"Too Many Motors" Confessions of an RC Addict - CAFBAW #3

Howdy, so you think you have a few motors? Join me for a chit-chat at the workbench while we chat motors and you'll discover a couple of fantastic combinations. See below for the combo's, Press SHOW MORE to see them, Matt

I so wish I knew about these 3 motor combinations when I first started. They cover all the main bases from smaller models in combo #3, to fun in #2 to some serious flight times with combo #1.

I hope these help you! Matt

Combo #1 - SunnySky
This is the perfect motor & prop setup for the XUAV Mini Talon and as it just so happens, many other models too.

Super low current draw and speed to go with it when you need it the most.

SunnySky X2216 1250Kv -
40A Red ESC -
8X6 for 4S -
9x6 for 3S -

Combo #2 - Cheap & Cheerful
A cheaper, but none-the-less fantastic combination is that of a D2826 2200Kv motor with a 6x4 propeller.

Use a 6x4 on 3S with a 30A ESC, however if you fancy some fun and don't care about the motor bearings, run with a 6x4 on 4S with a 40A ESC and what your model haul across the flight line.

Turnigy X2826 2200Kv -
30A Blue ESC -
40A ESC -
6x4E propellers -

Important: Stay away from Bull Nosed (BN) propellers with this motor, they suck more amps and you get very little in thrust back.

Combo #3 - Quad-Tastical
The 2205 motors have got really good now, two of my favourites are DYS SE2205 2300Kv and the EMAX RS2205 2300Kv motors.

Both can be used with either 6x4 props on 3S or 5045's on 4S and they HAUL!

Just be aware, if used on a wing or rear facing motor model, they will scream they're little bearing off.

EMAX RS2205 -
DYS SE2205 -
30A Blue ESC -
6x4E propellers -

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Tekin 1/10th and 1/8th Scale Motor Compare

Here's a video showing the size and application for several different sized Brushless Motors. In the video I show a Generic 540 sized Motor, a Tekin Pro4HD 550 sized, a Tekin T8 Gen 2 4030 Buggy Sized and a Tekin T8 Gen 2 4038 Sized Truggy motor.

Want to check out these motors and more? Check out Nitrohouse at:

Other wise, Tekin's website has some great information:

The Secret to a Perfect Flying Drone (soft mounting motors)

All credits to Zachry Thayer (A_Nub) for the idea.
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-Battery Holder-
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-Transmitter Travel Case-

-TBS Crossfire System-
-TBS Crossfire Receiver-

MMW 17,000KV/19,000KV Upgrade Motors E010 Tiny Whoop - Eachine E010 Inductrix Motor & Thrust Tests

In this video we compare the thrust output of the 17,000KV and 19,000KV motor offerings from Micro Motor Warehouse. We also take another look at the thrust difference between the rakon 3-blade prop and the modified 2-blade prop to confirm results of prior tests that the 2-blade props don't seem to sacrifice thrust.

These motors can be found here:

Buy an E010 here (Affiliate Link):

Please note that the 19,000KV motors require an upgraded flight controller like the Beecore F3 EVO which can be found here (affiliate link):

Check out for more great motor options for your Tiny Whoop!

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Jeonbuk Motors 3 x 0 Kitchee SC - Melhores - Liga dos Campeões AFC 2018

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 3-0 Kitchee SC - AFC Champions League 2018

Axial Wraith - Replacement Motor, Crawling Motors 101

Here's the replacement motor that axial gave me for my wraith. I also cover in human speak about brushed motors

Overview of Long Tail Kits and Motors from Beaver Dam Mud Runners

Simple, Reliable, Inexpensive Boat Motors- Beaver Dam Mud Runners -
Note- The throttle in the video is no longer included. We now use a better squeeze type throttle.
These motors have been in production for over 50 years. They are the perfect solution for outdoorsmen traveling in shallow water. See the motor in action here:

British Labrador is from our kennel:

Integrated ROAD e-Bikes with Hidden Motors: game changer or just a massive cheat?

We look at latest integrated Road e-bikes, with hidden motors and concealed batteries: these bikes look like regular road bikes but offer power boost when needed (up to 200mins, 250w ave, 400w peak). But do you prefer old school real cycling? Indeed are ebikes a good idea for regular cyclists or will they destroy your work ethic and training gains? Whatever your view on ebikes you have to admire the technology.

If you can support us on it would be much appreciated!!

Footage thanks: JE James / RenRAD / / Focus / Cube / Pinarello

Racerstar 615mm Motor Thrust Tests - E010 Inductrix Tiny Whoop Motor Upgrade Thrust Comparisons

In this video we compare the Racerstar 59,000 RPM and 67,000 RPM motors to the stock Eachine E010 motors. All motors in this test are 6x15mm and use the 3-blade Rakon propeller. The stock flight controller and 260mAH 30C baterries were used for all tests.

Rakon 3-blade props

Check out for more great motor options for your Tiny Whoop!

MMT All Mud Motors!


Mud Buddy Best Mud Motor

When it comes to backwater travel, we prefer Mud Buddy mud motors to get us into those hard to reach places. Give your boat a whole new gear and enjoy duck hunting at its finest. With the Mud Buddy you can get to those secret hunting spots that other motors can't. For more information check out our website at

Batteries, Motors and Knock-Off Evolve Skateboards - Evolve Weekly Ep. 31

This week we answer some of the popular questions we are seeing on social media - mainly around Evolve batteries, motors and knock-off evolve skateboards.

