference between the 3 quads are the motors.

Thanks to glen who set each quad up for each run and filmed the cut away flying footage.

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HomePage -

Steele Motor -

// Main Alien Freestyle Frame //

Alien 5 from Impulse RC -
Kiss Flight Controller -
Kiss 24A ESC -
Lumenier RX2206-11 2350KV -
Triblade 5x4x3 HQ Props -
HS1177 FPV Cam @ 30Degrees -
5.8 VTX -
TBS Triumph Antenna -
1300mAh 65C Bonka/AGA -

// Helix Race Frame //

Helix 5 from Impulse RC (built in FC and VTX)
Tmotor F40ii 2600KV or TMotor F40ii 2400KV
Aikon 30a or Kiss 24a
HS1177 FPV Cam @ 45 Degrees
AGA Power 130mah
TBS Triumph Antenna

// RC Control //

FrSky Taranis -

// HD Video //

Go Session 5 1080p 60FPS -

// FPV Setup //

Fat Shark - Dom HD V2's -
la Forge Diversity with TBS Triumph and TruRc Crosshair -


Final Cut Pro and Compressor -

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