Jeff will take you through a number of key FAQs evolve has been getting on:

Evolve Battery & Battery Types - Why doesnt Evolve use the 18650 battery cell? This is mainly due to the amount of battery cells required (10 of our Evolve cells vs 40 of the 18650 cells for example) which allows for many more points of failure. Also due to the fact that during testing, we witnessed a catastrophic failure in the 18650 battery test so we opted for a better option.

Battery Voltage Sag - How the Evolve remote tracks battery usage and why the readings it gives you varies. The remote tracks battery usage in realtime unlike other manufacturers that give you an approximate usage. For example, GT mode takes the most current (60-80 amps) especially when going up a hill or on grass and this will be reflected on the remote. With that amount of current going through the battery, voltage drop will be greater in a board like the Bamboo GT vs the Carbon GT that has bigger battery cells. Tip: If you drop down to Fast mode, you will be using half the amount of current draw.

Evolve Remote Auto Eco mode - This will come on when the batter falls under 5%. This has been done so the battery doesn't die and leave you stranded or throw you off the board. BUT it isnt activated until you take your finger off the trigger.

Evolve One Board Motor - Since we released the ONE Board a few months ago we have listened to your feedback and now provide motors made from CNC steel internals. If you are an Evolve One owner, and you have any issues or problems with your motor, please let us know and we will let you know about fixing it or getting a replacement sorted asap.

Evolve GT Motor - We now have tens of thousand of the Evolve GT motors out there, and although we have problems with less than 1% of them, we are constantly improving the product and have an exciting announcement regarding improvements to our GT motors. We will let you know in a few weeks!

Evolve GT copy / knock off / Fake Evolve Carbon GT - We have seen recently some Evolve skateboard copies and knock offs, especially for our Carbon GT. Because we have Intellectual Property protection on our boards throughout the world, it means that fake boards, knock-offs and copy cats can only be sold from limited places. This will also mean you will have limited customer support from these vendors. When you buy an Evolve board you are buying a brand that believes in innovation, in customer support and in community. We have Evolve distributors around the world who are ready to help you if ever you need it.

Motor Specs

Carbon GT, Bamboo GT and GTX use:
3000 watt high performance custom made sensored dual brush out-runner motors. GTX - Gold motors)

One Board uses:
2000 watt high performance custom made sensored dual brush out-runner motor.

Battery Specs

Bamboo GT uses:
36 Volt 6.5Ah Lithium Ion with custom BMS

GTX uses:
Custom designed 36 volt 10AH Lithium Ion.

One Board uses:
Custom designed 36 volt 7AH Lithium Ion.

Carbon GT uses:
36 Volt Lithium Ion with custom BMS

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EMAX 2306 HOT Motors and Notch Filter

Decided to take off notch filter 1 despite the Emax 2306 motors running a little hot. Surprisingly the motor temp didn't change much after removing the filter. I can't wait to try the new betaflight 3.2 dynamic filtering.

Update: Thanks for the over 500 views guys! The funny thing is that it’s basically pointless now with betaflight 3.2. These motors run cold now with nothing but dynamic filtering.

Music: Mutemath
Songs: Bulletproof, Used To

Newport Vessels Trolling Motors In Use On The Water

Newport Vessels 55, 62, and 86 pound thrust electric trolling motors. All Newport Vessels motors provide incredible performance, durability, and styling all offered at amazing value. View our full collection of electric trolling motors, boats, sups, and boating accessories by visiting

How to Upgrade / Repair Blade Inductrix or Tiny Whoop Motors and Frame

Official Website:

How to Upgrade / Repair Blade Inductrix or Tiny Whoop Motors and Frame / Chassis:

In this short video I show you how to upgrade / repair your fpv tiny whoop or blade inductrix. It's a very short build process but well worth it! Please like and subscribe for more videos like this!

Upgraded Frame:

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Props for Tiny Whoop:

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Unboxing : AstroX Switch "Pink Edition" & BBB 2207 2650kv motors

AstroX Switch 5 Exact X

Raceflight Revolt V2

BBB 2207 2650kv (Born to Be the Best)

Racerstar Tattoo 30A BLHeli 32

TBS Unify Pro HV

Pagoda Custom Team Mistral Edition
3D Printed parts

Foxeer Predator Mini

HQ Props 5x4.8x3

Team Mistral FPV

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How to Choose a Trolling Motor

A trolling motor is a great piece of equipment for any inshore fishing boat. There are a number of different motors on the market with all kinds of different features and options thus purchasing a trolling motor can be a challenging task. This video should help you in choosing a trolling motor that fits your needs and boat.

Hidden Motors: Who's Mechanical Doping Now? | The GCN Show Ep. 238

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Motorised doping and hidden motors in bike racing have reared their ugly head again. Details are scarce, but this one really has us thinking; should mechanical dopers be banned for life?

Find out more in Velonews' article:

We also have tech of the week from Wahoo, who have launched the Wahoo Mini.

Tragedy struck the 2017 Transcontinental as competitor Frank Simons tragically passed away following a collision. The event will go on, but, of course, our thoughts and sympathies are with Frank's family, friends and fellow competitors at this time.

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Si's Gravel Bike 📹
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Viper Creek Club - Because I Know (Instrumental)
Mikey Bruce, James Green - Fire It Up
Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions - Morning Stroll

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Trolling Motors for Saltwater Fishing


Using a trolling motor will make your life much easier. You can use a trolling motor with a big boat and make your fishing adventures more efficient. Motorguide's trolling motors are very durable and corrosion resistance.

Skitzo Ceramic 2205 Motors // FPV Motors //

Purchase the Skitzo Ceramic 2205 Motors here:


Hey FPV Community!

In this video, Jack will do a general overview of the Skitzo Ceramic Motors by Lumenier.



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